Planning a trip to Positano and trying to figure out the best hotels in Positano for your stay?  Or wondering where to stay in Positano, Italy?

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We spent a magical week on the Amalfi Coast and 5 days in Positano.  One of the hardest things in planning the trip was picking to best hotel to stay at in Positano!

I’m going to save you some time and break out the best hotels in Positano by budget and location to help you find the best Positano hotel for your budget.

When Should You Book Your Positano Hotel

If you are planning your Positano trip for the busy summer months of June, July, August I would book your hotel at least 6 months in advance!  

We booked our stay about a month before our trip and I regret it!!  The earlier you book the better choice you will have!  Especially if you are on a budget, the moderately priced hotels and Airbnb rentals in great locations fill up quickly!

If you are going during the shoulder season, April, May, September, and October, you will have a bit more flexibility.  But even when I checked hotel stays for September in May, the selection was still pretty slim!  

Where to Stay in Positano

Positano is called a vertical city for a reason!  It literally goes up!  

When you map locations for hotels in Positano, it can be misleading because you won’t necessarily know the elevation and you could end up walking up tons of stairs.  Going down may take you 15 minutes, but coming back up could take 30 depending on your fitness level!

I’ve actually seen many people complain about the number of stairs in Positano, because they were unprepared.

Below is a map of Positano and where I recommend staying in terms of location.

Best Hotels in Positano Map

To minimize stair climbing and walking, the best area of Positano to stay in is within the yellow highlight.  The yellow star on the map is where we ended up staying, which was quite a bit further than I originally anticipated.

I also divided the map into Left and Right.  The left side tends to be quieter and more budget-friendly and the right side is where the center of town is with more expensive hotels. 

Staying on the right side of Positano also gives you that classic view of Positano you always see in pictures!

We stayed on the left side and while walking up was quite the trek, the views were still absolutely incredible!  

where to stay positano

How Much are Hotels in Positano

Be warned hotels in Positano are EXPENSIVE!  Even budget hotels are expensive. 

positano hotels

The less expensive options are much further up in this vertical city, but you pay the price by walking 30 minutes up to your hotel!  We averaged 70 flights of stairs PER DAY according to our iPhones because we stayed higher up!

Hotels in Positano during high season range from $300 per night for a budget hotel in a good location to thousands of dollars per night for a luxury hotel with all the amenities.  But the earlier you book the more likely you will be able to snag a room with a view at a reasonable price.

Best Hotels in Positano

The best hotels to stay at in Positano are subjective, but I’ve based my list on location which is key, and price!  First are the luxury options followed by the best budget hotels in Positano.  All have excellent reviews and are in prime locations so you won’t have to walk up the equivalent of 70 flights of stairs per day like we did during your stay!

Best Luxury Hotels in Positano

Le Sirenuse –  CHECK PRICES

Le Sirenuse is probably the most iconic hotel in Positano.   Perched on the cliffs overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, it seamlessly blends old-world charm with contemporary elegance, creating a haven of sophistication and beauty.  This hotel will cost you a few grand per night to stay at, but it’s full of amenities and boasts one of the BEST views of Positano from the balcony right off the reception area.

The hotel itself is a masterpiece of Mediterranean architecture, adorned with vibrant bougainvillea cascading down the façade, and whitewashed walls that reflect the brilliant Italian sun. Each corner of Le Sirenuse exudes a timeless allure, capturing the region’s rich history.

The interiors are a celebration of Italian craftsmanship and design. Meticulously curated furnishings, local ceramics, and exquisite artworks contribute to an atmosphere of refined luxury. Guests are greeted by warm, attentive staff, fostering an intimate and welcoming ambiance that complements the stunning surroundings.

Accommodations at Le Sirenuse scream luxury. The rooms and suites are adorned with hand-painted tiles, sumptuous fabrics, and antique furnishings, creating an inviting and romantic atmosphere. Each room offers breathtaking views of the sea or the classic view of Positano, providing the perfect Instagram backdrop in the comfort of your room.

Le Sirenuse is renowned for its culinary excellence. The hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant, La Sponda, offers a gastronomic journey through the flavors of the Amalfi Coast, with a menu that showcases the region’s freshest ingredients. Guests can savor exquisite dishes while surrounded by the soft glow of hundreds of candles, creating a magical dining experience.  Anyone can make reservations at La Sponda, but it fills up quickly during high season, and they release reservations the first day of any given calendar month through to the end of the month-after-next.

The hotel’s amenities include a panoramic terrace with a swimming pool overlooking the azure waters, inviting guests to relax and unwind while taking in the stunning coastal vistas. Additionally, the on-site spa offers a range of rejuvenating treatments inspired by traditional Mediterranean practices, providing a tranquil retreat for the mind and body.

The location of Le Sirenuse is also excellent, on the right side of the map it offers easy access to the most photographed locations in Positano and the beach.  Going from Le Sirenuse to Positano’s city center is a breeze as is the walk back up.  If you can afford it Le Sirenuse is the best hotel to stay at in Positano.

Alcione Residence – CHECK PRICES

If you want luxury on a slightly better budget than Le Sirenuse and don’t need all the amenities, then Alcione Residence might be for you!  

