Spring has definitely sprung!  And nothing says spring like TULIPS.  You know by now I’m kind of obsessed with spring blooms and flower fields.  I’ve always wanted to go see the Lavendar Fields in France and of course the Tulip Fields in Holland.  But not having made it there yet, I’ve found some lovely tulip fields in Washington DC.  Well it’s actually NOT in the City, but in the ‘burbs just outside of DC.
tulips washington dc
My favorite “field” is actually not a field at all but a garden, Brookside Garden to be exact.  Just a little outside of Washington DC, this lovely public garden is completely free and quite the showing of tulips.  They were tall, lush, and full with a variety of colors.  Strolling through the gardens was spectacular and defintely gave me that Holland feel.  And they have much much more than just tulips. There’s wisteria and azaleas as well and a little Japanese tea house.  Brookside is also a popular wedding venue (I know because I looked at it as a possibility for my own wedding) so the gardens are always immaculately maintained.
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tulip fields maryland virginia
tulip fields washington dc
burnside farms

I’ve also been to another popular tulip field in the Washington DC region, Burnside Farms, which was a big disappointment actually.  I really wanted to love this place after seeing all the pictures.  But it’s really more of a tulip “patch” than a field.  And the variety of tulips they had were all very very short and not very densely planted.  It could be that you can pick these tulips so it makes the field a bit patchy.  At about an hour drive out of DC it was quite a hike and not worth it in my opinion.  But if you do want to go check it out, I’d recommend going opening weekend early so none of the tulips have been picked.  Their daffodil field was actually a bit more impressive!

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What are your go to spots to see tulips on the east coast?  I want to know!!  And if you want to see more of my obsession with flower fields check out my fave spot for sunflowers and cherry blossoms!

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