In my previous post, I talked about all the wonderful places we visited that are not to be missed in Bali.  Here I detail a Bali guide with few tips on where to stay and what to avoid.

Bali Travel Guide Where to Stay

Do rent a villa through Airbnb or   After reading a few blogs years ago we figured out the best way to experience Bali was to rent a villa.  They  are quite affordable especially if you have a group.  And can I say they are luxurious!  Ours had a huge deep pool that we played in endlessly.

bali villa rentalbali villa bali villa bali villa  bali villa

Our exact Villa here.

And it included breakfast that someone came to prepare for us fresh each day which included eggs cooked how you like, local fresh fruit, and toast.  They even have a menu of spa services you can order from to have at your own villa.  Yes we did all have foot massages without leaving the comforts of home.  Though Bali has some amazing spas, getting pampered without having to go anywhere is awfully convenient.

bali breakfast bali breakfast

Bali Travel Guide Transportation and Getting Around

I highly advise hiring a private driver to take you around.  Bali is a pretty big island and some of the attractions are quite far from each other.  Hiring a driver was quite affordable too.  It was only about $60 USD a day for us.  We found one that had great reviews in the TripAdvisor forums, where I find all my good info!  Our driver took us to Tanah Lot, Nusa Dua, Rice Fields, and basically just about every attraction we wanted to see.

Find tours of Bali here.

bali-rice-fields tanah lot bali rice terracenusa dua

Bali Travel Guide Where to Eat

Eat all the roast pig aka babi guling you can get your hands on!!  This was absolutely the best dish we had there.  And the vendors selling roast corn on the beach.  Eat tons of that too because I still dream about that corn.  The seafood was also really really fresh everywhere we went.

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Bali Travel Guide Places to Avoid

We stayed in the Seminyak area because it was convenient and close to the beach, but I would not recommend it.  It’s very, very touristy and full of rude people trying to sell you stuff.  And cab drivers making uncomfortable comments to the girls in our group.  Though we did score some lovely handmade snakeskin bags and shoes in this area, I would not go back.  Ubud was beautiful, but I found it quite a tourist also.  But they did have this beautiful hotel that you have to take a trolley to go up, unfortunately, we never got a chance to stay there because we were short on time.

bali travel guide bali travel guide

Bali Travel Guide, How Long Should You Stay in Bali

We only had a short time in Bali, 4 full days, I’d say this was definitely not enough to see everything we wanted and we were a bit rushed.  I’d recommend 7 days at least to get the full taste of Bali!

bali travel bali travel bali travel bali travel

Bali Travel Guide Weather in Bali

We went in September this was not ideal weather wise as it was shoulder season.  We were coming from Hong Kong and there weren’t a lot of choices as most of South East Asia was in monsoon season during this time, Bali was the least rainy out of all the choices.   We had lovely days but right around 4pm in the afternoon it would pour and pour all night long which killed most of our night time plans.  If you’ve ever been in Asia during monsoon season you’ll know what I mean, sheets and sheets of water.

And that’s it for my Bali Guide!  Hope that was helpful and let me know if you have any questions!

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