Cult Gaia has gone totally viral for their Serita Knit Dress, but this dress retails for over $400!  I found the best Cult Gaia dress dupe that’s only $11.

cult gaia dress dupe

The original Cult Gaia dress here, get the inspired dress here.

Cult Gaia Serita Dress

The original Cult Gaia Serita dress went viral in 2021, and it continues to be a hot item for 2022.  The dress has pretty cut-out details with a halter neckline that’s reminiscent of the 90s (hello Pretty Woman).

What’s special about the Cult Gaia dress is the fabric.  While it’s just a cotton-poly blend, the knit itself is quite different from your average knit.  It has a nice texture to it that looks almost like crochet and sweater knit combined.  

Unfortunately, this dress is not the most affordable at over $400.

The Best Cult Gaia Dress Dupe

There are many Cult Gaia dress dupes out there!  Everyone seems to have made one, but most of them can’t seem to quite capture the texture of the material.

Most retailers have the shape correct, that’s the easy part but they use just a normal cotton jersey knit that’s a little too thin for this dress.

Amazon dupes of the Cult Gaia dress are plentiful and start at around only $15, but mostly the fabric is not right.  

Amazon versions of the dress that have good reviews here and here.

The best Cult Gaia dress dupe I have found is from Shein –  Get it here.

Though the fabric of the Shein Cult Gaia dupe is not an exact match it is thicker and has a texture that the other Cult Gaia-inspired dresses lack.  

The Shein dress looks almost like a macrame from a distance!  This dress runs a bit long, and the slit is not quite high enough if you are short.  I ended up just ripping out part of the seam on the slit and making it a dramatic high-cut slit!  I wore it on our trip to Holbox and it was perfect!

I ordered this dress in both a small and extra small, they both fit the same!  If you are between sizes I would probably order up though.  

There are also several short versions of this dress that are equally cute –  GET IT HERE.

Shein even has a dupe of the Cult Gaia Cameron dress.

The inspired version is here.

Lulus Cult Gaia Dress Dupe

Lulus is an online fashion retailer for women’s fashions.  They have lots of pretty dresses that are of great quality!  I own a few of their maxi dresses!  They’ve recently come out with a Cult Gaia dress dupe that’s super spot on!  The fabric looks just like the knit material of the real thing!  Get it HERE.

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