You’ve planned your Italian summer trip and now you want to know what outfits to pack for the Amalfi Coast!

I traveled to the Amalfi Coast, staying in Positano during the summer months so here are some Amalfi Coast outfits that I packed.

amalfi coast outfits

Amalfi Coast Weather

Before you start putting together outfits for the Amalfi Coast, it’s helpful to know about the weather and temperature in the Amalfi Coast during summer.

Summer in Amalfi is usually sunny and hot.  Some people on TikTok have commented that it’s surprisingly humid.  

Coming from the Washington D.C. area though I found the Amalfi Coast hot, but NOT humid.  We were comfortable sitting outside in the middle of the day in the sun or shade.  

My husband barely swam because he said the water was much colder than he’s used to.  

Just as an example, we barely needed the air conditioning where we stayed in Positano and every evening out the temperature was perfect!

So if you are used to hot humid summers, you will find the Amalfi Coast quite comfortable!

What to Pack for Your Amalfi Coast Trip

We spent a week in the Amalfi Coast and did carry-on only, thanks to THIS HACK.  I did end up running out of clean clothes though and had to buy a few things.

While many of the Amalfi Coast towns are directly on the water, you won’t see people walking around town in nothing but a swimsuit.  This is actually rather frowned upon and I heard a rumour that you can be fined if you are wearing just a swimsuit in the city.

Here’s what I packed for my trip:

  • 5 Dresses
  • 1 Linen Shorts
  • 1 T-Shirts
  • 1 Silk Scarf
  • 1 Tube Top
  • 2 Sunglasses
  • 1 Pajamas
  • 3 Swimsuits
  • 1 Straw bag
  • 1 Swimsuit Cover Up
  • 3 Sandals
  • 1 Big Straw Hat

Unlike packing Cancun outfits where I usually bring a bunch of swimsuit cover-up and bikinis, I packed mostly real clothes this time.  I find dresses are the easiest outfits in the Amalfi Coast, you can also wear them as swimsuit cover-ups! 

I brought the pair of shorts mostly for the travel days between Amalfi Coast towns.  And while I didn’t find it intolerablely hot in the Amalfi Coast the sun is strong, so bring a big hat!

What Shoes to Pack for the Amalfi Coast

This might be the single most important thing you pack!  I’m going to tell you right now get THESE SANDALS or get this pair of sandals for only $12!

Shoes I packed in my carry-on:

1 Pair of Flip Flops

1 Pair of Birkenstock Dupes – CHECK PRICES

1 Pair of Strap on Sandals – CHECK PRICES

The Amafi Coast beaches don’t have soft sand like Cancun, instead, they have burning-hot black rocks!!  You will literally be in pain walking the 3 feet from your chair to the water.  So instead of just flip-flops strap-on sandals will save your feet.  You can bring water shoes too, but the sandals are definitely more versatile since you can wear them out of the water too.  

Because I did carry on only I decided not to bring any heels.  There are A LOT of stairs and uphill walks in the Amalfi Coast towns with cobblestone streets so I decided heels were not the best idea!  I also did not bring any sneakers because I rarely wear sneakers when we are in coastal towns.

We walked a lot and the strap on sandals were super comfortable all day!

Amalfi Coast Outfits:  Polkadot Maxi

If you’ve followed me on Instagram or this blog you know I am a serial re-wearer when it comes to my polkadot maxi dress – CHECK PRICE.

amalfi coast outfit guide

This dress has been with me AROUND THE WORLD!!  It is one of my favorite dresses because it’s a wrap dress that can be worn as a bikini cover-up, can easily be dressed up for dinner with a pair of heels, and looks AMAZING in every single photo. 

I’ve worn this dress so much I might need a new one because holes are developing near the neckline.  Anytime I don’t know what to wear, I reach for this dress because it is CLASSIC!

Wrap maxi dresses are the perfect outfit for the Amalfi Coast!

Amalfi Coast Outfits:  Princess Moment Dress

Every girl needs to have a princess moment in the Amalfi Coast, which is why I packed a corset dress as one of my outfits for the Amalfi Coast! My exact dress in peach floral, and my floral print.

amalfi coast outfit

I even had random strangers compliment me on this puff-sleeved flirty short-dress as I walked by. The full skirt just asks to be twirled in!

