Finding great Christmas gifts for your husband or boyfriend is so hard!!  Besides sweaters and scarves, what else do you get for the men in your life?  Especially if your guy works in tech and is into all sorts of gadgets.

christmas gift ideas husband

Well, I asked the expert, my very own geeky husband, and what he’s been buying without my knowledge this year!

So for all the women that have a hard time shopping for your husband or boyfriend (that may or not be a geek) here’s the ultimate list of Christmas gift ideas your husband or boyfriend will love!

Ember Mug That Keeps Your Drinks Hot

We’ve all been there, your meeting runs long, and all of a sudden your coffee (or tea) is cold!  

This sleek mug that comes in white, black, and even gold will keep his drink perfectly hot for up to 1.5 hours!

To charge the mug just set it on the coaster.  This mug definitely wins all the points for functionality and design.  One of the best Christmas gift ideas for your husband or boyfriend.

Giften Market Moscow Mule Set

Does that guy in your life fancy himself a cocktail connoisseur?

giften market moscow mule

Then this gift box for making the perfect Moscow Mule is just for him.

He gets all the credit with really no work at all!  The drink mix makes 16 cocktails, and you can even order it with 2  mugs so he makes you a drink too!


Mini Smartphone Photo Printer

If your husband or boyfriend is a photography geek then this mini photo printer is the perfect gift for him!

This little photo printer connects to your iPhone or smartphone via Bluetooth and prints out little photos in a few seconds!  It’s such a fun gift for your husband if he has loads of photos on his phone.

We recently used it at our Halloween party and it was such a fun toy to have around where everyone could print their photos from the party!

The Oculus

If you want to splurge on a Christmas gift for your husband then the Oculus is it!  This VR toy is a sports car for geeky gifts.

My husband bought this for himself and a few of his friends as well.  EVERYONE that sees this thing wants to try it.

What is it?  It’s a virtual reality headset for gaming and entertainment.  Basically, it puts you in VR when you are playing the game.  No more looking at the screen, you are in the game.

But it’s not just for games.  You can do experiences too such as taking a roller coaster ride or even walking on a beach in the Maldives.  I’ve tried it and it’s pretty awesome!

The Oculus is an incredible Christmas gift idea for your husband, but you’ll probably enjoy playing with it too!

Amber Book Light

If your husband or boyfriend loves to read real books in bed, he definitely needs this portable reading light!  

It’s an amber light so it’s less tiring on the eyes and won’t bother you while you sleep.  It is rechargeable and 1 charge lasts forever!  I know this from using it myself.  My husband bought one for himself then I stole it!

Shiatsu Back Massager for His Chair

More than likely your guy sits in his chair all day either working or playing video games.

Make his chair just a bit more comfortable with this portable massager that you lay over his chair!

This thing is heated and has 4 rolling massaging nodes to target specific areas on your back.  It even has air compression

You can strap it to any chair and turn it into a massage chair.  A perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend that’s hunched over his desk all day.

Light Therapy Lamp

This Light Therapy Lamp is the newest gadget I’ve been reading about!  It mimics daylight and is supposed to boost mood and energy.  

It emits UV free light and you can adjust the brightness.  A perfect Christmas gift idea for husbands that are night owls and are not getting enough sunlight!

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