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Since having our now toddler, we have traveled with her to Thailand 3 times.  The first time we traveled to Thailand with our kid was when she was only 8 months old!  The next time we flew to Thailand she was 18 months old.  And on our most recent trip to Thailand our kid was 3 years old!  She celebrated her 3rd birthday in Bangkok.  

Is Thailand Safe for Kids

We often get asked, is Thailand safe with kids?  We found Bangkok and Thailand in general very safe with our little toddler.  Thailand is no more dangerous for us than our home of Washington DC.  The only thing you really have to worry about is the taxi scams and maybe pickpockets.  So if you practice general travel safety measures you should have no problems with your kids in Thailand.

Scams in Thailand to Watch Out For when Traveling with Kids

The one major scam to watch out for in Thailand when traveling with kids is the taxi scam.  Taxi scams are rampant in Bangkok and even some of our local friends have been scammed by taxis.  There are several taxi scams which I will detail below.

The taxi driver will tell you the temple is closed.  This is when you want a taxi to take you to a temple, and they will tell you it’s closed and take you to their friend’s shop instead or offer to take you to another temple but you have to buy a tour from them.  And the taxi driver will charge you exorbitant prices!  Don’t fall for this.  Look up temple hours of operation before you go.  Most temples are open all week long.

The next and most common taxi scam in Thailand is the driver not using the meter than handing you a big bill after.  This scam is pretty common actually and even my father in law has fallen victim to this one.  Always make sure the meter is on!  

The next one is not a scam actually but taxi drivers will literally refuse to take you places and turn you away if they don’t feel the money is worth it.  We have been refused several times because the distance we wanted to go was not that far in Bangkok.

How to Avoid Taxi Scams in Thailand when Traveling with Kids

The best way to avoid these taxi scams is not to use a taxi and take GrabCar or public transportation instead.  But if you need to take a taxi or tuk-tuk, make sure to flag on down that is moving.  NEVER and I  mean NEVER take a taxi or tuk-tuk in Bangkok that is parked.  These taxis and tuk-tuks are parked specifically prey on unsuspecting tourists.  Instead, flag down a taxi or tuk-tuk that is moving.  Always make sure when you get into a taxi that the meter is on.  Another option and this is what we did in Phuket is negotiating with the taxi driver or tuk-tuk before you get in on an agreed price.  You could also book a private driver for a day – CHECK PRICES.

Drinking the Tap Water in Thailand

Can you drink the tap water in Thailand?  Is it safe to eat fruit washed in tap water in Thailand?  Can you brush your teeth with the tap water in Thailand?  I see so many questions regarding drinking water and tap water in Thailand, especially from parents traveling with babies and toddlers.  The tap water in Thailand is NOT potable, you cannot drink it.  Locals do not drink the water in Thailand straight out of the tap either.  When traveling to Thailand with your kids please only consume bottled water.  In restaurants in Thailand they also serve bottled water and you will be charged for it. 

We have used the tap water to brush our teeth and have had no problems with it.  The tap was also fine for brushing the teeth of our toddler and we have used it since she was 18 months old.

I have eaten plenty of fruits and veggies washed in the tap water in Thailand and had no problems.  We fed our toddler fruit as well and had no problems in Thailand.  Fresh fruit from street carts has been perfectly okay as well 

When is the Best Time to go to Thailand with Kids

Thailand has two season, monsoon season and dry season.  Monsoon season runs from about May to November, and dry season runs from December to April.  So what’s the difference and what is the best time to go to Thailand with kids?

I personally prefer dry season.  During try season it doesn’t rain much if at all.  You will have beautiful long sunny days and it’s the perfect time to visit any of the islands.  You will notice the temperature rising however as you head into April which is the hottest month in Thailand.  It is also the month where Thailand celebrates New Year, known as Songkran.  As for crowds it is more crowded during dry season, but not by much.  I really didn’t notice much of a difference at any of the attractions in Bangkok between rain season and dry season.

