I’ve been seeing Halara all over my social media feed and I’ve also read a few reviews of Halara from sites like Reddit! 

This is my hot take on the social media activewear brand Halara!

halara reviews

What Is Halara

Halara is an activewear and athleisure brand that has leveraged social media to the MAX.  They are everywhere on TikTok and Instagram!  They are especially known for making Lululemon dupes, the viral Halara activewear dress, and the Halara trousers!  

I’m going to be reviewing all these items and more!

What I’m Reviewing from Halara:

  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Skirts
  • Leggings
  • Pants

First Impressions Shopping on Halara’s Website

It’s so overwhelming!!!  Halara has a lot of items and some of them are quite similar it can be a bit overwhelming.  What I do like is the detailed description they give each item!  Under product details, they tell you the fabric and highlights of the item.  There are also lots of pictures which I appreciate!

Halara Reviews: Sizing

I found Halara’s sizing accurate to their size chart!  I usually wear an XS in most activewear brands.  According to Halara’s size chart I would be an XS and every item I’m reviewing is an XS and fit perfectly.

halara reviews

I’ve read Halalar reviews on Reddit that say the sizing runs small, but that was not the case for me.  Actually Halara fit better than a lot of other brands built for really skinny people.  While I wear a size XS, I have pretty broad shoulders and an athletic build.  Looking at their models I knew right away their clothes would fit me well!!  The models aren’t stick thin, but have a build similar to mine! 

They also provide their model stats!  So many websites don’t do this and it’s super annoying!

Halara Reviews:  Activewear Dresses / Easy Peezy Dress

  • Halara Easy Peezy Dress – Buy Now
  • Halara Breezeful Dress – Buy Now

The Halara  Easy Peezy dress is super viral all over TikTok!  After Abercrombie came out with the “Traveler Dress,” hailed as the end all of travel dresses, every single company started making activewear tennis-style dresses!

halara easy peezy dress reviews

However, Halara is the only brand that came out with a version with an opening in the back of the shorts so you could actually go to the bathroom.  The Abercrombie dress is trash for traveling or hiking unless you want to be COMPLETELY NAKED when you have to pee on your hike!

I have the Backless Crisscross Active Dress-Easy Peezy Edition, and it is my favorite activewear dress ever!!  This dress is perfect for hiking and traveling.  I wore it in Thailand during monsoon season, a sunflower field, and hiking!!

halara easy peezy dress reviews

The fit of this dress is amazing, it’s so flattering with a scoop neckline and open-back details.  I love open-back dresses and this one is one of my favorites!  Again I’ve read reviews of Halara dresses running small, but this was not the case for me. It fits so perfectly!

The material is nice and thick and not see-through.  I have this dress in red and white, in both the Easy Peezy version, and the regular one.  Both are great but I prefer the Eazy Peezy versions.

And while you can get an activewear dress from places like Old Navy for $20 on sale, they don’t have the cut-out in the back for peeing and the fit doesn’t look that great!  

I also have an activewear dress from their Breezeful collection and while it doesn’t have the cut out, it is so pretty!!!  It looks like a real dress and not an activewear dress.

halara travel activewear dress reviews

halara dress reviews

Halara Easy Peezy Dress

Perfect for hiking and sports activities, also great for general wear!!

Halara Breezeful Dress

So cute looks like a real dress with cottagecore vibes, love the seam details that look like a corset!

Halara Reviews:  Activewear Tops

Halara tops run true to size for me!  I’m a 32A and all of the XS small tops I got fit well! Reviews of Halara on Reddit say the tops run small, and again that was not the case for me.  

I hate it when tops squeeze the fat on my back because I have a broad back and small boobs, these tops didn’t top that!  Here are the Halara tops I am reviewing:

  • Halara Yoga Tank Top (In My Feels Tank)  – Buy Now
  • Halara Criss Cross Backless Top – Buy Now
  • Halara Softlyzero Backless Cross Top –  Buy Now
  • Halara Softlyzero Deep V Top – Buy Now

The Halara Yoga Tank Top (formerly In My Feels Tank)  is a dupe of the super popular Lululemon Align tank top.  It is padded and fits perfectly.  Great for running and sports!  I have it in white and it’s not see-through.

