What are the best things to do and see in Positano Italy?

best things to do in positano italy

Most travelers only visit Positano for a day trip, we stayed in Positano for a full 4 days and still didn’t get a chance to do everything!  

There are plenty of activities and sites in Positano between fun drinks at Franco’s Bar and all the beach clubs.

Here are our list of the best things to do and see in Positano:

  • Day Tour of the Amalfi Coast
  • Spend a day at a Beach Club
  • Visit the Instagram Viral Bridge Beach
  • Visit Ravello
  • Have a Day at Fornillo Beach
  • Experience Aperitivo
  • Shop for Ceramics
  • Enjoy Sunrise
  • Get Custom Sandals Made
  • Shop for Linen
  • Party at Music on the Rocks


Best Things to do in Positano:  Amalfi Coast Day Tour 

You cannot leave Positano without doing an Almafi coast day tour!  There are several ways to do an Amalfi Coast Day tour from Positano either by land or by sea!

positano boat tour

The most popular is definitely by boat, you definitely get a different perspective on all the Amalfi coast towns from the sea!  If you are on a budget here’s a boat tour for around $100 that’s highly rated, HERE.

If you can afford the splurge opt for a private boat tour.  Sunset tours are also a great option!

Amalfi Coast Boat Tours:

positano boat trip

Our boat tour included swimming in a cave, jumping off cliffs, and swimming in a secluded beach!  There was prosecco and snacks onboard.  We stopped at the city of Amalfi and had a delicious pasta lunch at a beachside restaurant.  

positano boat tour

Our tour ended up being us and another couple so it was perfect!  We stopped and took tons of pictures. It was almost like having a private tour!  That was pure luck though, because the booking company puts you on a boat based on the number of people.

Another fun option of touring the Amalfi coast from Positano is by guided scooter!  If you are scared to drive a scooter around the Amalfi coast this is a great option.  And believe me, the roads going up and down the coast is scary!

Positano Scooter Tours:

Amalfi Coast Tour by Car:

Another great option to tour the Amalfi coast from Positano is doing a vintage car tour!  Drive from Positano to Amalfi in a vintage car.

Vintage Car Tour:

Enjoy “once in a lifetime” photo tour onboard the iconic vintage Red Fiat 500 car from 1972!

Discover the most breathtaking views and unique road of Amalfi Coast! You stop along the way and you will see the most stunning views of Amalfi Coast and take wonderful photos.

You’ll drive through “Route 163 – Amalfi Coast Road” and and stop in iconic spots in Positano, Praiano, Fiordo di Furore and Amalfi to take beautiful photos.

The tour includes 1 hour to wander around Amalfi.

Best Things to do in Positano Italy:  Go to a Beach Club

One of the best things to do in Positano is to go to a beach club!  Spiaggia Grande is the main beach in Positano. 

positano spiaggia grande

There are several beach clubs in Positano including:

  • L’Incanto (Spiaggia Grande)
  • La Scogliera  (Spiaggia Grande)
  • Arienzo Beach Club
  • Pupetto Beach Club (Fornillo Spiaggia)
  • Da Ferdinando (Fornillo Spiaggia)

The beach club in Positano you have seen in all the Instagram photos is L’Incanto Beach Club. 

L’Incanto Beach Club is the main beach club in Positano and it’s the one we went to.  This beach club is pretty popular and can book up quickly.

We reserved ahead of time and paid 70 Euro for 2 chairs and one umbrella.  You can book on their website here.

La Scogliera is right next to L’Incanto and has stunning rock cliffs with sunchairs.  Reservations are rather steep in price for this stunning beach club starting at over at over 200 Euro, you can book chairs here.

positano beach

Arienzo Beach Club is the one that pops up if you search “Beach Club in Positano” on Google.  This one is just a little boat ride from Positano.  Don’t worry they pick you up on the boat!  It’s also a bit pricy starting at 350 Euro, but it includes food!  

Pupetto Beach Club and Ferdinando Beach Club are on Fornillo Beach, which is right next door to the Big Beach in Positano (Spiaggia Grande).  You can walk there from Positano.  You can usually get a chair here if you come during high season early in the day without a reservation since Fornillo is not quite as popular as Spiaggia Grande.

Visit Fiordo di Furore

Fiordo di Furore is the Instagram Viral bridge with a beach! 

free beach positano italy

This is one of the few beaches that are not managed in the area and is about a 30 minute bus ride from Positano. 

There is a guy here you can rent umbrellas, chairs, and get drinks and food from.  The water at Fiordo di Furore is super chilly in the morning though.

best thngs to do in positano

We took the bus here in the morning and there were already a few people here in the morning when we arrived.  But it really got busy around noon!

The umbrella and chair rental was about 20 Euro.  This is definitely one of the best things to do in Positano!

Visit Ravello

Ravello is another Amalfi Coast town that’s a must-see!  If you have the time I would stay a night in Ravello.


