Ab workouts for women on Youtube have definitely made it easy to tone your abs at home without a gym.

youtube ab workouts at home

There’s literally a video for any part of your abs you want to target.  From obliques for those “11 Line abs” that are so popular in Korea right now, to a full-on six-pack!

Having a strong core is not only great for most activities but also really protects your back.  I’m almost certain the only reason I’ve never had lower back pain because I workout my abs regularly and have a strong core.


My absolute favorite at-home ab workout is from Tony Horton’s original P90x Series, Ab RipperX.  This routine really targets all parts of your core and abdominal muscles, but it’s not free like the ab workouts available on Youtube.  

Also, I love to switch things up so my body doesn’t get too used to any ab workout, so here are my favorite ab workouts on Youtube for Women that you can do at home!

I love these ab workouts on Youtube because none of them require any equipment and none of them are over 15 minutes long.  You can literally do them anywhere you can watch Youtube (which for me is at home).  

I typically do any of these ab workouts from Youtube 1-2 times a week.

YouTube Ab Workouts for Women:  6 Minute Abs by Pamela Reif

The 6 Minute Brutal Abs video by Pamela Reif on YouTube is (as the name suggests) BRUTAL.  This is the shortest video I’ve done, but also the hardest.  I have a pretty strong core, but I definitely have a hard time getting through this one!

If you are pretty advanced with working out your abs this is definitely THE YouTube ab workout to try.  

I did have a few problems with my neck on this ab workout because it requires you to hold up your head a lot.

Chloe Ting’s 11 Line YouTube Ab Workout for Women

According to the internet “11 Line Abs” is a thing in Korea.  It’s basically those 2 lines that form your obliques, aka side abs.  11 Line abs are super hot in the k-pop world and apparently, all the best dancers have them!

Chloe Ting’s 11 Line Abs video helps you target your oblique muscles.  This is a great ab routine for beginners!  I didn’t find it too hard, but I like to use it to switch up my routine.  

This YouTube ab workout is only 10 minutes long, so it’s great if you are on a tight schedule!

Pilates Workout for Abs and Core on YouTube by Boho Beautiful

I’m a huge fan of pilates and yoga videos from Boho Beautiful on YouTube!  Her voice and routines are just so relaxing!  

Plus I don’t have a lot of time to work out now that I have a kid, so her 30-minute yoga routines are super helpful for getting a great yoga session any time of the week.

The Boho Beautiful Pilates Workout for Abs and Core is part of their 14-day pilates challenge.  I didn’t do the challenge but found the ab workout worth a try!

This YouTube ab workout is great for women that want to tone up their transverse abdominal muscles.  Those are the muscles that really pull your belly in but you don’t see.

Her ab workout is about 12 minutes, so a bit longer than the other ones, but I love how challenging it is with the pilates breathing!

Abs in 2 Weeks Workout by Chloe Ting on YouTube

This is another ab workout on Chloe Ting on YouTube that targets all areas of your core.  It’s also about 11 minutes long and a pretty good all-around routine.  

This is a great ab workout on Youtube for women, both for beginners and those that already have a toned core!

Rebecca Louise’s 10 Minute Intense Ab Workout on YouTube 

I found Rebecca Louise years ago on YouTube while searching for HIIT workouts!  

She is absolutely the peppiest workout buddy you’ll ever find on YouTube, plus I love her Australian accent.

If it’s the variety you want for your ab workouts then Rebecca has it all!  She has so many ab workouts on her YouTube channel from beginner to advanced.

My favorite one is her 10 Minute Intense Ab Workout.  She really talks you through each step so it’s a great beginner video if you don’t really know what you are doing!

Want more workouts you should try?  Check out my review of the 90-degree shoulders workout and the Emi Wong Collarbone workout.

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