I’m going to admit I never watched the original Gossip Girl, but I binged the Gossip Girl reboot on HBO and I am LOVING the outfits!

gossip girl outfits

Julien and Zoya, the two main characters definitely steal the show with their effortless school girl style.  Sure the high fashion scenes are great, but I’m loving all the staple pieces they wore for fall.

The show has definitely set the trend for fall fashion this year, I see baseball jackets, plaid, and pleated skirts EVERYWHERE!

Granted these items were all very hot last year as well, but I think Gossip Girl has upped the ante on how to wear them.

How to Dress Like a Gossip Girl

I’ve noticed a formula in how to dress like a Gossip Girl in the reboot version.  For Julien and Zoya’s everyday looks it’s always oversized on top and teeny tiny on the bottom with dad sneakers or boots.

Think oversized baseball jacket paired with teeny tiny biker shorts and sneakers a la Julien.  For Zoya it’s oversized plaid shirt jackets or cardigans with little pleated mini skirts and Doc Martens.

And let’s not forget little balloon dresses with oversized cardigans as seen on Audrey, one of my favorite looks!

The best part recreating these Gossip Girl outfits is you really only need to purchase a few statement pieces and the rest are basics you probably already have in your closet.

So here are 5 items to add to your closet this fall to recreate your Gossip Girl outfit!

Baseball or Varsity Letterman Jacket

Baseball, Varsity, and Letterman Jacket are going to be HUGE this fall thanks to Julien from Gossip Girl!

She wore 2 versions on the show, a maroon wool baseball jacket and a satin bomber style varsity jacket.  You could say she was actually channeling Princess Diana who wore an almost identical outfit back in the 90s!

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Julien paired her maroon varsity jacket with biker shorts, white Nike sneakers, a white button-down, and a neck scarf.  

You probably already own a pair of biker shorts, button-down, and white sneakers, these are all pretty basic!  What you need is a baseball jacket!

This one from H&M is the perfect maroon color and looks almost identical to the one she’s wearing.  I’m loving the heavy feel, which will be very warm for fall.

For Julien’s second look she’s sporting a satiny bomber jacket, oversized sweatshirt, and again biker shorts.

This Men’s bomber is perfect for Julien’s sporty outfit.

Plaid Shacket Gossip Girl Outfit

Zoya’s character is slightly younger in Gossip Girl so her look is also a bit younger as well.  But she follows the same formula of oversized on top and tiny on the bottom.

Zoya often sports a plaid shirt jacket, also known as a shacket in the show.  Shackets were super popular last year and it looks like they will be trending this year as well thanks to Gossip Girl!

To get Zoya’s look though buy your Shacket a few sizes larger, or even a larger plaid shirt will do!

Here’s the perfect plaid shirt jacket for just $31!  I have it in a small which is only slightly oversized on me.  I would go up to a large to copy Zoya’s look!

She often pairs her shacket with a plaid pleated skirt, oversized sweatshirt, and boots or sneakers!  Or her favorite pair of red Doc Martens.  Here are some dupes for just $20!

Knee Boots and Biker Shorts

Julien rocked knee boots and biker shorts quite often on the Gossip Girl reboot!

She specifically wore some pointy cowboy-inspired white boots that are going to be so hot for fall!

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The best part about these boots is they are so versatile and will become a wardrobe staple that you can mix with any of your existing items.  

Oversized Cardigan

Continuing the oversized trend both Zoya and Audrey loved oversized cardigans on the show.  

Zoya rocked a fair-isle cardigan throughout the show over her school uniform of plaid skirt overalls 

 And Audrey’s cream balloon-sleeved cardigan really stood out! She paired it with a simple white dress, black boots and black stockings!

Glam Gossip Girl Outfits

If there was one trend in their more glam outfits it would be GLITTER AND SILK!  Julien and Zoya both wore silky slip dresses and glittery gowns!

Silk slip dresses have been huge in the past few years so if you don’t already own one, it’s time to get one!  They are available at all price points but my favorite is made of real silk cut on the bias here.

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