During monsoon season in Thailand, it won’t rain all the time but be prepared for heavy rains for a few hours usually in the afternoons and evenings.  It is also almost always cloudy during rain season.  We saw very little sunshine when we were in Thailand with our kid during rain season.  If you are traveling to Thailand with kids and expect sunny days all the time, I would definitely not go during rain season. 

Thailand is basically humid all the time, BUT during rain season it is especially humid.  When we walked around outside in August in Thailand we still sweat, but there was no sun to evaporate the sweat so you just have a sticky film on your skin all the time.  I didn’t love that feeling! 

Eating Street Food in Thailand with Kids

Another concern I’ve seen from parents traveling to Thailand with kids is food hygiene.  Is street food safe for toddlers to eat in Thailand?   Street food in Thailand is perfectly safe if you know where to get it from!  On our very first trip to Thailand before we had kids, all of our friends go food poisoning except for us!  I did have an advantage though, my husband (he’s Thai if you haven’t figured it out by now) knew exactly where NOT to go for street food!

Avoid any street food stalls under a bridge or overpass.  These food stalls are pretty unhygienic, and in general, being under the overpass or bridge makes it worse. 

Safe Places to Eat Street Food in Bangkok

So what are safe places to get street food for families and toddlers in Thailand?  Generally, any street food with high tourist traffic is safe.  In Bangkok specifically, every mall will have street food set up around 5 p.m. every evening just outside the mall and it’s all pretty safe to eat.  We especially love the street food stalls outside Central World and in the Siam area.  They offer a good variety and are all very tasty.  If you are worried about this not being “authentic” enough then I’ll tell you I see locals eating there too.  And my husband who’s a major foodie pretty much approves!

What Can Kids Eat In Thailand

Is there anything my kids can eat in Thailand?  What if my kids can’t eat curry? Is all the food in Thailand spicy?   What foods can my kids eat in Thailand?  I see these questions over and over about what kids will be able to eat in Thailand because Thailand is known for spicy food and curry!

Not to worry!  Thailand is full of wonderful foods that kids can eat!  Our 18 month old basically ate her way through Thailand!! She loved all the food.  Then when she became a picky 3 year old in Thailand we still found plenty for her to eat.  

So what are some kid-friendly foods in Thailand?  Here’s a list of our favorite foods for kids in Thailand:

Pork Skewers and Sticky Rice (Moo Ping)

My 18 month old had her first taste of pork skewers and sticky rice in Thailand.  And it has been her favorite dish ever since!  When we went back to Thailand when she was 3 years old and a super picky eater, this was the one dish she always ate.  

Pork skewers and sticky rice is not a spicy dish.  Instead, this sometimes comes with a spicy dip, you obviously don’t have to give your child the dip.  The pork skewers are savory and a little sweet and they go perfectly with sticky rice.  You can find this sold at streets stalls and many restaurants, and even inside food court shopping malls.  Pork skewers is a definite favorite for families traveling to Thailand with kids.

food for toddlers in thailand

Grilled Whole Chicken (Gai Yang)

Gai Yang is a delicious grilled chicken, usually grilled whole then chopped into chunks and served with sticky rice and a spicy dipping sauce.  This dish is perfect for kids in Thailand because, without the dipping sauce, it’s not spicy at all.  Gai Yang does have a nice savory flavor that many children will enjoy when they are in Thailand.  Our picky toddler loves Gai Yang!

things kids can eat in thailand

Thai Fried Chicken (Gai Tod)

Who doesn’t love fried chicken!  But in Thailand, they take fried chicken to another level with extra crisp.  The coating is a mix of rice flour and regular flour, which makes for an awesome crunch!  The chicken is marinated in a wet rub of coriander root, fish sauce, soy sauce white pepper, palm sugar, then coated and fried.  Your kid is never going to want to eat any other fried chicken after having fried chicken in Thailand.  Thai Fried Chicken is going to be something you’re going to want to eat again and again in Thailand with your kids. 