halara in my feels top

If you like all things backless, the Halara Criss Cross Backless Top and Softlyzero Backless Cross Top are for you!  These all have open backs with cross details.  If you have a bigger bust these may not be supportive enough for high-impact workouts, but great for yoga and pilates.  I have run in these tops and I’ve played pickleball in them too!  They all have pads!

halara tops reviews

halara tops reviews

The Halara Softlyzero Backless Crop Top is especially flattering!  It has the same scoop neckline as the activewear dress.

halara top reviews

Another favorite top is the Softlyzero Deep V Top!  This one has no pads and is not great if you have a large chest.  But if you have a small bust it will make your boobs look great!   I’ve seen a similar one sold at Free People for so much more!

halara top reviews

Yoga Tank Top (In My Feels Tank)

Great dupe for the Lululemon align tank.  Fits great, cropped length, good support padded cups.

Crisscross Backless Top

Super cute open-back top with cross-back detail!  Has pads!

Softlyzero Backless Cross Top

My favorite workout top!!  The front scoop is super flattering on a small bust, may not be suitable for a large bust because of the halter closure.

Softlyzero Deep V Cap Sleeve Top

This top is a Free People Dupe!  It’s not padded and not supportive on larger bust, but make your boobs look great if you are an A-Cup bra size!  Great for low impact workouts, hiking, and casual wear!

Halara Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve Tees Reviews

  • Softlyzero (Cloudful) Crossover Crop Top – Buy Now
  • Softlyzero (Cloudful) Cutout Top – Buy Now
  • Halara Thumhole Sports Top – Buy Now

I also have a few of their sports tees, which DO NOT have padded cups.  I love the cropped cross-over tops, again so flattering. 

halara cloudful leggings reviews

And the cutout tee is super flattering.

The long-sleeved top is great for cold mornings!  The long sleeve top has thumb holes too!

halara tee reviews

Softlyzero Crossover Cropped Tee

This top is in the Softlyzero fabric (Cloudful) same as their most popular leggings.  Super flattering, no padded cups!

Softlyzero Cutout Tee

Just like the cross-over tee, but with cut-out detail instead of crossover at the hem.  No pads, but a bra does not show through the cutout.

Thumbhole Long Sleeve Tee

Cute thumbhole details!  Great fit comes in cropped and full length.  No pads.

Halara Skirt Reviews

The tennis outfit trend is definitely on the rise in 2024!  It’s supposed to be one of the hottest trends of the year.  Halara has a ton of great tennis skirts and golf skirts!  The best part is they are lined with shorts underneath!

Skirts I’m reviewing from Halara:

  • Softlyzero (Cloudful) Crossover Skirt – Buy Now
  • Everyday Side Pocket 2-in-1 Golf Skirt – Buy Now

The Softlyzero Crossover Skirt (formerly Cloudful Skirt) is made of super soft fabric and the shorts underneath have pockets!  Halara has thought of everything for functionality! 

halara skirt reviews

I’ve worn this to pickleball and all the girls asked where my outfit was from.  If you are short, this skirt is great because the length is super short and cute!  The fabric is nice and stretchy too!

I don’t play golf often but I really wanted a golf skirt!  The Everyday skirt from Halara is also lined with shorts and has pockets!  This is a dupe of the super popular golf skirt from Spanx.  I love this skirt because it’s the perfect length on me!

Softlyzero Crossover Tennis Skirt

Great skirt with shorts liner attached.  Has pockets too!

Halara Golf Skirt

Cute fitted golf skirt that’s super stretchy, lined with shorts and has pockets!

Halara Leggings Reviews – Cloudful/Softlyzero Crossover Leggings

Halara leggings are ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA!!!  This is one of their most popular leggings, the Softlyzero leggings, formerly Clouful leggings.  These leggings are super soft and super stretchy.  It literally feels like you’re not wearing pants!

  • Softlyzero/Colorful Cross Over Leggings – Buy Now
  • Softlyzero Leggings – Buy Now

I have 2 pairs of the crossover leggings and one pair that are straight across the front.  I ordered both in the 7/8th length and they are perfect for my height!

halara reviews

The leggings DON’T give you the dreaded camel toe because there is no seam down the front.  Between the two styles, I’d say the cross-over waist is slightly more flattering because it snatches in your waist!!  These leggings are great paired with any of the tops I reviewed above, but look super cute with the cropped short tees for hiking or working out!

halara reviews

Halara Softlyzero/Cloudful Crossover Leggings

The most popular and viral Halara leggings.  Fabric is so soft and stretchy and has pockets.  Comes in so many fun colors and muted colors!

