House of CB dresses are something I’ve wanted to own for a long time, but I had a hard time finding any House of CB reviews.  Especially House of CB sizing reviews!

house of cb review

So I spent nearly $2,000 on several dresses from House of CB!  This House of CB review will cover how they fit, the quality of the dresses, and if they are worth it!

About House of CB

House of CB is a fashion brand that makes beautiful cottagecore dresses and bodycon corset dresses.  They have lots of other women’s fashion items but they are mostly known for their dresses.

Conna Walker founded the London-based brand at the age of 17 and was inspired by iconic women with killer curves.  She set out to create House of CB to offer that feminine aesthetic to women everywhere.  

House of CB Quality Review

I bought several House of CB dresses and found the quality to be hit or miss.  Most of their summer dresses are made of a cotton lyocell blended fabric that has a slight sheen and a strange crunchiness.  They usually contain a small amount of stretch too.

Personally, I was not a huge fan of the fabric.  I wish it was just made of cotton instead.  That being said each dress has a lot of fabric.  Each skirt on the dress was super full and beautiful.  The prints on the dresses were beautiful as well.

Many of the dresses also include boning that’s meant for structure and some have underwire cups. These aspects are all really well done.  

I did find some of the dresses had loose threads everywhere which for a $200 plus dress, is unacceptable.  

Overall I found the amount of fabric used to be great, the construction to be pretty good, but the quality inspection to be lacking.

House of CB Sizing Review

House of CB dresses come in sizes from XS to L+.  You can also choose your cup size of A-C, or D-E.

I found the sizing to run slightly small.  If you look at their size chart my measurements fall within the higher end of an XS, BUT most of XS dresses I ordered did not fit.  

This is because my measurements fall at the higher end of the XS.  If you are at the higher end of a size, I would suggest ordering the next size up.

But I found the size S to be slightly too big.  I didn’t get that snatched look that House of CB dresses are known for.

Another HUGE problem is their dresses are definitely made for a 34B cup and above.  If you are an A cup you will have that dreaded gaping at the bust.  

Their sizing was what really turned me off.  I think most of their dresses are made for larger busts and not the itty bitty committee.  If you have a large bust and a small waist in comparison, then the sizing should be perfect for you!

I’m also shocked that they don’t have numeric sizing (0, 2, 4, 6, etc.) and only offer XS – Large.  For this price point they really should have numeric sizing, especially considering they sell a lot of occasion-wear.  I think more finite sizing would fix some of the fit issues.

Another issue with their sizing is they do not provide model measurements.  Nearly all similar brands have started giving model measurements.  This is extremely helpful in determining what an item will look like on you vs the model and how it will fit!!  House of CB only tells you what size the model is wearing, which is useless if you don’t know what her measurements are!

House of CB Dresses Review

How did I end up spending almost $2,000 on House of CB dresses you may wonder? Well it’s because I had to reorder everything in a larger size!

house of cb dress review

I placed my first order for XS and after the first one arrived and didn’t fit, I reordered everything in a size Small.

The dresses I ordered specifically were the Carmen Dress, the Elia Dress, the Tatiana Dress, and the Perle Dress.

The Carmen Dress 

The Carmen Dress was the dress I was most excited to receive!!  I was literally all over the internet and was the cottagecore dress of my dreams!

Unfortunately, it was also the dress that fit the absolute worst!

house of cb carmen

While the size small fit everywhere the bust was awful.  The cups were entirely too big.  It literally looked like I had melted snow cones.  

house of cb carmen dress review

The Carmen just has too much fabric in the cups. I actually tucked the fabric into the dress and it looked amazing. But for a dress that retails for $225 I was not going to have it majorly altered.

House of CB Elia Dress

The House of CB Elia Dress has underwire cups, boning and pockets!  The prints it comes in are also stunning.  I’m a sucker for florals.

This dress is fitted at the hip and not quite as full as I would have liked. 

house of cb elia dress

The underwire cups again on a size small didn’t quite fit me, there was gaping, but it was not as bad as the Carmen.

house of cb elia dress

But for over $200 I expected the fit to be better.

House of CB Tatiana Dress

The Tatinana Dress was the only dress that fit in an XS!  The fabric felt slightly stretchier than the rest of the dresses and this dress didn’t have any boning.  The skirt was beautifully full as well.  And the buttons are real.

The problem with the Tatiana was that the button holes were not nicely finished and there were loose threads EVERYWHERE! 

house of cb tatiana dress review

So while I loved this dress I had to send it back for poor quality control.

The Perle Dress

The Perle dress is absolutely STUNNING!!!  If you are getting married this dress would be a great bridal event dress.

The skirt on this dress is super super full, you can see they used a lot of fabric.  The lace detailing on the bodice is also impeccably done.  And the front hook and eye closures are real.

house of cb perle dress review

The Perle Dress is hard to zip up though!  Because there is so much fabric for the skirt the seam between the skirt and the bodice is almost impossible to get past with the zipper.

house of cb perle dress

The trick to getting this dress on is to UNHOOK the hooks and eyes on the front of the dress, zip up the dress, and then hook the front back up!  

As for sizing, the size small was slightly too big in the bust and waist.  The XS however fit me to a tee using the above method to put on!  I didn’t keep it though because it was so hard to take on and off!

The Fabric

These dresses all had the lyocell and cotton blend fabric.  I find it kind of annoying that House of CB does not disclose their fabric content on their website, they just say it’s “stretch cotton,” while none of these dresses actually stretch!  They do have a stretch factor on their site which rates how stretchy a dress is from 1-3, I found this misleading, because the Carmen is a 2 and I found it not stretchy at all.

While I absolutely loved the design of House of CB dresses, they just did not have the fit I was looking for.  That being said, it could entirely be my body type, their fit models are probably super busty and curvy with tiny waists!

Unfortunately, my House of CB dupes fit 100% better than the actual House of CB dresses!  

Brands Similar to House of CB 

There are several brands that make dresses similar to House of CB at a similar price point with the same quality if not better.  These include Reformation, Bardot, and Oh Polly.  I own dresses from all 3 of these brands and I can say they are small bust bust-friendly!

Return Policy

House of CB has free returns and free shipping for the USA. You can return your item within 28 days of receipt.

However, I’ve had problems with UK companies not being completely transparent about their return policies on their website.  And I’ve read several reviews from customers not in the UK having trouble returning and general customer care issues with House of CB (from TrustPilot).  I’m not sure if these reviews are false or not, but I like to play it safe on high-ticket items I’m not sure will fit me!  So I ordered everything from Nordstrom instead.

Nordstrom has a 1-year return policy.  You can return items for free via a prepaid shipping label or in-store!  I’ve never had trouble returning anything to Nordstrom, so I highly recommend shopping from them if you are in the USA.

My Measurements

Here are my measurements:

Bust:  32A

Waist:  25”

Hips:  36”

I usually wear an XS or 0 in dresses.

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