I became obsessed with coffee filter flowers for my own wedding.  I made a ton of them for centerpieces!

In this coffee filter flower tutorial I’m going to show you how to make them for your wedding centerpieces or even as a gift in form of a rose box arrangement! 

box rose arrangement

This DIY rose box arrangement would make a great Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gift and they’ll get to keep the arrangement forever!  You can even add some essential oil to the center of these roses for a fragrance.

rose box arrangement diy

I made the flowers for this box arrangement out of coffee filters!  These are the easiest DIY coffee filter roses EVER and they look great in a box!  No expensive crepe paper, you can make these with those regular round coffee filters!  Coffee filter paper is perfect for these delicate paper roses!

dyed coffee filter paper

You can also basically dye coffee filters any color you want with Rit Dye, Cool Aid, food coloring, and more (comment if you want a tutorial on how I dye coffee filters).

They are also the perfect flowers for a DIY wedding!  I had quite a few of these at our wedding!!

They are just so versatile!

How to Make a Box Rose Arrangement with Paper Roses

  1. Make enough coffee filter roll roses to fill your box.
  2. Fill your box with stuffing and top with a cardboard panel the same size as the box.
  3. Arrange roses in the box as desired and glue down if needed.

coffee filter roses



Coffee Filters

For coffee filters, I prefer bigger coffee filters that are 9.75 inches in diameter – CHECK PRICES.  The larger diameter makes for a fuller rose.  You can use smaller coffee filters, like the ones you get at the grocery stores, but it will result in a smaller coffee filter flower.  Do not use the cone filters, those won’t work.

Wire Stems – Check Prices

You can add stems to these coffee filter flowers, but it’s optional.  When I made these for my wedding I just put them on the table with no stems.  And for the box flower arrangement, you do not need the wire stems.


You can use regular Elmer’s glue for these flowers, but if you want to attach a stem I’d recommend a hot glue gun.

How to Make the Coffee Filter Flowers

So these pretty coffee filter swirl roses weren’t very full when I first made them, but there’s a trick to making them perfectly full and lush!  Use more than one coffee filter.  Yes, stack 3 coffee filters, and this flower will be the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen.

Cut into the circle in a swirl at about a ½ inch width at the beginning, then gradually increasing the width as you go to about 1 inch.

coffee filter roses

Take the end of your swirl cut and begin rolling it until you reach the end. 

roll coffee filter roses

coffee filter rose tutorial

box rose flower arrangement diy

Adjust the flower for fullness by grabbing some of the center swirl and twisting it in the opposite direction of the swirl.

coffee filter roses

Glue the bottom of your coffee filter flower at the bottom to the circle that should be at the end.

Optional:  Add a Stem

To add a stem make a swirl with your floral wire and then hot glue it to the bottom of your coffee filter flower once it’s dry.

Make enough of these roses to fill the box of your choosing.  Add some filler to the box so about 1/2 of the coffee filter rose peeks out of the box.  Then simply place them in the box in rows for the arrangement and done!  You can also glue them down if you like.

how to make box rose arrangement

Want another fun DIY?  Check out this super easy pastel tie-dye tutorial.

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