I’ve looked for a Barefoot Dreams dupe for a long time without any success until now! 

barefoot dreams dupe

Keep reading if you want to see how I scored an exact dupe of the Barefoot Dreams In the Wild blanket for $30 or just go buy it HERE.

What is the Barefoot Dreams In the Wild Throw? 

The Barefoot Dreams In the Wild Throw Blanket is a blogger favorite that’s been all over Instagram for the past few years. 

barefoot dreams in the wild throw dupe

I’m not exactly sure why it’s so popular but it seems like EVERY fashion blogger has it on their bed.  The Barefoot Dreams In the Wild Throw comes in a variety of pretty animal prints and even comes as pajamas now.  

It’s touted as the softest and coziest blanket ever by many.  Get the original here.

Barefoot Dreams In the Wild Throw Review

Before I get into the dupe of this cozy throw that everyone is so crazy about, let’s review the Barefoot Dreams blanket.

I bought it during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and upon unboxing it, I was shockingly unimpressed.  Honestly for a blanket that retails for $180 I expected it to be the softest thing I’d ever lay my hand on.

Unfortunately, though, the Barefoot Dreams throw did not live up to the hype at all!  I was completely unimpressed by it and left it in the box to collect dust while I decided what I wanted to do with it.

It’s not a bad throw blanket, but it is not $180s good!  And that was my problem with the blanket itself.  I just didn’t think it justified the price.

The Best Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket Dupe 

After buying the throw I did see several dupes pop up here and there, but they were either around $100 or had bad reviews and didn’t really seem legitimate.  

The Amazon dupes of the Barefoot Dreams blanket seemed particularly sketchy – See here.

There is also a Target throw for $25, here, but it looks thin according to the reviews on Target, GET IT HERE.

I was scrolling through my TikTok one day and low and behold the EXACT Barefoot Dreams throw dupe pops up onto my feed from Sam’s Club!  GET IT HERE.

barefoot dreams blanket dupe


Barefoot Dreams Dupe from Sam’s Club

There is more than one Barefoot Dreams dupe from Sam’s Club.  The original dupe from Sam’s is called the “Catherine” blanket.  

Unfortunately, that one was all sold out when I looked, but the one I bought is exactly the same!  Sam’s Club may have just updated the name, I’m not entirely sure, but the blanket I bought appears to be the same as the Catherine except bigger. 

Barefoot Dreams Dupe Quality

The Barefoot Dreams dupe from Sam’s Club has amazing quality!  The original In the Wild throw is made of polyester and so is the Sam’s Club dupe.  

barefoot dreams dupe

The only major difference is that Sam’s Club throw is BIGGER!  So yes you are getting a bigger blanket for a cheaper price.  I’d say that’s an amazing deal.

The Original Barefoot Dreams Blanket Vs. The Sam’s Club Dupe

I happen to have both the real Barefoot Dreams blanket and the Sam’s Club dupe that’s all over TikTok and was able to compare them.

barefoot dreams review

There is literally no difference in feel and even the packaging is pretty much the same!  The Sam’s Club blanket is bigger though.  

I even asked my daughter which she preferred without telling her which blanket was the original and which was the dupe.  She chose the Sam’s Club dupe as her favorite.

I don’t know what these blankets will be like after washing, but as of right now, the verdict is to buy the Sam’s Club version and save yourself $150!  I actually have another one in my cart right now it’s so good.  

Shopping Tips for the Barefoot Dreams Dupe on Sam’s Club’s Website

You do not need a Sam’s Club membership to buy the In the Wild throw dupe on Sam’s website, but you will have to pay $7 shipping.

If you are a Sam’s Club member enjoy free shipping!  Or if you have a friend that’s a Sam’s Club member just borrow their membership and have the blanket shipped to your house so you don’t have to pay for shipping.

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