If you follow me on Instagram you know I wear LOTS of hats in my photos.  

lack of color dupe

(Dress available here similar affordable version here)

Seriously hats not only elevate your outfit but also make great photo props!

The Lack of Color hat is a blogger fave and these hats are all over Instagram, with the most popular styles being the Rancher, here and the Boater, here.  But they are pricey at about $150 each.

I’m sure the quality is amazing but that’s just a bit more than I wanted to spend on a felt hat for fall.  Hence I started searching for a more affordable dupe!

What I wanted in a great dupe of the Lack of Color wool hats is something with a wide and sturdy brim.  

lack of color hat dupe

Many of the hats similar to Lack of Color have either shorter brims and/or really floppy brims that don’t stay up.

Urban Outfitter’s Dupe of Lack of Color Hats

After tons of searching, I finally found the best dupes for Lack of Color from Urban Outfitters, here and here.


The UO wool hats look almost identical to Lack of Color and the quality is amazing.  I compared my Urban Outfitters wool hat to my Forever21 felt hat and the quality is night and day.

hats similar to lack of color

(Blue dress available here, similar affordable one here, belt here)

The Urban Outfitters hat has a nice stiff brim and it’s super wide, just what I wanted.

If you are looking for the perfect Lack of Color dupe, then UO is it!  I’ve worn the hat pictured countless times already for fall in Maryland!  I even took it on a recent road trip to Virginia!

hats like lack of color

At about ⅓ of the price of a Lack of Color hat, the Urban Outfitters dupe is a no brainer.  It is so similar looking to the Lack of Color Boater that just looking at pictures I can barely tell the difference.

Hurry and buy it though if you are eyeing it because I found the dupe last year, but it was basically all sold out!  UO brought it back this year and I got it the first chance I got. 

The UO hats do run a bit big though, so you might need some hat filler, here.

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