Hainanese Chicken and Rice (Khao Mun Gai)

Hainanese Chicken and Rice is a poached/boiled chicken, served with rice that’s been cooked in chicken broth, and chicken broth on the side.  The chicken itself is a bit bland and comes with a dipping sauce.  If your kid likes her food bland, then Khao Mun Gai is the perfect dish for her, it’s just chicken and rice with no spices!  When you are traveling to Thailand with kids, it’s sometimes hard to figure out what’s in a dish, Haineses chicken and rice is a pretty safe bet!

Vegetable Soup with Tofu (Gaeng Jued)

Gaeng Jued is another perfect dish for those kids that like their food on the bland side when going to Thailand.  Our housekeeper often bought this soup for our daughter because it’s basically just broth, veggies, pork balls, and glass noodles.  It has all the food groups!  Perfect for little ones in Thailand that want healthy simple foods.

Fried Rice (Khao Pad)

I think fried rice is pretty self-explanatory.  It’s rice stir-fried with meat or shrimp and eggs usually.  

Fried Pork Chunks (Moo Tod Gratiem)

Moo Tod Gratiem is another favorite dish of our toddler’s.  Chunks of pork belly are fried crispy with garlic.  This dish is so good you are going to want to order 2, one for our child and one for yourself!  As with almost everything else in Thailand, Moo Tod Gratiem comes with sticky rice.

Grilled Prawns (Gung Pao)

Grilled prawns are pretty much self-explanatory.  If your toddler likes shrimp and seafood she is going to love this dish.  The prawns are salted then grilled.  But these prawns are nothing like the shrimp you get in the USA.  They are huge and so sweet!!  When our toddler was 18 months old she ate so much of these prawns.  There is a dipping sauce that comes with the grilled prawns that’s usually really spicy but of course, you don’t have to give it to your toddler.  Grilled prawns happens to be one of my fave things to eat in Thailand because I’ve never seen it in the States!

what can kids eat in thailand


And if all else fails and your kid refuses to eat anything in Thailand, I’ve see plenty of McDonalds and fast food places in Bangkok for some fries and chicken nuggets!  When you go to Thailand with kids you may not want to eat at McDonald’s thinking that it’s the exact same as back home.  But it’s not!  I actually love McDonald’s in Thailand.  They serve rice dishes and the corn pie is amazing!  


There’s also a ton of bakeries in Bangkok that serve sandwiches!  So if all else fails you can head to the nearest mall and look for a bakery, or even 711!

not spicey food for toddlers in thailand


Strollers in Thailand

Should you bring a stroller to Thailand?  I’ve seen people with strollers in Thailand with kids, but I would personally avoid bringing one.  First, the sidewalks are usually packed with people or non-existent, so there’s really no room for a stroller.  If you plan on taking the BTS or MRT in Bangkok there are tons of steps up or down so you will be carrying your toddler and the stroller.  

If you can I suggest baby wearing if at all possible!  We bought this baby carrier specifically because Thailand is hot and humid and we wanted something that would breathe.  The baby carrier was perfect for our 8 month old.  We used this exact carrier – CHECK PRICES

When our toddler was around 18 months we usually just carried her around.  It’s not that she couldn’t walk but she was scared of all the people and chaos so she wanted to be held.  She also refused to sit in a stroller and if we had taken one we would just be carrying it around all the time plus the child.  So my vote is for no stroller in Thailand with kids!

Transportation:  Getting Around Thailand with Kids

Traveling throughout Thailand is pretty easy, there’s plenty of buses and trains, but with a kid, I would choose none of these.  If you are traveling within Thailand with kids I would definitely fly instead.  Flying within Thailand is easy, affordable, and quick!  Budget airlines like AirAsia and Nok go to most places in Thailand like Chiang Mai and Phuket.  There are two airports in Bangkok BKK and DMK.  DMK is where the budget airlines fly out from.  You don’t necessarily need to book flights within Thailand before you travel depending on how flexible you are.  We booked our flights from Bangkok to Phuket a day before we left for $140 per person round trip. 

