Christmas will be here before you know it so here are some great Christmas photoshoot ideas that are perfect for a Christmas family photoshoot, a couples photoshoot, or just some fun winter pictures for your Instagram!

christmas photoshoot ideas

Though I hate the cold, I love snow and all the Christmas vibes winter brings.  Thinking about cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, and fun snowball fights gives me all the Christmas feels.

So if it’s the Christmas feels you are after then all these Christmas photo ideas are sure to please!

Family Christmas Photos Idea Matching Pajamas

This photo idea is absolutely a classic one for Christmas.  Who doesn’t love matching PJs for the whole family.  

christmas photo ideas

Because your pajamas will all be Christmas-themed you really don’t need much else for this photoshoot idea.  Maybe some tinsel?

This photo would be perfect for a bedroom or a cozy living room couch, or even a nice fire place if you have it.

Traveling around wintertime?  Well bring all your matching PJs with you and take cute photos in your hotel room or Airbnb!  Bonus points if you happen to be renting a cute cabin in the woods for winter!

Christmas Photoshoot Ideas – Snow

Nothing says Christmas and winter like a beautiful snowy backdrop.  So if you are lucky enough to live somewhere that snows, definitely get outside for a snowy Christmas Photos!

winter photoshoot

If you happen to be traveling plan for a snowy destination such as Utah or Colorado so you can guarantee yourself some snow.  

winter aesthetic

In the Washington DC area, it only snows enough for pretty pictures once in a few years, so we tend to drive to the ski resorts near Washington DC for some snow!

snow photoshoot

For this Christmas Photoshoot idea either wear a gorgeous gown and look like a snow queen or wear some cute winter-inspired sweaters for a more casual vibe.

snow christmas photoshoot

Snow Activities Photoshoot idea for Christmas

There are tons of activities in the snow that would make a great photo idea for Christmas!  

ski resorts maryland

Snowboarding or skiing pictures are super classic and show your sporty side!  Not into snowsports?  

No problem snow tubing, sledding, snowmobiling, or dog sledding would make great Christmas photos too!

And even fun casual snowball fights make great photos.  If you find enough snow definitely make a cute snowman to take pictures with!

Cozy Winter Fireplace Photos

Nothing feels quite like enjoying a beautiful warm fire while relaxing in cozy PJs!  Bonus points if the whole family wears matching PJs for this fun family Christmas photo idea!

christmas photo ideas

If you don’t have a fireplace a fire pit outdoors will work too!  Definitely one of the easiest Christmas photoshoot ideas to pull off!

Christmas Lights Photo Idea

There are so many ways you can work Christmas lights into your photos! 

christmas photo ideas

Usually, there are lights festivals throughout most major cities and you can capture some beautiful photos of yourself or your family amongst the twinkling lights.

Or create something fun at home with fairy lights like these.

Christmas Decorations Photoshoot Idea

Christmas photos in Christmas decorations sound obvious, right?  Well, it’s a must-do if you are looking for ideas for your winter Instagram feed.  

christmas photoshoot ideas

You can either deck out your house, or simply visit one of the many Christmas displays around your city. 

If you happen to be near New York City during Christmas, the city has some of the most iconic displays in the United States!

lotte new york palace

Even if you don’t live near a major city, most towns will have a big Christmas tree up in a town square. 

christmas photo spots dc

Go and have your own little Christmas photoshoot with your family and friends.

Christmas Tree Farm

If you really want some cottagecore vibes in your Christmas photos, then hit up a Christmas tree farm.  

christmas tree farm maryland

We went to one a few years ago and it the perfect for photos. 

christmas tree farm washington dc

With a Christmas tree farm, you won’t have to worry about other people being in your photos because they are usually pretty big. 

christmas tree farm washington

And the rows and rows of Christmas trees are just so magical!  

Hot Chocolate Christmas Photoshoot Idea

Don’t want to go out for Christmas photos?  Can’t be bothered to decorate?  Well just make a cup of faux hot chocolate for this Christmas photoshoot idea!

christmas activites in dc

Hot chocolate has such a fun wintery vibe and makes for great photos.  Now you don’t want to make an actual hot chocolate though, that’s why I said FAUX!  

Real hot chocolate will melt all of your fun pretty toppings.

All you need is to fill a mug (that’s not clear) with some paper or other filler, then top it with giant marshmallows, mini candy canes,  and peppermints to make the cutest hot chocolate prop for your photos!

This is another super easy Christmas photoshoot idea that’s perfect for your Instagram.

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