Halloween bar dc game of thrones

Halloween is one of my all-time favorite holidays if you need proof see here.  So, of course, I was more than excited to check out the ultimate Halloween themed pop up bar, Pub Dread in Washington DC.  Brought to you by the same cool people as the Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar during the summer, Pub Dread does not disappoint with walls covered in scary dolls reminiscent of the Annabelle and The Conjuring movies.  But it doesn’t end there, the haunted forest room has its own haunted windows that flash and shutter.  

Pub Dread

Pub Dread Halloween Bar DC


And what would a Halloween pop up bar be without great spots for Instagram photos ops like coffins and giant spidery cobwebs?

 halloween themed pop up bar dc

And for all you scaredy cats there’s a psychedelic David Bowie-themed room complete with wall murals and cotton candy.  Space Oddity definitely comes to mind with Major Tom hanging on the ceiling.

Halloween bar dc game of thrones 

The best part?  The bartenders all dress the part, covered in gore serving up unique drinks in front of a giant eyeball or scary dolls depending on what room you are in.  Now the drinks, those are definitely to die for.  Fun names like “Its Pronounced Fronken-En-Steeen” and “The Dead Will Walk The Earth” keep you on your toes and guessing as to what you are gonna get.  But don’t worry all the drinks I sampled were perfection, no matter what name.  DC Drink Company Pub Dread

I’d have to say “Its Pronounced Fronken-En-Steeen” was my fave, super refreshing with cucumber and cider.  “The Dead Will Walk The Earth” also shined with just a bit of charred pineapple as garnish. And I suggest everyone end the night with The Peanutbutter Cup Shot and I don’t even like peanut butter!

DC pop up bar