If your family needs to be somewhere by a specific time then I would book a week or two before at the latest so you have more choices in flight times.  But popular destinations, like Phuket from Bangkok, have flights every hour every day practically.

Bangkok Airways has a monopoly on the airport in Koh Samui so if you are going there, that is the only choice to fly, therefore it is the most expensive island to fly to from Bangkok.  Since there’s only one airline that flies to Koh Samui, I would book that flight much earlier.

Transportation:  Getting Around Bangkok with Kids

Bangkok is a huge city with a multitude of transportation options both public and private when traveling with kids in Thailand.

The SkyTrain/BTS in Bangkok

Taking the BTS in Bangkok is by far my favorite way to get around the city with my toddler.  Because we never used a stroller taking the BTS was quick and easy.  If you are in Bangkok for a while, I would suggest getting a Rabbit Card and load it with some Baht so you can just swipe and go instead of buying a ticket each time.   Signs at each of the stations are clearly marked in English and it’s easy to navigate.  The trains are clean and have air conditioning, so they offer a bit of reprieve from the heat. 

The BTS does get rather crowded, which is one of the reasons I suggest you don’t take a stroller.  Several times on the train there was standing room only, and we had to hold our little one.  

The MRT in Bangkok

The MRT is basically the same as the BTS except underground!  The few times we have taken the MRT it’s been uncrowded.  The MRT also takes the Rabbit Card.


Second, only to the BTS, GrabCar is our second favorite transportation method around Bangkok with kids.  GrabCar is just like Uber in the States.  Actually Uber used to operate in Thailand illegally then sold their business to GrabCar.  Download the GrabCar app and hail a ride just like you would in Uber.  We found the prices in GrabCar comparable to a taxi, but without all the hassle.  

If you take a GrabCar however be prepared to sometimes wait for 30 to 40 minutes for it to pick you up.  This is because of the traffic in Bangkok!  If you are at a busy location with a lot of traffic, the Grab driver simply has to sit in traffic to pick you up.  We have waited outside Terminal 21 for a pick up for 40 minutes before because the traffic was just so bad.  Outside of the weekend market, we waited for about 20 minutes for a GrabCar to pick us up.  

Taxi/Tuk Tuk

Taxis and tuk tuks are the two modes of transportation in Bangkok we try to avoid at all cost.  We’ve actually never taken a tuk tuk before!  Generally, we have avoided taxis and tuk tuks because of all the scams, see above.  Also, many times we have tried to hail a taxi only for the taxi driver to refuse to take us.  I’ve actually seen this happen to many tourists.  We watched a pair of tourists trying to get a taxi outside of the weekend market only to be refused over and over again.  

Private Driver

When you are trying to get around Bangkok in the heat and traffic with kids, a private driver may be your best bet –CHECK PRICES.  Private drivers are pretty affordable, especially if you are traveling with a family.   The best part of having a private driver is the lack of waiting.  You can go as you please.  Kids having a melt down?  Leave immediately instead of having to wait for 20 minutes for a GrabCar, or trying to hail down a taxi that may or may not try to scam you, or trying to drag said child up the many stairs to get to the SkyTrain.  

With a private driver you can also tailor your exact itinerary for the day get to temples and attractions before the crowds.  I’ve listed several amazing temples below you’ll want to visit with your kids in Bangkok, but they get crowded.  A private driver can get you there before the crowds, because you are setting the schedule.   

Where to Buy Baby Necessities like Diapers and Formula in Thailand

Where can I get diapers in Bangkok when traveling to Thailand with kids?  Will I need to pack everything I need for my baby before we got to Thailand with kids?  I’m bottle feeding my baby where can I buy formula in Thailand.  

If there’s one thing about Bangkok, it’s the easy accessibility of what you need for your baby.  We took our 8-month-old to Bangkok Thailand and had no trouble finding diapers and formula.  You can easily buy baby items at any 711, Watsons, Boots, or even shopping malls.  At the top of every shopping mall is a grocery store that has all your baby needs.  You can even buy pouches of baby food, baby snacks, and hypoallergenic formula at these mega malls in Thailand.  

