Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens is such a gem in Washington DC and it’s FREE.  I went all the way to Thailand to boat around in a lake of lotus flowers, but this huge garden of lotuses was right in my backyard!  

kenilworth aquatic gardens

Lotus at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

One of the main attractions of the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens is the lotuses and lilies that bloom here! 

kenilworth aquatic park

There are quite a variety of them and some are HUGE.  The two most photographed varieties are the Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) and the American Lotus (Nelumbo lutea). 

The Sacred Lotus are the bright pink ones and the American lotus are the cream with pink tips on the petals.

Hours and Location

1550 Anacostia Ave. NE

Washington, DC 20019

Standard Hours are Monday – Friday, 8am to 4pm

For 2022 the Park has extended the hours on certain days for the lotus viewing:  

The park will be open until 8 p.m. on Saturdays in July, to give everyone more time to see the lotus and lily flowers. 

Parking at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

Kenilworth Park has on-site parking right next to the lotus ponds and it’s free, but it fills up quickly on the weekends especially during peak lotus bloom. 

kenilworth lotus garden

When I got there at opening around 7:45 am there were already a few cars in the parking lot, by the time I left the parking lot was completely full.

When is Lotus Peak Bloom at Kenilworth

The lotuses bloom from May to August but peak bloom for about 2 weeks in mid-July.

kenilworth lotus

I went two weekends in a row on July 12th and July 18th.  Both times were amazing!  Because not all the flowers bloom at once you will find different areas in bloom! 

kenilworth lotus

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2023 Lotus and Water Lily Festival

The National Park Service holds an annual Lotus and Water Lily Festival at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens during peak bloom.  The 2023 Lotus and Water Lily Festival will take place from Saturday July 15th thruough Saturday July 22nd.

lotus and water lily festival dc

Events  for 2023 have not been announced yet, but here’s a review of events from 2022: 

  • The weekend of July 9, we are celebrating Art. Events will include art classes, photography classes, drop-in art classes, yoga classes and ranger-led tours.
  • The weekend of July 16, we are teaching Healthy Parks, Healthy People, events include a community 5k walk along the Anacostia River Trail, yoga classes, dance classes and ranger-led tours.
  • The weekend of July 23, we are exploring Nature & Environment, events include live animal shows, ranger talks and a dance performance.
  • The weekend of July 30, we are celebrating Community, with events that include a Spanish language tour, increased community organization tabling, a fashion show, cultural dance presentations and yoga classes.

For more information on the festival go here.

Best Time to Visit Kenilworth Aquatic Park for Lotus Blooms

The best time to view the lotuses is early in the morning before the heat forces them to close their blooms.  Also, it tends to be less crowded in the morning hours.  I visited on Sunday morning right at 8 am and there were already a few people!   

dc kenilworth gardens

By the time I left at around 10:30 am the parking lot was completely full and they were only allowing people into the lot as each car left.  You can find street parking and walk into the park.

You can also visit in the evenings on Saturdays in July as the NPS has extended park hours to 8 pm.  I still prefer mornings though!

Also I’ve seen many posts on Instagram saying the lotus’ were not in peak bloom the week of July 11th, but I think that’s mostly because they visited during the middle of the day when the lotus are closed from the heat.  I previously went two weekends in a row, both early morning and both times the lotus were blooming beautifully!

Picnic Tables

I saw a few picnic tables next to the ponds in the shade where you can have a quick break from the heat. 

In the morning the tables were empty but when I left all the tables were full.

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens Photography

Photography is definitely allowed here!  And you can use your tripod.

kenilworth lotuses

The people I saw here early in the morning were all photographers with tripods.  I actually took most the shots in this post with my tripod.

washington dc lotus

Taking kids to see the Lotus at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

I did not take my child with me because of the narrow pathways and the heat. 

kenilworth aquatic garden lotus bloom

Personally I knew it would be hard for her to be outside for so long when it was so hot.  I did see several families with kids though, and even a few babies in carriers and strollers. 

If I took my child I would go when they first opened and hang out for may an hour before it gets crowded on Saturday or Sunday.  Or go during the week when it’s less busy.

Tips for Visiting Kenilworth Aquatic Garden Lotus

  • Wear sneakers or hiking sandals because this area is a marsh and can be muddy
  • Spray bug spray before going
  • Wear sunscreen as not all the paths have shade
  • There are lots of bees here so if you have a phobia or an allergy I’d avoid this garden
  • Go early in the morning to avoid crowds
  • It does get hot so bring water
lotus bloom washington dc

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