If there’s one thing I love its gorgeous flowers and a surprising amount of flower fields exist in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia!

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One of the most prevalent questions people on Instagram ask me is where is this flower field???  And so I decided to put together this guide to every flower field in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area that I’ve found and love!

A surprising amount of beautiful flowers bloom here.

We have cherry blossoms, tulips, magnolias, and wisteria in the spring and beautiful lavender, crepe myrtle, sunflowers, roses, peonies, and black eyed susans in the summer. 

So here’s to a floral affair in DC, celebrating all the lovely blooms.

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Magnolias in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia

I absolutely love magnolias and the prettiest ones in my opinion are the saucer magnolias that bloom in the DC area

They are such a pretty pink color.  In Maryland, the magnolias bloom slightly later.

saucer magnolias washington dc

Magnolias basically kick off spring in the Washington DC area since they bloom just before the cherry blossoms, around mid to late March. 

I’ve included my favorite spots to see saucer magnolias around DC in my Washington DC Cherry Blossom Guide.

flower fields washington dc
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magnolias dc

Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC typically bloom around the end of March to mid-April.  The most popular place to see cherry blossoms in DC is around the Tidal Basin, but it gets super crowded.

cherry blossoms dc update 2021

Cherry Blossoms in Maryland however, bloom slightly later and are very pretty as well.

frederick maryland cherry blossoms

There’s also more than one variety of cherry blossoms in the DC area and my favorite type is actually the kwanzan cherry blossoms in DC which bloom about two weeks after the Tidal Basin cherry blossoms.

For more information on cherry blossoms in DC and Maryland check out these guides: Cherry Blossom Festival in DC, Cherry Blossom in Maryland, and 5 Places to Experience Cherry Blossoms in DC without the Crowds.

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Tulip Flower Fields in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia

The hunt for tulips in the DC area comes right after the cherry blossoms are done. 

brookside gardens tulips

Right around mid-April the tulips start blooming in Washington DC and Maryland. 

Want to find the best places to see tulip flower fields in Washington DC?  Here are 5 places to see Tulips in DC.

tulips dc
flower field dc
where to see tulips dc

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The Prettiest Wisteria around DC

Wisteria in Washington DC blooms around mid/late April through early May.  Different vines of wisteria will bloom at different times.

brookside gardens wisteria

The best places to see wisteria in Washington DC are Georgetown, the National Museum of American History, Dumbarton Oaks, and Brookside Gardens.

The wisteria in Georgetown and the National Museum of American History tends to start blooming around mid-April. 

At Brookside the wisteria will start blooming the last week of April through the first or second week of May.

Dumbarton Oak’s wisteria also blooms around the last week of April through the first week of May.

where to find wisteria dc
flower fields dc

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wisteria dc

Georgetown in Washington DC has quite a few places that bloom with beautiful wisterial!

For a map subscribe below.

wisteria georgetown dc


wisteria dc
washington dc wisteria
wisteria georgetown washington dc

Gorgeous Peony Flower Field in Maryland

Very few people know that Maryland is home to a picture-perfect field of wild peonies!  Peonies in Maryland bloom around mid to late May.  This is probably one of my favorite flower fields in the Washington DC area!

flower field dc

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field of flowers dc
field of flowers dc

Stunning Fields of Roses near Washington DC

There’s nothing quite like the scent of roses in the air!  Roses start blooming around late May and hit peak around early June, the roses in DC and Maryland are simply stunning

rose garden dc

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Lavender Flower Fields in DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Ever dream of wandering in fields of lavender flowers in France?  Well, we have lavender farms near Washington DC too! 

flower fields near dc for photography

These are the prettiest flower fields near DC and my fave location for flower field pictures around DC!  Lavender blooms from mid-June to around early July.  My favorite lavender farm in Maryland is Springfield Manor, another lavender farm in Maryland is Purple Rain.  There’s also Seven Oaks Lavender Farm in Virginia.

Field of Black-Eyed Susans in Maryland

Did you know that the Maryland State flower is the Black-Eyed Susan?

black eyed susan field maryland

I still remember years ago when I was in college seeing fields of yellow dotted with black while driving back from Ocean City!  It really was quite a sight to behold!

field of black eyed susans maryland

Black-eyed Susans bloom pretty much everywhere in DC, Maryland, and Virginia from late mid to late June.   

I found this lovely patch in College Park, MD.  Its part of the town of University Park’s meadow restoration project to provide food and shelter for local wildlife and flowers for bees. 

field of black eyed susans maryland

Working with the University of Maryland the town of University Park wanted to restore natural grasslands and help bring back native bees in the area. 

Additionally, the meadow helps reduce pollution and flooding.  There’s a sign that identifies the wild plants here!  Location:   Across Adelphi Road from the new Hyattsville library, behind the bus stop. 

Sunflower Fields Near Washington DC in Maryland

In July you can expect the first of many sunflower fields in Maryland to bloom.  McKee Beshers sunflower field blooms in July which is also one of the hottest and wettest months in Maryland.  Because it’s so hot and wet in July the sunflowers don’t last very long, but not to worry Maryland has a ton of sunflower fields for you to enjoy all the way into September.

sunflower fields dc
maryland sunflower field
mckee besher sunflowers
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sunflower field near dc
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Blooming Crepe Myrtle in the Middle of Summer

I often see beautiful pictures of bougainvillea in Greece, California, and Europe in general.  Well in the DC and Maryland area we have and abundance of crepe myrtle trees that bloom in August. 

These beauties bloom literally everywhere and are quite sturdy.   

flowers dc

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flowers dc crepe myrtle
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Flower Fields You Can Pick Near DC in Maryland

Now that you’ve seen all these flower fields in Washington DC, I’m sure you want to pick some beautiful flowers to pick!  There are flower farms in Maryland near DC where you can pick your own flowers!

Rocky Hill Orchard Flower and Peach Picking

We’ve been to Rocky Hill Orchard for flower and peach picking.  There’s plenty of juicy peaches to pick at Rocky Hill, usually starting sometime in August.  Rocky Hill also has a beautiful field of flowers to pick as well.  This flower field near DC makes a great photo spot as well!  The best part?  It’s never crowded and so many butterflies.  Once peach picking ends, Rocky Hill opens up their apple orchards for apple picking!

  • Rocky Hill Orchard Hours:
where to pick flowers maryland
flower farm dc maryland
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peach picking maryland
flower field maryland

Butler’s Orchard Pick Your Own

Butler’s Orchard is a summer favorite with our family.  They have a little animal farm, giant slides, and so much fruit to pick in addition to flowers.  We’ve picked strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and sunflowers here all summer long!

Their flower picking opens in July and though it’s small, you can get some gorgeous flowers here!  And did I mention there are tons of butterflies here as well.  

butlers pick your own flowers
flower picking dc
where to pick your own flowers dc

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