Our 8-month-old had terrible eczema and we were trying out an allergy-free formula.  I was kind of shocked we managed to find this in Bangkok at Siam Center and at Isetan in Central World.  The best part?  Most of these items had English text on them so it wasn’t hard to figure out what the product was or what it contained.

Even in Phuket, we had no trouble finding diapers and wipes at the 711 right outside our hotel.

Things to Do in Bangkok Thailand with Kids

There are so many things to do in Thailand with kids from the beautiful temples, cute little cafes, to stunning beaches.  But did you know these amazing activities in Bangkok are both kid and family friendly? Here are my top things to do in Bangkok with kids that will create picture-perfect memories.

Sea Life Ocean World in Siam Center Bangkok

thailand with kids siam ocean world
things to do with kids in bangkok thailand
siam ocean world with kids thailand

If you are in Bangkok with kids, Ocean World at the bottom of Siam Discovery is perfect for a day indoors.  This aquarium has everything including! The Ocean Tunnel is the highlight of this aquarium. You feel like you are underwater with fish, sharks, and stingrays swimming by.  

Where is Sea Life Ocean World

How do you get to Sea Life Ocean World in Bangkok?  Sea Life Ocean World is at the bottom of Siam Paragon mall.  Take the BTS to the Siam Center stop and follow the signs to Siam Paragon.  Once inside the mall you will see signs for Sea Life Ocean World.

Which Tickets Should I Get for Sea Life Ocean World

Sea Life Ocean World sells a variety of experiences in addition to entry into the aquarium.  We only bought entry and found that to be enough fun for our toddler. There’s a boat experience at Sea Life Ocean World that lets you ride a boat in the aquarium, but I’m glad we didn’t do this.  The line for the boat ride was pretty long. And waiting in long lines with a toddler is no fun.


thailand with kids
thailand with kids
dusit zoo thailand with kids

Unfortunately, the Dusit Zoo has closed permanently because it is moving!  The Dusit Zoo is a wonderful way to spend a few hours with your kids in Bangkok Thailand.  It is walking distance from the Marble Temple, so you can see both in one day if you want.

 Your whole family will love how close you can get to the animals at the Dusit Zoo.  We saw so many turtles, monkeys, bears, and even a hippo! The highlight at the zoo though was the giraffes!  I’ve never seen one so up close and personal, your kids will love it when they are in Bangkok. A visit to Dusit Zoo is a must when you are in Bangkok with kids.

How to Get to Dusit Zoo

The closest BTS stop to The Dusit Zoo is the Victory Monument or Ratchathewi stops.  But even if you take the BTS you will still need to take a taxi, GrabCar, or tuk-tuk to the Dusit Zoo.  Or you can  hire a private driver for the day to take you around Bangkok – CHECK PRICES.

Unicorn Cafe Bangkok

unicorn cafe bangkok
unicorn cafe
thailand with kids

If there is one cafe in Bangkok that kids will love it’s the Unicorn Cafe.  The Unicorn Cafe actually has 2 entrances and is 2 separate cafes right next to each other.  It’s like unicorns exploded in here! Everything is pink and rainbows including all the food. Our toddler still talks about the Unicorn Cafe and asks us when we will be going back.  The Unicorn Cafe will be a hit with your kids in Bangkok.

How do you get to Unicorn Cafe

The Unicorn Cafe is in the Silom area of Bangkok and the closest BTS stop is Chong Nonsi.  If you are staying in the Silom area it should be relatively easy to get to using the BTS.  We stayed in the Sukhumvit area and we would have to transfer trains so we took a GrabCar instead.  Or you could hire a private driver to take you around for the day – CHECK PRICES.

