If you are on TikTok chances are you’ve seen the viral Halara leggings everybody is wearing on their hot girl walks!  You’ve come to the right place if you want to dive into a review of Halara Leggings!

halara leggings review

What is Halara

Halara is an athleisure brand that’s super popular on social media.  They make items similar in style to Lululemon at half the price.  Over the years Halara has evolved into a lifestyle clothing brand as well as offering breathable and comfortable casual clothes that you can wear to work and play, like the TikTok Viral Halar Pants!

This brand listens to consumer feedback on their products, coming out with activewear dresses that have a back panel to allow easy and off for using the bathroom!

Halara Leggings Review

Halara has a TON of leggings on their website, some even look like real pants!!  Their most popular leggings however are the Softlyzero™ Crossover Leggings – CHECK PRICES.  These are the leggings you see all over TikTok that everyone is wearing and these are the Halara leggings we are reviewing!

The Fabric

Halara crossover leggings are made of 85% nylon and 15% elastane, which is a similar fabric content to Lululemon Align leggings which are 81% Nylon, 19% Lycra® elastane.

halara cross over leggings review

The fabric of the Halara leggings is super soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking.  As a runner, I’ve always hated wearing long leggings while running because it always made me extra hot!  But I loved the full leggings look!

The Halara leggings definitely feel like second skin, it feels like you are wearing nothing at all but they are not see-through.  If there’s a breeze out you can feel it through the leggings.

They also come in so many colors including many muted colors for that expensive look.  Or if you’r like me and want super bright colors to stand out in your Instagram photos, they have those too!


I can see why everyone loves these Halara leggings, they are SUPER STRETCHY!!  But they hold their shape really well.  


The Halara Crossover Leggings are NOT compressive, if that’s what you need you may want to look at other brands.  The leggings are meant for yoga and pilates workouts and casual wear.

Personally, I’ve never needed compressions when I run, that’s proven because I normally wear shorts!!  I’m not really sure any average person really needs compression, but that’s just  my opinion!

Halara Leggings Sizing & Fit Review

Halara leggings run true to size!  I’ve ordered all of mine in my usual extra small and they fit perfectly!

The sizes run from XS to XL and plus sizes as well.  They also offer 3 lengths ⅞, full length, and capri.  Being 5’ 4” I find the ⅞ length the perfect length for me.  I’ve had trouble in the past with brands like Target and Old Navy making their leggings too long for my height.

In terms of fit, the Halara leggings fit amazingly.  For one, they do not give you the dreaded camel toe!! It’s because these leggings don’t have a seam down the middle front.  They also don’t slide down, which is a problem I’ve had with Shein leggings.  

These leggings are high-waisted with a cross-over waist that is so flattering.  It snatches in your waist!  They also have pockets which is great when you are running outside!

Halara Leggings Quality

Halara leggings are in the same quality category as some of the nicer athleisure brands I’ve tried such as Aerie.  The fit and fabric are a step above the Target and Old Navy leggings I own.  I’ve had mine for over 6 months now and wear them regularly when I run and they are in great condition.

I’ve recently seen a slew of “deinfluencing” TikTok videos promoting brands like Lululemon saying their leggings last 10 years so it’s worth the $100.  

This is my hot take on it.  Will your Lululemon legging last 10 years? Yes.  Will your Halara, Aerie, Target, or Old Navy leggings last 10 years?  The answer is also YES.  How do I know this?  I own Target and Old Navy leggings that are 20 years old.  And no I was not gentle with them, and they are still in great shape.  

Do I still wear them?  Not really because styles have changed in the last 10-15 years.  We’ve gone from low-rise capri leggings to high-rise full-length leggings.  So even if your Lululemon leggings last 20 years will you still want to wear them and will you still fit into them 20 years later?  

I would save you’re money and get the Halara leggings instead!

I have read other reviews that say Halara leggings and clothing in general run small and their sizing chart is wrong.  This was not my experience, but I’m NOT a large size and I do NOT have a large bust.  I found their sizing chart accurate for my measurements.  

Halara Tummy Control Leggings

Halara does offer tummy control leggings which I’ve not tried personally, but I’ve heard they are slightly thicker and tighter. If you need tummy control these are a good option instead of the cross-over leggings.  They are made of more elastane than the cross-over leggings, 68% nylon and 32% elastane.

Halara Cross Over Flare Leggings

Yes, FLARED pants have made a comeback and so have flared leggings!  Originally this style was made popular by Aerie and their flared cross-over leggings – CHECK PRICES.  Halara has a version too – CHECK PRICES that are less expensive.  I have the Aerie ones and paid around $50 for them ON SALE.  The Halara ones are a good alternative at a lower price point!

Halara Activewear Tops Review

I know this is a review of Halara Leggings, but I own several of their activewear tops and love them as much as the leggings.  I love making sets out of these!!  The activewear tops I own have pads that offer low to medium support.  But I’m an A cup so I don’t need that much support.  Many of them are dupes for Lululemon’s Align tops.  All tops I have are in an XS.

Speaking of tops I also own several of their sports shirts!  These do NOT have pads.  I love wearing these when I want some extra coverage over my sports bra.  They even have a pilates top that’s a Free People dupe – GET IT HERE.

Halara Activewear Dress

Yes this is a Halara leggings review, but I could not NOT include the Halara active wear dress in this review.  I have the Halara Easy Peezy Dress – CHECK PRICE and it is THE BEST TRAVEL DRESS!!

halara review

I know the internet went crazy for the Abercrombie Traveler Dress, but the Halara dress is so much better.  It has an opening in the back so you can pull the shorts down when you go to the bathroom, but it has the same seamless look as if it was all one piece.  So convenient and absolutely genius!

I’ve tested the Halara Easy Peezy dress in Thailand during monsoon season and in DC during the hottest month of the year, August.  So when I tell you it breathes and wicks moisture it is 100% true!  Hands down the BEST exercise dress on the market!  It also comes in several different styles!  It comes in plus sizes as well!

My Measurements

Everything I ordered from Halara is in the XS here are my measurements for comparison:

Bust:  32A

Waist:  25″

Hips:  36″

Height: 5′ 4″

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