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5 instagram red dresses every girl needs

Exact dress here, affordable version here.

In the past, I’ve been more of a blush/white/nude color girl, but more and more I’ve been buying RED.  One reason is INSTAGRAM! Every time I wear this dress you see above I get a TON of questions about it (get it here or here for 40% off! and here)!  And I think it’s because red just seems to photograph so well and really makes you stand out, even when you are a small dot in the photo.  So now whenever I travel I always pack a red dress, most of the time a maxi dress but I’ve been adding to my collection so you will be seeing more variety on my Instagram!  Here are 5 red dresses I’ve been eyeing and will definitely add a pop to your next trip!

The Red Maxi

Every girl needs a red maxi dress!  For some real drama choose one that has a semi circular skirt to get the swinging going and capture the perfect skirt flipping picture.

The Red Two Piece

Crop tops and two piece sets have been all the rage!  Get one in red to really punch up your vacation wardrobe.  When looking for a two piece look for a skirt with a higher waist to really give you that tucked in look.  This gorgeous two piece such a bargain at less than $25 bucks!


Red Skirt

Sometimes we don’t want to wear dresses.  We want to be creative and coordinate our outfits.  Well for those times I give you the red skirt.  Just as dramatic as the red dress but versatile enough to dress up or down depending on what you wear on top!

Red Midi Dress

The midi length has become so popular now!  And I can see why.  It gives you that lady like look with that’s more casual than a full on maxi dress.  Again when shopping for a red midi I’m always looking for how the dress moves and flows.  You want something with a full light skirt so it sways with you.  My current fave is this little number I scored for $15 that’s great for work, travel, and drinks!  I’ve also got this thing for lace midis and especially love this one.

Red Mini Dress

And for my flirty fun babes, I have the red mini!  Red minis are so fun and perfect to travel in, especially if you are going somewhere really really hot.  They are not as dramatic as the maxi and midi, but these pretty dresses make up for it with their casual vibe!  Everyone needs a little red mini!  I’m loving this off the shoulder one for only $15!

So ladies ditch the little black dress and put your little white dress on hold, make way for the little red dress for those fabulous Instagram shots in dreamy places.

Instagrammable Red Dresses you don't want to miss