How Far Is the Grand Canyon From Last Vegas?

If you are visiting Las Vegas you might be surprised to find out that you can easily visit the Grand Canyon in a day trip or in an overnight trip.

how far is grand canyon from las vegas

So just how far is the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?  The closest point of interest in the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas is Grand Canyon West, which is about 2 hours and 20 minutes driving, and a distance of 128 miles.

Grand Canyon Village on the Grand Canyon South Rim is about 4 hours and 30 minutes drive from Las Vegas and 279 miles in distance. 

How to Visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas

The easiest way to visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas is by renting a car and driving.  I’ve done this twice, once as a day trip and once as an overnight trip.

grand canyon south rim

If you are visiting Grand Canyon West’s Sky Walk, you can easily do this in a day trip since it’s only a 2-hour and 20-minute drive from Las Vegas.

On the other hand, if you want to visit the Grand Canyon’s South Rim which is toward the east, it is a 4 hour and 30 minute drive and it’s better to do an overnight trip.  I’ve done overnight trips in Grand Canyon Village twice.

grand canyon from las vegas

There is also a Greyhound bus that will take you to Grand Cayon West and Grand Canyon Bright Angel Lodge on the South Rim,

This could be an option if you are visiting Grand Cayon West, the bus departs Las Vegas at 7:00 AM and arrives at Grand Canyon West at 9:00 AM ( 2 hours).  The return leaves Grand Canyon West at 2 PM and arrives in Las Vegas at 6:30 PM (4.5 hours).  This gives you about 5 hours to explore the area before returning to Las Vegas.  The ticket is $95 each way.

For the South Rim, the ride is 7 hours one way and $95 each way.  This is not a great option unless you plan on staying the night.  The bus outbound to the South Rim departs at 5:30 AM and arrives at 12:30 PM. The return departs from the South Rim at 2 PM and arrives in Las Vegas at 8:00 PM.

Another option if you are not comfortable driving and the bus is too slow, you can take an organized tour.   See some of the best tour options below.

Driving Vs Taking a Tour

There are pros and cons to driving yourself or taking an organized tour to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.  Driving pros include more flexibility and adventure.  You can stop as much as you want and stay at each location or viewpoint as long as you want.  The cons of driving include having to figure out how to get from place to place and the actual driving can be quite tiring.

grand canyon from las vegas

The pros of taking a tour include not having to plan how to get to a location.  And you can spend all that time in the car napping.  The cons are less flexibility because you have to stick with the tour schedule.  You could also be visiting locations at the busiest times because many tours tend to show up at the same time.

Popular Tours to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas

There are many excellent tours to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas including luxury helicopter tours and big bus tours.  If driving is not an option for you or you simply want to be along for the ride and have someone else work out all the logistics, then taking a tour is perfect for you.

Grand Canyon West Tour with Hoover Dam Stop and Optional Skywalk 

8,000+ Reviews

Visit the Grand Canyon, and see several other sights along the way, on this full-day tour from Las Vegas. Travel by a modern luxury bus with air conditioning and restroom on board. On the way, enjoy a hot breakfast, stop for photos at the Hoover Dam and drive by an ancient Joshua Tree Forest. With VIP bus access, spend more time at Grand Canyon West, where you will enjoy a lunch overlooking the rim and can add an optional Skywalk. 

Grand Canyon Deluxe Helicopter Tour from Las Vegas

1,500+ Reviews

If budget is not a concern and you want a completely luxury experience then the Grand Canyon Helicopter tour is for you.

In a helicopter, it only takes 45 minutes to fly from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.  This is by far the fastest way to get to the Grand Canyon.  

Fly from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon in a sightseeing helicopter, touch down deep in the canyon for a Champagne toast, and explore the scenic desert landscape in luxurious style. This Grand Canyon helicopter tour includes plenty of flying time, hotel pickup and drop-off in Las Vegas, and drinks and snacks on a private bluff inside the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon South Rim Small Group Tour

241 Reviews

Want to visit the South Rim without suffering 8 hours of driving yourself?  Then this tour is the answer.  Enjoy the beauty of Grand Canyon South Rim on a small group tour where the driving is taken care of.

Traveling in a custom-designed van outfitted with leather captain seats and viewing windows means you have great views from beginning to end, and going overland from Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon is a true highlight, with desert scenery, rock formations, and a trip along historic Route 66. 

  • Cover key highlights of the Grand Canyon South Rim 
  • Enjoy canyon views on a walk between Mather’s Point and Bright Angel Lodge 
  • Return trip includes dazzling night views of the Las Vegas skyline 
  • Convenient hotel pickup and drop-off at Las Vegas hotels