To get to Ravello from Positano you can take a bus or a ferry to Amalfi.  From Amalfi, you can either take a bus, taxi or hike up to Ravello.  At the time we went though they had stopped all buses from Amalfi to Ravello because of a huge bus accident that summer. 

You can also take a tour if you don’t want the hassle of the logistics:  CHECK PRICE.  

We decided to take a taxi which cost 70 Euro ONE WAY.  Fortunately, other travelers wanted to go to Ravello as well, so we ended up doing a shared taxi and it was 15 Euro per person.  On the way back from Ravello though we ended up having to get our own taxi and that was 70 Euro!


Besides the logistical nightmare we encountered, Ravello is absolutely magical.  We visited the main square and had a pastry and coffee for breakfast while enjoying the breeze and quiet. 

There are two main attractions in Ravello:

  • Villa Rufulo 
  • Villa Cimbrone 

Both villas are worth a visit and not far from each other.  Though for Villa Cimbrone, don’t google map to the wrong location!  We basically walked all the way down and a worker told us we were going the wrong way!  We had to climb all the way back the way we came!  Google map to “Villa Cimbrone” the hotel and NOT “Villa Cimbrone Garden.”

The grounds of both Villas are stunning and worth a visit!  We visited Villa Rufulo first then Villa Cimbrone.  Because we wasted so much time walking to the wrong location, by the time we got to Villa Cimbrone it was rather busy.  I would recommend visiting Villa Cimbrone first, then walking back up to Villa Rufulo, then grabbing some lunch!

We bought tickets for both Villas onsite.

Fornillo Beach

Fornillo Beach is just on the other side of Positano and you can walk there!  The beach has 2 beach clubs you can rent chairs and umbrellas from.

Generally, this side is much less crowded than Spiaggia Grande in Positano, so if you are looking for a little peace and quiet this is it!

One of the Best Things to do in Positano is to Experience Aperitivo

Aperitivo is really a way of life in Italy.  It’s kind of like happy hour in the U.S.A!  

Franco's bar

Around 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. every bar or restaurant has aperitivo where you enjoy a drink and little snacks they serve with the drink.  You can have aperitivo anywhere but the best places with a view are:

  • Il Tridente Cocktail Bar
  • Le Sirenuse Aldo’s Bar
  • Franco’s Bar
  • Restorante Bruno

Il Tridente has only 8 tables for aperitivo and requires reservations and these are super hard to get.  There are however a ton of restaurants across the street from Il Tridente that you could have a drink at with sidewalk tables!

Le Sirenuse Aldo’s Bar boasts a wonderful view and is open at 6 p.m. for aperitivo.  They are first come first serve.

Franco’s Bar is the place to go for aperitivo in Positano!  We loved having drinks and snacks here.  No reservation is required and they open at 6 p.m.  Get there early to score a good table.

Frestorante Bruno is a tiny restaurant just up the street from Franco’s Bar.  Get one of the sidewalk tables to enjoy sunset with a drink here! 

Shop for Ceramics

You cannot leave Positano without buying some of their famed ceramics.  Or at least take a picture outside of the picturesque shops (no photography allowed inside).  I bought little cups and shot glasses from the souvenir shops.

The best place to buy ceramics however is from Ceramica Asunta!  They have a few stores in Positano.  We bought a few pasta bowls and a cheese plate here and absolutely love the quality and designs.

Enjoy Sunrise

If you can, get up early for sunrise at least once.  Our hotel in Positano had a large balcony and I managed to get up early enough to enjoy sunrise right from our room.  

Also if you want amazing Instagram photos, definitely take advantage of early mornings and go out to take all your photos.  No one really gets out in Positano before 9 a.m.!

Get Custom Made Sandals in Positano

Getting custom sandals in Positano is one of the best things to do!  Rallo Antonio is the sandal shop you’ve seen all over Instagram and TikTok.  The experience is pretty easy and quick.  I picked out a sole and strap style and they made it measured to my feet.  

My sandals cost about 80 euros because I opted for a padded sole.  They start at around 70 euros for a pair.  There’s a ton of styles to choose from.

Shop for Linen Clothes and Dresses

Positano is known for its quality linen fabrics! 

We visited Luisa Positano and I ended up with a beautiful linen maxi skirt and dress, in lemon embroidery of course.  The linen here is not cheap though, the dress was around 300 Euro!  Men’s shirts start at around 70 euros.

The TikTok viral shop in Positano is CB by Kore!  You will have definitely seen this store all over TikTok for the cute cottage core prints and dresses. 

I ended up not buying anything here though because their selection was scant.  There was a dress I wanted, but when I went back on our last day the store was not open according to Google’s listed hours.  Again this store is rather pricey around 200 Euro for a dress.

Party at Music on The Rocks

If you want some vibrant nightlife in Positano hit up Music on the Rocks down by Spiaggia Grande at night.  This is the club to go to in Positano and it’s super unique since it’s inside a cave.  

We never made it this far though because we were too tired walking around all day and after dinner!

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