I tried Emi Wong’s Collarbone workout for a week!  See my results with before and after pictures from the Emi Wong Collarbone workout routine!  Collarbones are all the rage thanks to K-Pop right now.

emi wong collarbone workout

I definitely went down a rabbit hole when I found Hong Kong Youtube Star’s Emi Wong’s Collarbone Workout!  

If you didn’t know, prominent collarbones are all the rage right now in Korea, thanks to the global phenomenon known as BlackPink.  Each member of BlackPink has collar bones you can drink soup out of and shoulders that’ll cut you like a knife (90-degree shoulders).

I started my journey to collarbone perfection because of a video on TikTok talking about 90-degree shoulders.  Well, once I started researching that, Emi Wong’s Collarbone video on Youtube popped up as a related video.

So, of course, I had to try it!!

What is Emi Wong’s Collar Bone Workout

Emi Wong’s Collar bone workout is a 10-minute video on Youtube highly requested by her fans that’s supposed to produce a pronounced collarbone.

I actually scrolled through some of the comments to see what people were saying.  Apparently, lots of college and high school students are doing this video in between class breaks in hopes of getting that sculpted collar bone.

Many of the comments say they saw results in as little as 3 days!

Does The Collarbone Workout Work?

This is of course the biggest question, will you get those sharp collar bones from this workout by Emi Wong?

The short answer is it depends.  I know that’s not what you want to hear, you want a yes or no.

After reading all the comments of people that saw results in 3 days, they also followed up saying they were sore from doing this.

This leads me to believe none of these people actually work out regularly!  So yes they saw results because they had no muscle tone, to begin with.

BUT if you actually do workout and are pretty fit, you will probably see no difference.  You may even think this video is a joke.  No offense to Emi!  I actually really like her, she’s super adorable and I can see why people love her!.

Seriously though, her video covers basically the 5 minutes warm-up Tony Horton does at the beginning of his upper body workouts!

Her title does give it away, she aptly titles her video “10 MIN EXERCISE & STRETCH FOR SHOULDERS, NECK & THE COLLARBONE AREA.”  It really is more of a stretch than anything else.

My Results from the Emi Wong Collar Bone Workout

I did end up trying Emi Wong’s collar bone workout for a week just to see what the results would be.

I preface this to say that I do workout regularly with Tony Horton’s P90x3 series, so I basically saw no difference after doing this for 7 days once a day.

My collarbone BEFORE the Emi Wong Collarbone Video:

emi wong collarbone workout

emi wong youtube collarbone workout

My collarbone AFTER doing the Emi Wong Collarbone Workout on Youtube:

emi wong collarbone workout

emi wong's collarbone workout

It does give you a nice stretch though like I said it’s like a pre-workout warm-up!  

Short of losing like 20 lbs I doubt any of the collarbone exercises will give you results.  Genetics also plays a big role in what your collarbones look like!  

So for some people (like myself), it’s just not in their genes.  

You might also wonder then how each member of BlackPink has super sculpted collar bones?  

First, they are all super skinny!  Didn’t I say weight plays a big role?  

Second, their management selected each member and put them together.  Considering that the whole collarbone thing is a Korean phenomenon, I’m sure the management team considered how they looked physically!  So it’s not a coincidence they share similar physical features.

In conclusion, try Emi’s workout if you want, but you are unlikely to see any difference.  Click here for the Emi Wong Collarbone video I did.

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