Wat Arun

taking toddlers to thailand
taking kids to thailand
wat arun with kids in thailand

Wat Arun has to be my all time favorite temple in Bangkok, and my favorite attraction to visit with kids in Thailand.  This temple is not huge, but it is super fun to explore for kids in Bankok. Our family loved climbing all the steps around the temple.  The first time I went to Wat Arun, you could climb to the top, but they have closed it off now.  You can visit Wat Arun both on your own or as part of a temple tour – CHECK PRICES. This tour not only includes Wat Arun but also 2 other temples, Wat Pho and Wat Traimit.  A tour, especially when you are traveling with kids in Bangkok, take the guess work out of the sites you want to see.  Also you won’t have to wait for a taxi or a GrabCar in the hot Bangkok sun!  You could also hire a private driver, then you could see the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and Wat Arun all in one day – CHECK PRICES.

Dress Code at Wat Arun

What should you wear to Wat Arun?  You should have your knees and shoulders covered at Wat Arun.  But this dress code is not enforced. I’ve seen so many pictures of girls in backless dresses here so I assume no one is really monitoring what everyone is wearing.

Best Time to Visit Wat Arun

When is it least crowded at Wat Arun?  What is the best time to go to Wat Arun?  Go either in the morning when it opens or right before sunset.  We arrived around 9:30 am and it was pretty empty in about 30 minutes more people showed up, but I wouldn’t call it crowded.

The other option is to come here in the afternoon around 4pm.  Wat Arun was also pretty uncrowded in the afternoon as I think all the tours have ended by then.  Coming to Wat Arun late gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sunset views across the river, keep reading to see how to do this.

How to get to Wat Arun with Kids

Wat Arun is across the river from the Grand Palace and Wat Pho.  The easiest way is to take a ferry across the river at Tha Tien pier.   Alternatively you can also take a tour – CHECK PRICES.

Ancient City Mueang Boran in Bangkok

things to do in bangkok thailand with kids
child friendly activities with kids in bangkok thailand
ancient city bangkok thailand

Ancient City in Bangkok is one of the world’s largest outdoor museums.  It encompasses 320 acres of land with 109 replicas of Thailand’s most well known historical and architectural attractions.

Ancient City is such a fun park with kids!  All the replicas are so well done it’s hard not to take a picture of everything.  In addition to important historical replicas, there are also replicas of historical homes and buildings which I found fascinating.  You and your family will enjoy exploring all the different replicas. You will feel like you are in another era!

The best part is you can walk up and touch everything which is what kids always want to do.  

The entry fee into Ancient City comes with an audio guide.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to use it because I sat on the headphones and broke them about 10 minutes into our trip.

Getting Around Ancient City

How to get around Ancient City in Bangkok with kids?  Ancient City is HUGE!! You can get around by renting a golf cart or bicycles.  If you visit during rain season rent the golf carts because it will provide you cover when it pours unexpectedly.  The bikes look like a ton of fun though.

How long do you need at Ancient City?

We spent a good 5 hours at Ancient City and only saw about half of it.  And that doesn’t include us stopping at each site, some places we just drove by.  If you want to see everything at Ancient City, I would say you need all day here. There are little outdoor restaurants inside the park so when your kids get hungry there will be places to eat.

Is Ancient City Crowded?

Because Ancient City is slightly outside of Bangkok and a little harder to get to, there were no crowds when our family went during a weekday.  I cannot say the same for a weekend because locals do come here. We came here because one of Sean’s local Bangkok friend’s posted about it on Facebook, and from her picture it looked pretty crowded.  

Best Time to Go to Ancient City

To avoid the crowds the best time to visit Ancient City in Bangkok is during the week and in the morning.  

How to get to Ancient City

Ancient City is just outside of Bangkok and there’s no BTS or MRT stop here.  I would suggest taking a GrabTaxi or taxi here.

Dress Code for Ancient City

There is not dress code for Ancient City because these are historical replicas and not temples.  Some building do have a sign to remove your shoes before entering.

Right after entering Ancient City there is a temple that you can visit.  To go inside the temple itself you need to have your shoulders and knees covered, but they provide scarves for you.

Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)

wat pho bangkok
tips on taking kids to thailand
traveling with kids to thailand

Wat Pho houses the famous reclining Buddha. But that’s not why this is such a great place to visit when you are in Bangkok with kids.  The architecture and grounds of Wat Po are great place for kids to run around and explore.  A popular tour is combining Wat Pho and the Grand Palace, because they are essentially right next to each other – CHECK PRICES.

Dress code for Wat Pho

What should you wear to Wat Pho?  Like all temples in Thailand you need to cover your knees and shoulders.  See through clothing and leggings are not allowed. The temple only seems to enforce this dress code at the entrance to the reclining buddha.  They did not enforce the dress code on the grounds of the temple. I saw plenty of people walking around in shorts and tanks.

Best time to Visit Wat Pho

Wat Pho is not as busy as the Grand Palace and when we arrived around 11 am there were no crowds at all.  It only got a bit busier around noon as we were leaving.

Best Way to Get to Wat Pho

The easiest way to visit Wat Pho is through a tour especially if you are in Bangkok with kids – Check Prices.  Tours also include more than one temple. With a tour you would be able to see more in a shorter time because the tour includes all transportation.  It can be a hassle to get transportation with kids in Bangkok. It’s hot and dusty. Trying to wait for a cab or public transportation can be a pain especially if your kids are grumpy after exploring.  

Here are some tours you might want to take a look at that include the temples on this list:

Private Tour of Wat Pho, Marble Temple, and Temple of the Golden Buddha – Check Prices

This tour takes you to 3 different temples. These temples are hard to get to on your own in one day unless you book a private car for the day.  Especially the Temple of the Golden Buddha, because it’s located in Chinatown. Chinatown is super crowded with horrible traffic. We had a hard time getting a GrabCar or a taxi here.  This tour also includes Marble Temple which is also on this list as a must see!

Getting to Wat Pho using the Skytrain BTS

You can also use the BTS to get to Wat Pho.  But that will require you to change trains and also take a ferry.  If you are staying in the Sukhumvit area take the BTS and go to Siam station. Change trains and take the one going to Saphan Taksin station. Get off at Saphan Taksin station and take the express boat going north. You’ll see signs for the Chao Phraya Express Boat company. The river stations have numbers (and they have names). You want to get off at pier 8, which is Tha Thien, or 9 which is Tha Chang. Pier #9 will leave you closer to the Grand Palace, but still within walking distance of Wat Pho.

You can also take a GrabCar here which is the easiest option without a tour.  BUT you will not be able to get a GrabCar out of this area. We tried to get a GrabCar and couldn’t get one in the app for 30 minutes.  There were no GrabCars around. And this is the only location we ran into this problem with GrabCar. Which leads me to believe GrabCar is not allowed to pick up passengers here.  

So getting back to your hotel you are subject to either taking a taxi (not recommended I’ve heard taxi scams here are rampant). Or taking the BTS and Boat.  Taking a tour though would be the easiest way to get in and out of Wat Pho.  The other option is visit the temple with a private driver – CHECK PRICES.  With a private driver it’ll be much easier because he can just pick you up when you are ready to leave.

The Grand Palace Bangkok

what to wear to the grand palace thailand with kids

You can’t go to Thailand with kids without seeing the Grand Palace!  Literally, everything is gold here and every corner so so pretty.  If you are in Bangkok with kids, they will think they are at some sort of castle!   

The Grand Palace Dress Code

What can you wear to the Grand Palace?  As with all temples in Bangkok you need to have your knees and shoulders covered, no see through or skin tight clothing (so no leggings).  Unlike some of the other temples, the Grand Palace is super strict on the dress code. They have guards at the entrance to check what you are wearing.  The guards will not let you into the Grand Palace if you are not dressed appropriately.

How to Get to the Grand Palace

The easiest way to see the Grand Palace is to take a tour – Check Tour Prices.  

Getting in and out of the Grand Palace area is not easy. There are so many taxi scams so if this is your first time visiting Bangkok you might want to play it safe and take a tour.  The tour includes several temples (which are also on this list) so you can see more than one attraction a day. It’s impossible to get a GrabCar in the Grand Palace area and there are so many taxi scams!  A tour includes all the transportation so you don’t need to worry about taxis in Bangkok scamming you.

