corn maze maryland

Yes fall is in full swing now and you are wondering where can I find a good corn maze in Maryland or a good pumpkin patch in Maryland for those fall photos.

The corn maze at Gaver Farm in Maryland is part of their Fall Festival and totally amazing.  This corn maze isn’t by any means easy, we saw so many families all lost!


What You Need to Know about Gaver Farm’s Corn Maze in Maryland

  • There are 2 corn mazes, the main 7 acres one and a mini one
  • Once you enter the maze there’s a sign that gives you a URL to a map of the maze so you can figure out where you are.  Unfortunately, we didn’t use the link and got so lost.
  • If you want to bail on the corn maze early, you will see openings to get out on the side toward the farm.  These aren’t real paths but gaps in the rows of corn. 
  • There are lots of people doing the corn maze at Gaver Farm but we never felt crowded because it’s so huge!
corn maze maryland
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corn maze maryland
corn maze maryland dc

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gaver farm
gaver farm fall festival maryland

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The Animal Farm at Gaver Farm’s Fall Festival

Besides having such an awesome corn maze Gaver Farm’s fall festival includes an animal farm.  You can feed goats, chickens, and other furry creatures. My favorites are the alpacas they have here! You can buy feed when you buy your entrance ticket.

maryland fall festival

The Slides at Gaver Farm’s Fall Festival

This Maryland Fall Festival is full of slides!!  There’s so many that I’ve lost count. There’s even one that spirals down a silo.  Because of the sheer quantity of slides, there’s really not a long wait time for them.  The slides are perfect for those with toddlers because you can go down together, except for the silo one.  The silo one is not great for adults, believe me I tried going down.

Pedal Carts

There’s also a variety of pedal carts you can drive down tracks with your kids here.  We didn’t get a chance to do this but it looked like a ton of fun

Pumpkin Patch in Maryland at Gaver Farm

We mainly went to Gaver Farm’s fall festival for the corn maze, but their pumpkin patch in Maryland is perfect for picking your own pumpkin with the family.  This pumpkin patch in Maryland is free to enter and you ride a tractor to get there. The tractor is basically the “hayride.”  

You can also pick apples here too!

The pumpkins are actually already cut from the vine so you are just choosing one.  If you don’t feel like going out to the pumpkin patch, Gaver Farm’s store has a ton of different pumpkins available for purchase.  The giant pumpkins in their store were truly impressive.

If you decide to go to this pumpkin patch in Maryland or corn maze for the fall festival at Gaver Farm, definitely go early to take advantage of all the activities.  We got there early afternoon and before we knew it, the day was coming to an end. There’s plenty of concessions so you can buy food there.  

pumpkin patch in maryland near dc
pumpkin patch maryland
pumpkin patch maryland
pumpkin patch in maryland

The one thing everyone wants to eat at Gaver Farm are the apple cider donuts!  The line for the fresh donuts is super long, but the hot donuts are delicious. They also sell the donuts in the store, but I got these previously and didn’t like it at all.  I think the donuts are only good fresh and not so tasty anymore after they have cooled. The best time to buy the fresh ones without a line is to get there BEFORE the hayride comes back from the pumpkin patch.  I noticed that everyone from the hayride seems to make a beeline for the donuts right after they get off. 

  • Address:  5501 Detrick Road, Mount Airy, MD 21771
  • Their website:
  • Admission is $13.50 per person on weekends and $9 per person on weekdays. Kids under 2 are free.
  • Buy food to feed the animals when you buy entrance.
  • Open: September 6 through November 3 from 10 am – 6 pm 
  • If you want to just visit the pumpkin patch it’s free.
  • Over 50 attractions, appropriate for any age including 2 jumping pillows, Chicken Show, farm animals, mini mazes, playgrounds, duck races, ball games, photo centers

Want more fall fun?  Try apple picking in Maryland at some of the prettiest orchards or check out these spots for fall foliage in DC.

pumpkin patch dc for photos
pumpkin patch maryland
pumpkin patch maryland dc
pumpkin patch dc maryland
corn maze dc maryland

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