House of CB dupes!  If you are looking for dresses that are inspired by the House of CB then you’ve come to the right place!  I’ve found so many amazing dupes of House of CB dresses that are spot on and look almost exactly like the originals without the hefty price tag!

house of cb dupe

House of CB

If you are not familiar with House of CB, they make beautiful cottagecore and vintage-inspired dresses that show off all of your assets in the best way possible!

Their dresses are all over Instagram and they are known for the Tullulah dress which is basically the epitome of cottagecore vibes!

House of CB dresses start at around $200 which is not affordable for everyone, but I’m sure they are worth every penny with lux fabrics and boning to nip in your waist!

House of CB Dupes

House of CB Tallulah Dupe

The Tallulah dress is one of my favorite dresses of all time.  It’s the perfect “I’m summering in France dress.”  

And I found an exact dupe here

Shein also makes a Tallulah dress dupe in several prints and is just as good.  GET IT HEREOr get it on Amazon Prime HERE or  HERE.

house of cb tullulah dress dupe

This dress looks exactly like the Tallulah dress and is even made of a cotton blend fabric for about $30.  The cups are very small and perfect if you have a smaller bust like me!  I now have this dress in three colors and basically wear them every summer! – CHECK PRICE

house of cb inspired dress


The Shein and Amazon versions are made of polyester but I didn’t feel hot in them when wearing!  The Shein version is pretty good too but the cups do run slightly large so if you have a bigger bust this one would be your best bet – CHECK PRICE.

house of cb tullulah dupe

The cups run slightly bigger in the Shein version though.  

house of cb tullulah dupe


House of CB Samaria Dress Dupe

The House of CB Samaria Dress is super popular and pretty much went viral on TikTok late last year!  It’s a pretty spaghetti strap midi dress a slightly drop-waisted shape.  The pleats on the side really give the skirt extra fullness.

The Samari dupe looks exactly the same with slightly less fullness in the skirt and it’s under $40 – GET IT HERE.

Another version has a pretty v-shaped drop waist – GET IT HERE.

House of CB Lolita Dress Dupe

The House of CB Lolita Dress has the pretties neckline.  This midi dress is fitted at the natural waist with a nice full midi skirt!

The Lolita dress dupe is so similar and made of cotton!

House of CB Florianne Dress

This flirty little dress has been all over my FYP on TikTok!  The House of CB Florianne Dress has a full and flirty short skirt and a drop-waist silhouette.  The best part of this dress is the open back with a huge bow!

The dupe of the Florianne dress is so exact it’s hard to tell the difference – GET IT HERE.

House of CB Kaia Dress

The house of CB Kaia Dress is a super sweet little number that comes in white or black.  It’s got pretty lace detailing and is a linen blend fabric!  It’s a new dress for House of CB 2023.  

House of CB Kaia Dress

The house of CB Kaia Dress is a super sweet little number that comes in white or black.  It’s got pretty lace detailing and is a linen blend fabric!  It’s a new dress for House of CB 2023.  

The Kaia dress is over $200 but I found a dupe for just around $20 here and here.  It’s also available on Amazon Prime, get it HERE!  The dupes are made of polyester but all the sweet lace details are there!  Besides the original House of CB Kaia dress only has 18% linen and the rest is lyocell!

House of CB Babydoll Dress Dupe

One of the newer dresses for House of CB is the Baby dress and the Babydoll dress!  I found an exact dupe of the House of CB Babydoll dress for $29!  This dupe comes in pink with the holes on the side and in blue without the holes.  It has a necktie and beautiful flared sleeves!

This House of CB Baby Dress dupe is only $20 – GET IT HERE.  Or get it from Amazon HERE.

I found another House of  Babydoll Dress dupe that looks like great quality and comes in 4 colors!  Get it here.

Here are a few more inspired House of CB Babydoll dresses that are super pretty too!

House of CB Carmen Dress Dupe

The House of CB Carmen dress is so stunning!  I actually bought this dress but had to return it because the bust was disgustingly large!  

Shein has launched a Carmen dupe that looks amazing!  It has adjustable straps but no boning.  Shop it HERE.  Or get it from Amazon HERE.  This white Carmen dupe from Shein does have boning and adjustable straps:  SHOP IT.  And another version of the Carmen dress on Shein has 9 color options available:  SHOP IT.  Shein has free returns usually for clothing so I’d try out these dupes!

House of CB Charlotte Dress Dupe

I love the Charlotte Dress!! This midi dress has pretty lace detailing around the bustier style bodice. 

I found an almost exact dupe of the House of CB Charlotte dress for under $25, get it HERE.

House of CB Adriana Dress Dupe

The House of CB Adriana dress is a sweet little number constructed of satin in lace!  It’s got all the lingerie-inspired vibes and would be perfect for date night.  I found a dupe for only $35 – GET IT HERE.

House of CB Kara Dress Dupe

The Kara dress is a little satin mini with a square neckline and pretty under-bust details!  Get the dupe for just a little over $10 – GET IT HERE.

House of CB Mademoiselle Dress

The Mademoiselle Dress is a newer dress from House of CB that I can see going viral in 2024!  It’ got all the princess vibes with a full skirt.  I’ve found the perfect dupe for half the price – GET IT HERE.  Or go for the embellished version HERE.

House of CB Tiffani, Pietra and Cupid Inspired Dresses

The House of CB Tiffani and Pietra dresses are super feminine short white dresses with pretty lace detailing and super fluffy skirts!  There are quite a few dupes of these styles that are perfect for summer!  I found a Tiffani dupe that looks almost exactly the same for under $20 – SHOP HERE.  And the Tiffani dupe has the same square neckline – SHOP HERE.

House of CB Analissa Dress Dupe

The Analissa dress by House of CB has a romantic vibe with the lace overlay, delicate a-line skirt, and long sleeves.  But it’s over $250 for a short dress!  The dupe is 1/3 of the price and has the same pretty details – GET IT HERE.

House of CB Ariela Ruffle Dress Dupe

Ruffles have been on trend for a while now and House of CB didn’t want to get left behind so they came out with the ruffled Arieala dress!

I found the perfect dupe for this lovely ruffle dress in the same hot red color!

House of CB Corset Dress Dupes

House of CB is known for its amazing corset dresses.  They have such a variety of them and they all look amazing.

I’ve found some exact dupes of their corset dresses!  Or get them on Amazon HERE.

House of CB Myrna Dress

One of the most popular House of CB corset dresses is the Myrna dress.  I’ve seen this dress everywhere and it would be great for a special occasion!  

The dupe I found below is only $32 compared to the $239 price tag of the real thing! GET IT HERE.

The Faye Dress House of CB Dupe

The Faye Dress is another crowd favorite.  This gorgeous satin dress has such stunning pleating and a plunging v neck.  

The dupe looks pretty identical for only $31 compared to the $269 of the original.  

Lulu and Lorretta Inspired House of CB Dresses

If you are looking for a bit of off-the-shoulder action in your corset dresses then these dupes of the Lulu and Lorretta will be your BFF!

Leila Corset Dress

I’ve been drooling over the House of CB Leila Dress for quite some time.  The mesh fabric over the corset adds such nice texture.

This House of CB Leila-inspired dress looks identical to the original.   

Short House of CB Corest Dress Dupes

For those of you looking for bustier and corset dresses that are shorter the options below are all around $20 and have the House of CB vibe that’s so sexy and lux.


There are quite a few House of CB dupes now on Amazon with Prime free shipping and returns so if you are unsure of your size or need it in a hurry Amazon is your best bet.  For a full list of Amazon House of CB dupes CLICK HERE.

Check out this video of House of CB inspired dresses from Shein!

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