Halara Softlyzero/Cloudful High Waist Leggings

Great high waisted leggings, has nice line details under the tush!

Halara Shorts Reviews

For running in the summertime I tend to prefer shorts over leggings.  I have several pairs of shorts from Halara:

  • Breezeful Crossover Shorts – Buy Now
  • Crossover Mesh Shorts – Buy Now
  • Highwaist Biker Shorts – Buy Now

The Breezeful crossover shorts are by far my favorite for working out and for casual wear.  I wore them all over Thailand!  They are lined with biker shorts underneath that also have pockets.  I think these are a dupe of the Aerie shorts!

halara shorts

The fabric underneath is super soft and stretchy, I have these in sizes XS and S.  They both fit, but the XS is slightly tighter all over and shorter. 

I only recently got the crossover mesh shorts (xs) and I’ve run in them a handful of times!  Again they are lined with biker shorts inside perfect for running.

The biker shorts are similar in fabric to the leggings and the fit is pretty similar to the leggings.

halara shorts reviews

Overall I love working out in my Halara shorts!

Halara Breezeful Crossover Shorts

Great shorts lined with bikers shorts, so many pockets!  Great to wear casually and for working out, comes in a ton of colors

Halara Crossover Mesh Shorts

Nice lined shorts, elastic waist, great color selection! Love the curved hem detail.  

Hight Waist Biker Shorts

Great running shorts, love the length

Halara TikTok Pants

I know you’ve seen the Halara TikTok trousers – Buy Now.

They are super viral and I can see why.  The style is so versatile and flattering on everyone.  I really needed a pair of black trousers for a conference I’m going to this year, so I picked these out.  

They run REALLY SHORT!  I got the regular length and they are perfect for sneakers, but I cannot even wear a small heel with them.  If you’re my height and plan on wearing them with heels get the tall size.  Or if you are tall I’d skip these since I don’t think even the tall size will be long enough for you!

The front has no closures, and there’s an elastic at the back, so these Halara pants are super stretchy.  I haven’t worn them out in summer yet to see if they are breathable, but the fabric looks like a pique material used for sports shirts.

Halara TikTok Viral Trousers

Super stretchy but runs short!  Great if you are petite. Has a high waist, comes in several colors!

Is Halara a Dropshipper?

I would say Halara is not a dropshipping company.  And if they are so what?   I’ve talked about this extensively on my TikTok, how most of the items you buy on Amazon are from drop shippers and that’s why the product you receive looks nothing like the picture!  So are you no longer shopping on Amazon?

The pictures on Halara’s website are legit. They are of the actual items you are buying with real models wearing them and not stolen pictures off of Pinterest.  

It’s really easy to spot a drop shipper because the pictures will all look doctored!  Or they are images from Pinterest with the heads cut off, no faces!  And when they do show the actual product it looks like a generated image not worn by a person, and looks nothing like the image they stole off Pinterest with the head cut off.

Halara’s Return Policy

I’ve not tried to return anything from Halara, but the policy on their site states you have 30 days from the delivery date to return something.  From the Halara reviews I’ve seen on Reddit and other websites, returns are nearly impossible and sketchy.  

I don’t think Halara is based in the USA and that’s why returns are difficult.  I’ve noticed companies NOT based in the USA all have similar return issues.  Oh Polly charges shipping for returns which they did not disclose on their site, and Uniqlo does not allow in-store returns for online order which I found really strange considering they have stores all over the place in the USA.

Overall Halara Review

Overall I’d say Halara offers cute activewear items that fit really well and are on trend without breaking the bank.  I like that they don’t change their styles that often (they just get renamed), but I wish they would limit the amount of items on their site for easier shopping.  I also wish they had more matching sets!  But their tennis dresses are definitely worth all the hype!!

In terms of fit and fabric, I find Halara definitely a step above Old Navy and Target.  I have activewear from both brands and the fit has always been slightly off.  The Halara items fit perfectly! 

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