Their Junior Suite is undoubtedly the perfect room for special occasions. It has a very large terrace overlooking the sea that can be called the most iconic view of Positano. From the room and especially from the very spacious terrace, furnished with sofa table chairs and sun loungers, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful views you can enjoy in Positano. 

The location is also exceptional, on the right side of Positano just up the street from Le Sirenuse, so you’ll get the same view from your extra large balcony at a fraction of the cost! 

Hotel Poseidon – CHECK PRICES

Hotel Poseidon is a popular luxury hotel located on the Left side of Positano.  This hotel has a pool and boasts wonderful views of Positano.

Their rooms start at around $1,200 during high season, but the amenities might just be worth the price!  They have the most wonderful terrace that only has 8 tables available for apertivo for non-guests.  No matter what room you book at Hotel Poseidon you’ll have access to this public area.

Hotel Poseidon is just a 10-minute walk to Spaggia Grande and close to many of the best restaurants in Positano.  We walked passed this hotel several times and wished we had stayed here because the walk to the beach was so much easier than our location!

Established 1955 as a private villa of the Aonzo Family – who still lives in it and runs the Hotel as their home  Hotel Poseidon has 48 rooms, each individually furnished with a Mediterranean flair and complete with all the luxurious creature comforts you need.

The floors are tiled in hand-painted maiolica and the decor includes furniture belonging to the family which gives the rooms a certain warmth: classy details, such as wrought iron headboards and antique frames, add the perfect finishing touches.

All the rooms – except the Standard Double Rooms, which have a private terrace facing a garden – have a private panoramic terrace or balcony offering grand views of Positano from the other direction.

Each room has a bathroom with a bathtub and/or a shower, hairdryer, air conditioning, minibar, safe, TV, direct phone line and a free and unlimited WI-FI internet service.

Hotel Poseidon even has a wooden elevator built in 1965 which allows access to most rooms.  They have free cancellation so this makes a great choice if you want some options – CHECK PRICES.

The Best Budget Hotels in Positano

Hotel Buca di Baco

Hotel Buca di Baco is a beautiful boutique hotel highly recommended by bloggers and influencers alike.  

It has one of the best locations right on Spiaggia Grande (Big Beach) in Positano, with the magnificent dome of the Chiesa Madre as a backdrop and beautiful sea views, the Buca di Bacco Hotel is in the perfect position for an idyllic stay in Positano. 

Each room is individual and is beautifully furnished and decorated with classic Vietri hand-painted floor tiles, paintings, and marble-finished bathrooms.  All rooms have Sky television with over 250 music, sports, children’s programs, news and movie channels, a telephone, a safe box, and air conditioning.

Their rooms start around $600 per night during high season.  Although $600 per night isn’t exactly a super budget price, their prime location and decor compared to other luxury hotels makes Hotel Buca di Baco a great value for your stay in Positano.

Hotel Buca di Baco has 46 rooms and the selection includes:

  • Comfort room: without sea view
  • Comfort room: with sea view
  • Classic: balcony with partial sea-view
  • Classic room: balcony & sea view
  • Superior room small terrace & sea view
  • Premium: with two sea-view balconies
  • Executive room large terrace & sea-view
  • De Luxe room large terrace & sea-view

If you really want to splurge go for their executive rooms which boast extra large balconies with the most iconic view of Positano!  This is one of the more reasonably priced hotels in Positano and it books up quite quickly, especially the higher-end rooms.  

Because of its popularity Hotel Buca di Baco has a strict cancellation policy.  There is NO free cancellation.  Definitely double-check the cancellation before booking.

Hotel Bougainville – CHECK PRICES

Hotel Bougainville has an excellent location and is super budget-friendly.  This quaint little boutique hotel has rooms filled with the bright colors typical of the Amalfi Coast, and are stylishly simple. Many of the rooms lead out to their own private balcony offering stunning views without the hefty price tag.

All Bougainville hotel rooms are equipped with individually adjustable air conditioning and heating, mini bar, direct dial phone, free WiFi, wardrobe with safe, television with satellite connected to the major national and international television channels. Bathrooms are provided with shower, hairdryer and a courtesy line.

Their rooms start at around $500 per night during the high season and they do offer free cancellation.  

Villa Maria Antonietta – CHECK PRICES

If you are truly on a budget Villa Maria Antonietta is an excellent choice!  Starting at around $300 per night during high season in Positano, this hotel is perfectly situated for a day of exploring around Positano.

This little hotel is family-run and only has 6 rooms!  The furnishings here are modest and while you will have a view, it won’t be the best view.  But for this price and location, literally step outside in the morning and you’ll have the same view as some of the more expensive luxury hotels in the area.  

Villa Maria Antonietta is situated in a prime location, on the right of Positano, you really can’t ask for a better spot on a budget.

How to Book the Best Possible Room on  a Budget in Positano

The absolute best way to book a great room at a great price in Positano is to book early and carefully read the cancellation policies of each hotel or travel site. 

If you book your hotel rooms over 6 months in advance, you may not have booked a flight yet.  The best way to ensure you get a great room is to book several hotel rooms for all the dates you are interested in with hotels that have FREE CANCELATION. 

This is probably the best strategy to getting a deal on a your stay in Positano.   

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