The Grand Palace is right next to Wat Pho.  You can use the BTS to get to The Grand Palace, but that will require you to change trains and also take a ferry.  If you are staying in the Sukhumvit area take the BTS and go to Siam station. Change trains and take the one going to Saphan Taksin station. Get off at Saphan Taksin station and take the express boat going north. You’ll see signs for the Chao Phraya Express Boat company. The river stations have numbers (and they have names). Get off at Pier #9 will leave you closer to the Grand Palace, but still within walking distance of Wat Pho.

When to Visit the Grand Palace

What’s the best time to see the Grand Palace with kids?  When is the Grand Palace not crowded? How do you avoid the crowds at the Grand Palace?  

The best time of day to go to the Grand Palace is in the morning when it opens!  So if you want to avoid the crowds I’d hire a private driver – Check Prices. The Grand Palace is a super popular attraction in Bangkok and it is always crowded unless you go when it opens.  It can be especially difficult to get around the Grand Palace with all the crowds if you have kids with you, so go early!

Be the first tour there and it will be less crowded.  So if you are taking a tour be sure to take a morning tour with the Grand Palace as the first stop like this one – Check Prices.

Marble Temple

thailand with toddlers and kids
marble temple bangkok
things to do in bangkok thailand with kids

The Marble Temple, Wat Benchamabophit is a sight to see!  The ordination hall is cast in stunning Italian Carrara marble (hence the name The Marble Temple).  Your kids will love marveling at all the beautiful statues of Buddha!  The Marble Temple is walking distance from the Dusit Zoo, so if you go to the zoo, you can come here right after!

Getting to The Marble Temple

How to get to the Marble Temple? The Marble Temple is not near a BTS or an MRT stop.  We took a GrabCar here another option is to take a tour so you can see the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and/or the Marble Temple all in one day.  A tour provides all the transportation so you can see a lot more in one day. On a map these temples may look like they could be close together, but trust me they are not.  

Dress Code at the Marble Temple

As with other temples in Bangkok the dress code at the Marble Temple requires you to cover your knees and shoulders.  I didn’t see anyone not adhere to this rule. But I’ve seen pictures of scantily clad girls here so I assume it is not strictly enforced.  The dress code is usually not enforced for toddlers.

Free Indoor Playground in Bangkok Thailand

free indoor playground bangkok
indoor play ground for kids in bangkok thailand

Bangkok gets hot so you will need a place for your kids to run around indoors away from the sun.  The best free indoor play in Bangkok I’ve found is inside Central World next to the Isetan department store.  This indoor playground in Bangkok is free and convenient to get to when you are in Bangkok with kids.  Also, the Isetan toy store is a great place for kids to play as well, there are lots of toys out for kids to sample.  

How to get to Central World

Take the Skytrain to Chit Lom and follow the walkways to Central World.  

Afternoon Tea at the Mandarin Oriental

mandarin oriental tea bangkok with kids
author's lounge mandarin oriental bangkok
afternoon tea mandarin oriental bangkok

Tea at the Mandarin Oriental was on MY absolute to-do list this last trip we took to Bangkok with our kid.  And I was honestly a bit scared whether or not we were going to have a toddler meltdown at this bougie establishment.  

Yes, the afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental is more adults oriented, but it is also quite child-friendly.  Especially if you have kids that like to eat a ton of sweets.  And which toddler doesn’t love sweets?

Our toddler absolutely loved the afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok.  She gobbled up all the tasty bits of pastries and sorbets.  She was also not the only child here.  I saw a few babies (that did indeed have meltdowns) here enjoying tea! 

The service here is excellent and the staff amazing.  Our little girl spilt some juice and our attendant cleaned it up immediately without batting an eye.   This did, however, lead to a bawling session by her since she felt she had done something wrong, but I quickly took her out to the lobby and she was fine! 

The tea here is expensive by Bangkok food standards, but I think it was worth every penny! 

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