Maryland has some beautiful places to see cherry blossoms including the famous Kenwood, Maryland neighborhood.

cherry blossoms maryland

Best yet, most of these locations are completely uncrowded so taking the kids to enjoy the cherry blossoms is a breeze.

Where to see Cherry Blossoms in Maryland:

  • Kenwood Maryland
  • Green Park
  • Epworth United Methodist Church
  • Glenview Mansion
  • Brookside Gardens

Cherry Blossom Peak Bloom in Maryland

When do cherry blossoms peak bloom in Maryland?

The cherry blossoms in Maryland bloom late March to mid April, about a few days to a week after the cherry blossoms in DC depending on the type of cherry blossom.

rockville maryland cherry blossoms

So even if you miss the ones in Washington DC, you will still have a chance to see the cherry blossoms in Maryland.

How Long Does Peak Bloom Last in Maryland

Maryland cherry blossom peak bloom usually lasts around 2 weeks.  The peak bloom period is heavily weather dependent.

cherry blossoms rockville md

Because Maryland cherry blossoms tend to bloom later than in Washington DC, it’s usually the warm weather that makes the petals fall rather than rain or cold.



maryland cherry blossoms

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Kenwood Maryland Cherry Blossoms

Kenwood is a charming little neighborhood in Bethesda, Maryland.  

cherry blossoms bethesda kenwood

The cherry blossoms in Kenwood Maryland bloom in late March to early April, just a bit later than the cherry blossoms in DC, so if you happen to miss the ones in DC, Kenwood is a great alternative.  

Read more about Kenwood cherry blossoms including how to get there and where to park.

maryland cherry blossoms
kenwood cherry blossoms
bethesda cherry blossoms

Green Park Gaithersburg Maryland

Green Park is a green space tucked into a residential neighborhood in Gaithersburg Maryland.  

cherry blossoms md

There’s a playground for kids and a dog park nearby as well. The star of the show is a lovely halo of cherry blossom trees that bloom bright pink in the spring.  

md cherry blossoms

These cherry blossoms are kwanzan cherry blossoms and may photograph even better than the yoshino cherry blossom. 

These Maryland cherry blossoms bloom around the middle of April to late April.

maryland cherry blossoms
maryland cherry blossoms
rockville cherry blossoms

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Epworth United Methodist Church Gaithersburg Maryland Cherry Blossoms

This church has planted a forest of kwanzan cherry blossom trees right in front of the church entrance.  

where to see cherry blossoms maryland

It literally is a sea of blush in front of this church. The road leading up to the church is also lined in beautiful pink blooms, making it a great place to enjoy the cherry blossoms.  

If you have some extra time drive around the neighborhood behind the church and more pink trees will greet you!  These trees bloom around mid to late April, about 2 weeks after the light pink yoshino cherry blossoms.

The church location:   9008 Rosemont Dr, Gaithersburg, MD 20877

cherry blossoms not in dc

Glenview Mansion Rockville Civic Center Cherry Blossoms

These kwanzan cherry blossoms in Maryland are truly stunning.

 cherry blossoms maryland

The road leading up to Glenview Mansion are lined in cherry blossom trees, but that’s not all.  

cherry blossoms rockville maryland

The formal gardens also have endless rows of cherry blossom trees that form the prettiest pink awning.  These trees hit peak bloom around mid to late April and will usually stick around for 2 weeks.

Glenview Mansion is usually booked for private events (weddings) on the weekend, so coming here during the weekday is your best bet.

There’s also a gorgeous willow cherry blossom tree and magnolias trees that bloom late March to early April!


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These tend to bloom around the same time as the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin.  So if you are looking for a few cherry blossom photos without the crowds Rockville Civic Center is a great choice!

If you bring the kids with you to see the cherry blossoms, they will also love the playground that is located here.  Makes for a fun afternoon out!

Rockville Civic Center location:  603 Edmonston Drive, Rockville, MD 20851.


maryland cherry blossoms

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Brookside Gardens Gardens Cherry Blossoms

Brookside Gardens is one of my favorite gardens near DC and has one super awesome willowy cherry blossom tree that is definitely worth checking out. 

brookside gardens cherry blossoms

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The tree is located right next to the Japanese tea house.  Parking and entrance to Brookside Gardens are completely free.  Also, they have nicely paved paths throughout the gardens making them very stroller-friendly. 

brookside cherry blossoms

This is an ideal place to see cherry blossoms with your kids.  Brookside is actually one of my favorite places to see tulips in DC as well!

cherry blossoms brookside garden

The cherry blossom trees at Brookside Gardens peak bloom late march to early april and last about 1 to 2 weeks.

Brookside Gardens location:  1800, Visitors Center, Glenallan Ave, Wheaton, MD 20902.

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Frederick Maryland Cherry Blossoms

This was the first year I went to see cherry blossoms in Frederick Maryland!

frederick maryland cherry blossoms

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I actually found this because I was googling a stock photo for Maryland and a picture of this covered bridge popped up.

frederick md cherry blossoms

Of course, I had to figure out where it was and go see it!  I made it back from spring break just in time to see the bridge with cherry blossoms at peak bloom.

Baker Park in Frederick Maryland is perfect for cherry blossoms.  There’s so much space and it’s not crowded at all.  There are 44 acres of space!!

frederick maryland

Plenty of space for kids to run around.

Joseph Dill Baker Memorial Carillon in Baker Park is surrounded by cherry blossom and magnolia trees!

baker park frederick maryland

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The perfect spot for cherry blossom photos.

My favorite though is the covered bridge in Baker Park in Frederick, Maryland, which is surrounded by cherry blossoms.

covered bridge maryland

The name of the bridge is literally Baker Park Covered Bridge!

The exact location of the bridge here.

There’s plenty of street parking right in front of the covered bridge on Carroll Parkway.

There’s also plenty of street parking for Joseph Dill Baker Memorial Carillon.

I went on April 5, 2021, and it was beautiful!  Hurry and go before all the blossoms fade!

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Agriculture History Farm Park in Maryland

The Agriculture History Farm Park in Montgomery County Maryland has a giant and beautiful weeping cherry blossom tree that blooms around the same time as the cherry blossom in Washington DC.  This farm park is huge and never crowded.  I think the most people I’ve seen here at any give time was about 10!  The tree is right next to the main road of the park and is easy to spot.

It’s especially scenic because it sits on a hill and you have a gorgeous back drop of the farm buildings!

The park is completely free and open from sunrise to sunset!  They do charge a fee for commercial photography so if you want to have a photo session here remember to check their website for more information. Link to the dress I’m wearing in the video here.

Address:  18400 Muncaster Road, Derwood, MD 20855

BONUS Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Maryland

Want to see where I took the photos below?  These cherry blossoms are already in full bloom in Maryland as of March 26, 2020 and they won’t last much longer past this warm weekend. And it’s so pretty!  Sign up below to find the location.

cherry blossoms in rockville md
cherry blossoms dc
maryland cherry blossoms

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cherry blossoms maryland

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