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Kenwood Cherry Blossoms 2024

The cherry blossoms in the Kenwood neighborhood of Maryland offers a great alternative to the  Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC.

This beautiful hidden gem in Bethesda Maryland offers one of the best places to see cherry blossoms without the crowds.


Where is Kenwood Maryland

Kenwood is a little neighborhood tucked in Bethesda, MD where the streets are lined with 1,200 yoshino cherry blossom trees. 

I learned of this idyllic neighborhood practically down the street from my house from a neighbor.

cherry blossoms kenwood bethesda

I’d wanted to check it out but never had a chance.

Well, the one year I finally made it down to DC at sunrise just a week after peak bloom, it turned out to be the day of the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler.  The event clogged all the streets with runners and blocked all the streets.

With no parking, we sadly headed back.  Luckily on the way back home, I remembered we would pass by Kenwood in Maryland.  So a little detour we took!

And am I glad we took that detour!

The Kenwood neighborhood is charming, to say the least.  Cherry blossom trees line the streets and there’s a little stream to boot!  I literally thought a hobbit was going to jump out somewhere it is that adorable.

kenwood cherry blossoms 2020

And the streets aren’t marred with cars because you are not allowed to park there!

The google maps location for Kenwood is here.  But keep reading if you want to find the best place to park!

When Do Kenwood Cherry Blossoms Bloom?

Kenwood cherry blossoms peak bloom a few days after the Tidal Basin cherry blossoms hit peak bloom.

kenwood cherry blossoms 2019

But again peak bloom times are also weather dependent.  Last year they bloomed beautifully just 3 days after the day of peak bloom in Washington DC.  

As of March 17, 2024 the Washington DC Tidal Basin cherry blossoms are at peak bloom, which means Kenwood cherry blossoms should also reach peak this week!  

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Crowds in Kenwood During Cherry Blossom Season

Is Kenwood crowded during cherry blossom season?

kenwood cherry blossoms 2019

I would say it’s not crowded because there’s plenty of room to walk around and plenty of parking.

We’ve gone to Kenwood during cherry blossom peak bloom twice on a Sunday and on a Saturday.  Saturday afternoon was more crowded but definitely, nothing compared to the Tidal Basin.

cherry blossoms not in dc

On Sunday morning it wasn’t crowded at all.  There were no other people there.

cherry blossoms in kenwood

We arrived on Sunday morning around 9 or 10am, while on Saturday we had gone in the afternoon.

If you want to have all the Kenwood cherry blossoms to yourself go on a Sunday morning. 

bethesda cherry blossoms

Kenwood MD Cherry Blossoms vs. DC Tidal Basin Cherry Blossoms

So which should you go see, the Kenwood cherry blossoms or the Tidal Basin Cherry blossoms?

kenwood peak bloom

Go see both!

Kenwood and the Tidal Basin cherry blossoms bloom at different times, so you have the opportunity to visit both.

Kenwood is also a great alternative if you happen to miss peak bloom in DC.

The cherry blossoms in Kenwood bloom up to a  week later than the Tidal Basin.

 cherry blossoms bethesda kenwood

The Tidal Basin cherry blossoms offer a unique and iconic experience in DC, even though it’s so crowded.  The cherry blossoms along the water make such a pretty sight.

Kenwood also offers a unique and more intimate experience because the cherry blossoms line the streets of the cutest neighborhood.

Kenwood is also a lot easier to get to if you happen to live in Maryland.

Parking & Driving in the Kenwood Neighborhood During Cherry Blossom Season

You can park at the Landy St. Parking lot and access the neighborhood through the Capital Cresent Trail. 

It’s a very easy short walk (I did it carrying a 19 month old).  Take the first left off the path and you’ll be right there. 

There is no parking in the Kenwood neighborhood itself, but there is street parking on the outskirts of the neighborhood.

I still recommend Landy St parking because it is the easiest.

Also, don’t drive through this area during cherry blossom season on a weekend. 

There are many people walking around the streets and you will be sitting in your car for a while waiting for people to pass. 

Access my custom map above to see how to get to the cherry blossoms without driving.

Kenwood Cherry Blossom in Maryland Peak Bloom Photos from April 7, 2019

The cherry blossoms in Kenwood Maryland have reached peak bloom and are starting to fall from all the beautifully warm weather we have had lately.

I don’t expect them to last much longer so go see them before they are all gone!  Below are some pictures from today!

kenwood cherry blossoms peak bloom
kenwood cherry blossoms 2020

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