90-degree shoulders are all the rage in Korea and the world of K-Pop!  I did a 90-degree shoulders workout for a week and here’s how it went!

90 degree shoulders

Asian beauty standards, especially Korean beauty standards get pretty specific and extra sometimes!  And sharp shoulders are pretty much the “it thing” in the K-Pop world.  And of course, the first time I learned about the 90 degree shoulder was from TikTok (remember cloud bread, milk balls, whipped coffee)!  I then turned to google to see what the fuss was about.

What are 90 Degree Shoulders?

Basically, you want a nice straight line from your shoulder down your arm, forming 90 degrees!  Additionally, for this look people prefer a super pronounced collar bone as well as a long swan-like neck.

How do you get K-Pop Idol 90 Degree Shoulders?

In my honest opinion, it’s really a factor of genetics and weight.  If you look closely at any of the girls in BlackPink or any K-Pop idols in general, they are super skinny.  I’d say they are all about 90 to 100 lbs at 5’4” to 5’7” tall, which is pretty slim.

I also have a friend that’s super tiny and has extremely sharp shoulders and a super pronounced collar bone.  She was literally just born this way!  We used to tease her about her shoulders being able to cut people.

That being said, there are some other factors that could help you achieve a 90-degree shoulder even if you weren’t born with it, which is what I tried!

The 90 Degree Shoulder Workout

The 90-degree shoulder workout really involves mostly stretching out your shoulders and improving your overall posture by working out your upper back muscles.  

Yes, good posture and flexibility have a lot to do with the look!  You’ll notice if you can open up your chest more and stand up straighter your shoulders will look much better!

Side note, most k-pop idols are amazing dancers so they work out a ton and are super flexible, and have great posture.  This contributes to their sharp shoulder lines!

Here’s the workout I did (aka struggled through for a week):

  • 3 Sets of 15 Shoulder Butterflies 

90 degree shoulder butterfly

  • 3 Sets of Arm Overhead Criss Cross Stretches 30 seconds each

arm overhead cross

  • 3 Sets of Cow Face Pose on each side 30 seconds each

cow face pose

  • 3 Sets of Reverse Arm Lifts 15 each

90 degree shoulder workout reverse arm lift

  • 3 Sets of Reverse Prayer Stretch 30 seconds each


  • 1 Set of Cross Body Shoulder Stretch with Neck Stretch 15 each per side

cross body shoulder stretch

  • 30 Seconds Side Neck Stretch and Collar Bone Massage 30 seconds per side 

90 degree shoulders neck massage

  • 30 Seconds Neck and Shoulder Stretch Each Side

neck stretch

(Workout Outfit Details:  Blue Set for only $20, White Sports Bra, Blue Leggings)

Basically, the 90-degree shoulder exercises boil down to mostly neck and shoulder stretches to increase your flexibility in that area and improve your overall posture.

I say I struggled through this because I have really tight shoulders!  My shoulders are probably my least flexible body part and I also have a history of bad posture!  

The hardest part for me was the Cow Face Pose.  I have not been able to grab my hands from behind since I was in high school!  Even after doing this for a week I still can’t.

If you are super flexible in the shoulder area this should be a breeze!  Also if you do yoga most of these postures should be pretty familiar, I think I’ve done them all in a 1-hour yoga class before.

The Results

Did I grow knife blade shoulders?  Or develop a collar bone you could drink soup out of?  The answer is a big fat NO!!!

After doing the exercises for the first time I was pretty certain I wasn’t going to see any results.  At best I would be slightly more flexible in the shoulder area with greater mobility.  

I have a pretty strong shoulder area already, so unless I actually lost like 20 lbs, there was no way my actual arm or shoulders were going to change with this routine.

BUT, if you don’t work out, have skinny arms, and want more definition this could work for you!  The exercises do workout your back muscles, but my back is already pretty strong so there’s not much in this routine that would make it work more!

The stretching however did feel pretty good.  Especially if you work at a desk, this 90-degree shoulder exercise routine could combat that slouching posture with rounded/hunched shoulders we are all so used to.  

So try it for 7 days and tell me how it goes!

Here’s the video I used for my experiment from Aurora (I absolutely love her btw so give her a follow).  It’s in Chinese (for once my language skills came in useful) but she has English subtitles.  I also did the Emi Wong Collarbone workout while I was at this and did it the same week.

Results by day:

Day 1 – So I forgot to take a first-day photo!  Here are some photos of my back and shoulders I’ve taken for the blog before I started this

90 degree shoulders results

Day 3 –  Here’s after about 3 days (like I said no difference)

kpop 90 degree shoulders

Day 4

90 degree shoulder

Then finally day 7 – coming soon! I haven’t had time to take a photo yet, but if you’ve guessed by now it looks pretty much the same!


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