I absolutely love the look of those pretty rose box arrangements you see on Instagram.  The most popular one seems to be Rose Box NYC.  

instagram rose box

The companies use preserved roses that last about a year, but they cost $100s of dollars.

I thought it would be fun to make one of these pretty Instagram rose boxes using fresh roses!  

maison des fleurs

So instead of buying flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, make this easy DIY rose box instead of with fresh roses.


Fresh Roses

For my rose box, I bought 2 dozen roses but ended up using only one and a half dozen.  The best place to buy roses is Costco!  

costco roses

Their roses are so fresh and beautiful.  And the price is so affordable at $17.99 for a dozen.  

When I saw these cream roses with just a hint of peach I knew they would be perfect for this DIY project!

Floral Foam

Because you are using fresh flowers, you will need floral foam to keep them hydrated.  You specifically need the wet floral foam that you soak in water. You can buy wet floral foam from Michael’s or on Amazon – CHECK PRICES.

wet floral foam

Round Box

You can use any box for this but the round hat boxes make it extra special.  I bought a set of round boxes from Amazon – CHECK PRICES.  I ended up using the 8” box for my rose box.

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Spray Paint

The boxes I got were brown, so I spray painted the 8” box black for that Rose Box NYC look!  I used a semi-gloss black spray paint – CHECK PRICES.

How to Make an Instagram Rose Box

  1. Remove all the leaves from your roses and put them in some water.
  2. Line up your floral foam so it’s about the size of the box you are using.  Then push the open side of the box into the floral foam to cut it.  
  3. Spray paint your box and let dry.  You might need more than one coat.
  4. Soak your cut floral foam in water with flower food according to instructions.
  5. Line your box with plastic so it won’t get wet.  
  6. Put your foam into the box making sure not to get the box wet.
  7. Cut the stem of each rose at an angle so that about ½ or more of the rose shows above your box when inserted into the floral foam.  
  8. Insert rose into the foam starting from the outside and working your way inward in a circle.
floral foam
Cutting the Floral Foam with the Round Box
floral foam
floral foam
Line the Box in plastic
fresh rose box

DIY Instagram Rose Box Tips

  • You don’t need to soak the floral foam for very long, just so that it soaks up the water.
  • Cut one rose at a time as you insert them so they are all the perfect height.
  • You can use almost anything plastic to line the box, just make sure that the entire inside of the box is covered and there are no holes in the plastic.  I used the plastic sheet the flowers came with.  
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rose box diy

How Long Will Your Rose Box Last

With fresh roses your rose box should last about a week, before the roses start to wilt starting at the outer edges.

diy rose box nyc

If you are planning to give this as a gift, I would make it the day before so it’s fresh!

I also made another rose box using coffee filter roses that’s super easy and will last forever if you don’t want to use fresh roses.