This is a great outfit for romantic dinners in the Amalfi Coast!

Amalfi Coast Outfits:  Aperitivo in Blue

Aperitivo is a way of life in Italy and I wanted to bring something body-hugging for our fancy night out at Franco’s Bar.  Shope my exact dress.

Franco's bar outfit

The blue color is a perfect contrast to the beautiful warm-hued buildings in the background. 

I originally bought this dress to wear in Milos, Greece but never got a chance to wear it there.  Italy though was the perfect opportunity to wear something fancy!

Amalfi Coast Outfits: Cover-Up Dresses

Like I said before, you won’t see anyone walking around in just a bikini in the city or even a bikini cover-up.  You know the kind you always see in the Caribbean.  Shop the look:

european summer outfits

Instead, pack a few easy breezy dresses that are loose and or elastic.  These are easy to throw on over a bikini, but they are real dresses so after a morning at the beach you can head directly up to lunch!

Amalfi Coast Outfit:  Classic String Bikini

You can’t head to the Amalfi coast without a bikini!  String bikinis in solid colors like white or black are a classic.  Or a fun colorful bikini in a classic print like stripes or chevron is perfect as well.  Get this classic red bikini, or this old money style, or this pretty balconette swimsuit.

positano beach

Amalfi Coast Outfit:  Capri Boat Trip

You cannot go to the Amalfi Coast and not do a boat trip!  Since we were going to spend a few hours on a boat and not walking around the city, I opted to wear a cover-up skirt with my halter bikini which looks more like a crop top than my string bikini.  This cross-halter bikini is perfect with this cover-up skirt.

amalfi coast beach outfit

The skirt was just dense enough to not feel like my whole butt was exposed but if I had to do it over again I’d opt for a skirt that was opaque.

Amalfi Coast Outfits:  Tube Top and Shorts

I love how tube tops are making such a comeback.   Shop the look:

european summer outfits

I still have a huge collection of them since 20 years ago and I packed my favorite one for this trip to pair with my one pair of  linen shorts – these linen shorts would be perfect.  Or if you don’t like shorts, linen pants are also super chic – GET THEM HERE.

This Amalfi Coast outfit shows off those tan shoulders!  

Amalfi Coast Tour Outfit

We did a boat tour of the Amalfi Coast which included secluded beaches and a visit to Amalfi and Atrani.  It is one of the best things to do in Positano and the highlight of our trip.

Since were both swimming and visiting towns I opted for an easy wrap dress over a string bikini! 

amalfi coast outfits

The string bikini was not visible under the dress so it was the perfect Amalfi Coast outfit for swimming and walking around Amalfi!

Amalfi Coast Outfits:  Scarf Top & Shorts

I packed only one pair of shorts on this trip because I’m not a shorts kind of girl! 

european summer scarf top and linen shorts

As you can see I prefer one-piece outfits for the Amalfi Coast, as in dresses!  I did bring one pair shorts though for those days we would be traveling between locations!

Amalfi Coast Outfits:  Romance in Ravello

Again, I am a serial re-wearer so if you follow me on Instagram you know I have this dress in 3 colors and wear them constantly from spring through summer!!  Shop the look:

  • Puff Sleeve Maxi Dress:  SHOP IT
  • Puff Sleeve Midi Dress:  SHOP IT
  • Red Puff Sleeve Linen Dress:  SHOP IT

amalfi coast outfits

The square neckline, delicate puff sleeves, and floral print just scream Italian summer!  It is the perfect Amalfi Coast outfit for visiting the picturesque gardens in Ravello!  

amalfi coast outfits

Amalfi Coast Oufits:  Lemons in Capri

If there’s one fruit that says Almafi Coast it’s lemons!  And they really do grow everywhere!  A lemon dress is the perfect outfit for the Amalfi Coast! Shop the look:

Linen Lemon Print Dress – SHOP IT

maxi dress outfit amalfi coast

While I bought this dress at a shop in Positano, you can easily find lemon-printed dresses online!

Amalfi Coast Outfits:  White Midi Dress on the Beach

I always pack a white dress wherever I’m going because they make great beach cover-ups and you can wear them out to dinner.  This white midi dress is perfect because I didn’t have to worry about tripping over it.  Get the look:

amalfi coast outfit ideas

I wore it to the beach in the morning and headed directly into town in Positano after!