Cottagecore dresses really became a thing in 2021! 

house of cb dress dupe

With the popularity of Bridgerton, the NetFlix hit show, and the pandemic #cottagecore rose in popularity more than ever!

What I love about cottagecore are the dresses!  You really can’t get more feminine than a cottagecore dress.  

Puff sleeves, fitted bodices, bustier-style tops are what cottagecore fantasies are made of.

What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a lifestyle and fashion aesthetic of a simpler time. Think English countryside vibes and farmhouse aesthetics. It’s about handmade and homemade items like jams from your own tree!

Cottagecore was popularized on TikTok during the pandemic because we really had nothing to do except slow down our pace!

This aesthetic has spawned a plethora of subcategories as well such as meadowcore, fairycore, farmcore, and even princesscore.

The fashion side of it is all pretty similar though with big balloon sleeves, pretty floral prints, and fitted bodices.

There are quite a few brands out there that have made these feminine dresses super popular.  The House of CB is the most notable one, but their dresses are over $150.

I’m sure the quality is amazing and it’s worth the price, but for those of use without unlimited budgets, I’ve listed over 20 cottagecore dresses under $50 that you need for your closet.

Including a selection of cottagecore wedding dresses and black cottagecore dresses!

House of CB Tullulah Dress Dupe

Possibly the most famous cottagecore dress is the Tullulah dress by House of CB.  

house of cb dress dupe

The Tullulah dress is LITERALLY all over Pinterest and Instagram and retails for $195, but I’ve found an almost IDENTICAL dupe for $30 – GET IT HERE.

The fabric on this dress feels like a cotton mix and is pretty stiff so it flares out nicely as the original.  

Also, the bustier cups on this House of CB Tullulah dress dupe are tiny, perfect for smaller busted ladies.  

I love how the chest part is elastic put the sleeves are separate elastic, so it’s not one lone line.

I’ve seen cheaper dupes that don’t have this separation and they look terrible!

Another great dupe of the House of CB Tullulah dress is this one for only $24.  The fabric on this one is 100% polyester and it’s flowy. GET IT HERE.

house of cb dupe

The Cottagecore Dresses from Amazon

Amazon has come a long way in terms of fashion and they have some really nice cottagecore dresses under $35!

This cottagecore dress from Amazon comes in a ton of colors and looks absolutely amazing on you – GET IT HERE.  The material is cotton with a linen feel.  

The smocked bodice is super forgiving and comfortable too.

I also love the midi length.

Short Cottagecore Dresses

Not all cottagecore dresses have to be full or midi length!  I’m absolutely loving shorter versions that are easy to walk in!

amazon cottagecore dresses

This short cottage core dress from Amazon is perfect for running around in a prairie – GET IT HERE.

And this one has the cutest puff sleeves with a ruched bodice at only $23, and comes in 17 colors!

white cottagecore dress
shein cottagecore dress

Gingham Cottagecore Dress

I absolutely love gingham dresses!  

gingham cottagecore dresses

This one with huge puff sleeves screams countryside farmhouse vibes!  It comes in a ton of colors too!

sleeper atlanta dress dupe

Bishop Sleeve Dress

You know how much I love puff sleeves, the bigger the better!

sleeper atlanta dress

This dress has such incredible sleeves, the prettiest flower print, and is a great midi length.

cottagecore dress

These bishop sleeves definitely remind me of the Sleeper Atlanta that goes for $320 – GET IT HERE.  

Cottagecore Wedding Dresses

Cottagecore is more than just an everyday aesthetic, this style of puff sleeve and off shoulder has trickled over to wedding dresses as well.

I’m absolutely loving these whimsical and romantic cottagecore style wedding dresses! Because these are gowns you could even say they are princesscore!

Black Cottagecore Dresses

With fall and winter coming up dark and black cottagecore dresses are going to be a huge hit! Layer a chunky sweater over them for warmth and you have the perfect autumn outfit.

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