Fall is just around the corner everyone!!  And it’s time to get the perfect fall photos.

I love fall, it’s probably one of my favorites in Washington DC.  The weather is perfect with just a nice sweater and everything is so colorful!

fall photo

Which means it’s the best time for PHOTOS!

Fiery orange and bright yellow leaves make the BEST Instagram photo backdrops!

Not to mention all the pumpkin patches and corn mazes at the many fall festivals all around the country.

Keep reading for all my fall photography tips and ideas on how to fill your Instagram feed with all the fall feels!  

Plus here’s a guide on all my photography gear.


Fall Photo Ideas for Your Instagram

Apple Picking Photo Shoot for Fall

Apple orchards are a great spot for fall family photos!  We go apple picking in Maryland every year and always get great family photos.  

apple orchard photo shoot

And don’t forget to snap a picture of yourself with those apple cider donuts and hot cider. 

apple orcharh photo shoot dc

Sit On Leaves Fall Photo

This is a classic fall photo idea and perfect toward the end of fall!

fall instagram photos

All the pretty leaves have fallen to the ground making a pretty carpet of color for you to sit on!  

photo poses

You’ll want to get this shot just as the leaves have fallen before they turn brown.

Twirl in a Colorful Skirt Fall Photos

There’s nothing like matching fall leaves for your fall photos!  

fall photos

I love a good twirl in a bright yellow or red maxi skirt to really add some colorful punch to my fall photoshoots.  Get my maxi skirt here.

photo poses

Cover Your Face with a Leaf for Your Fall Photos

fall photo shoot

I love how you look but covering your face with a leaf adds such mystery to the photo and really emphasizes the fall feels!   You can cover your whole face or just part of it, like just your mouth.

fall photo ideas

Or just one eye.

fall photo idea

This is a great photo idea for the beginning of fall when only a few of the leaves have turned gold or red and you really want that autumn punch in your photo.

Pumpkin Patch Fall Photo

What says fall more than a pumpkin patch?

fall pumpkin photoshoot

Not much right?

Get to your closest pumpkin patch, pick one up and snap away!  

The more pumpkins the better.  If you happen to live in Washington DC check out my list of pumpkin patches in Maryland that are nearby.

Corn Maze Photoshoot

Corn mazes are a great spot for fall photoshoots!  

fall corn maze

So go get lost in one and snap some amazing Instagram photos for fall.  If you are in DC check out my favorite corn maze in Maryland.

Autumn Lake Vista Fall Photos

fall photo session washington dc-2

lake surrounded by autumn leaves is such a classic shot, so get yourself to the nearest body of water and snap away.  

fall photo session washington dc

Here are some of my fave spots for fall foliage in Washington DC with lake views.

Go Hiking for Perfect Fall Photos

fall instagram photos fall hike

Seeing all the colorful leaves from above is a fall photo must!  

fall instagram photos fall hike

Find your nearest mountain and create breathtaking vistas of color.  I took the shots above at my favorite fall hike in Maryland.

Toss Leaves for Your Fall Photos

instagram photo ideas

If you are late to the fall game, and all the leaves have fallen then just toss them back up!  

fall instagram photos

The movement in this makes for a great fall photo!  

Laying in a Pile of Leaves Fall Photo

photo poses

Again if you’ve waited too long and all the leaves are on the ground it’s a great time to take a photo from above laying on the ground.  

photo poses

 Surround yourself in color for this Instagram shot.

Back to Camera Fall Photo

fall picnic photo shoot

One of my favorite fall photo poses is turning my back to the camera!  

fall photo poses


Wearing a Wide Brim Hat for Fall Photos

fall instagram photos

Looking for the perfect fall photoshoot outfit?  Add a wide-brimmed hat!

fall instagram photos

Wide-brimmed hats are all the rage and it’s perfectly mixed with the back to camera pose.  Get the cutest hat here.

Beanie and Leaves

As we get deeper into fall, the weather gets colder!  

photo poses

One of my favorite photo tips is to wear a cute beanie with a giant pom pom for all the cozy vibes.  The perfect fall photoshoot outfit! 

Put Together a Picnic for Your Fall Photo

fall picnic photo shoot

Fall is actually the perfect time for a picnic!  

fall picnic photo shoot

Putting together a picnic is a great idea for a fall family photo shoot.  

Put on a Chunky Cardigan for Fall Photos

fall picnic photo shoot

As for fall outfits adding a chunky cardigan gives off all the fall feels and adds that cozy vibe to any Instagram photo!   

fall chunky cardigan

Get this one with bubble sleeves here.

Wearing an Oversized Scarf 

fall photo shoot for instagram

So a few years ago Zara made oversized scarf super popular! 

fall photo ideas

The plaid print is great to photograph and just screams fall.  Get it here for just $11!  

Fall Photo on the Street

I’ve always loved the look of neat rows of fall trees lining a street! 

fall photo shoot ideas for instagram

This fall photo idea makes a great Instagram shot with almost a tunnel-like effect.

Fall Photo Shoot on a Road

fall photos

I love taking fall photos in the middle of the road surrounded by trees!  

Use a Leaf as Your Prop for Fall Photos

fall photo shoot ideas

You used a leaf in front of your face already now use it as a photo prop by holding it over your head or twirling around with it!

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