last minute gifts for her

We all get a little overwhelmed with shopping for the holiday season and more often than not we end up procrastinating, myself included. I’m probably the worst offender, so I’m always looking for last minute Christmas or birthday gifts that a girlfriend, mom, or sister will want. My criteria for the perfect travel gifts are that it should be useful and be something I would buy for myself without breaking the bank.  The good news is these items all have guy versions too for the boyfriend, dad, or brother in your life!  So here’s my list of last minute travel gifts for her or him!

Last Minute Travel Gifts for Her or Him:  The Inflatable Chair

This inflatable aka air chair-check price is probably one of the most useful things I own and would make a great last minute gift for her or him.  You literally need no air pump to inflate this giant lounger and it FLOATS!  It’s great for camping or the beach, or anytime you need a portable chair.  It packs up really small and lite!  I have one on my deck for portable and packable seating when I have guests over.  The cheaper version here and here.  It’s a great gift any travel lover in your life.

Last Minute Travel Gifts for Her or Him:  Selfie Tripod and Remote

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone places and wished I had my tripod – check price because I couldn’t find a passerby to take a photo.  This selfie tripod and remote – check price is tiny and fits in most purses plus it was legs to turn into a tripod.  And the remote is such a lifesaver on the phone because you know running back and forth for the self-timer for that Instagram or Facebook shot is just not fun.  Anyone that’s travel obsessed is probably taking photos, wouldn’t it be nice if they could share a photo of themselves every now and then in those Instagram and Facebook posts.

Last Minute Travel Gifts for Her or Him:  Packable Jacket

A packable jacket is a last minute gift idea for both him and her.  I always pack one when I travel and when I’m home I leave it in the car for those unexpectedly cold nights.  I’m so glad I stuffed it last minute into my suitcase for our trip to Arizona because it was colder than I thought it was going to be.  Mine is this one from Uniqlo and it’s one of my favorite purchases, this one with the hood would be great for rain and this longer version would provide even more warmth.  This is probably one of the best gifts for anyone that loves to travel and is often on a cold plane or train.  

Packable Jacket for Her

Packable Jacket for Him

Last Minute Travel Gifts for Her or Him:  Snow Socks

I know you are thinking who wants socks?  Well, these aren’t any socks these are snowsport socks.  This last minute gift idea is great if he or she lives in cold weather or will be traveling somewhere cold.  I can’t tell you how amazing snowboarding and skiing socks like these are for keeping toes warm while strolling around Paris on a cold winter’s day.  They were definitely so useful when we went to Iceland during the fall.  Venturing out a night to view the northern lights, our toes were nice and toasty.

Last Minute Travel Gifts for Her or Him: Travel Power Bank

Everything needs charging nowadays and there’s nothing worse than being on the go only to discover your phone is at 10% battery.  Data usage especially drains your battery, so with the number of times everyone checks Facebook and Instagram these days a power bank will be an awesome last minute gift idea for a girlfriend (a friend that is a girl) or brother.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been about to tour a city only to discover that my GoPro or iPhone is about to die, something that’s like death to a frequent traveler!  This one and this one are both super affordable at under $12 and this one is the one I use, it’s one of the smallest on the market and has 4 or 5 charges for an iPhone.  A great gift for the world wanderer.

Last Minute Travel Gifts for Her or Him:  Travel USB Charger

Almost all my electronics charge via USB which means you need a converter for each one.  This can be truly annoying for packing a USB convert for each device I need to charge.  So instead on our most recent trip to Arizona, we bought a multi-port USB travel charger/power strip!  I can plug all my USB devices into one charger.  This has been so useful that we now use it at home instead of all our converters.  Another great travel gift idea for her or him this Christmas or upcoming birthdays.

Last Minute Travel Gifts for Her or Him:  Action Camera Like the GoPro

The GoPro is a rather expensive purchase and not everyone can afford it.  But it’s been on the market for so long now that there are several imitation versions that are just as good.  I have a GoPro and rarely use it because I have an older version without the screen.  This one has a screen on the back and is only $50 and has over 1500 amazing reviews, making it a great gift for an adventure travel enthusiast!  Pair it with the tripod selfie stick above and you have a winning combo!

Last Minute Travel Gift for Her:  Foldable Purse

A foldable purse is one of my travel and daily essentials.  The original Longchamp is very durable and quite pricey.  I have quite a few inspired by versions under $15 that I use on a daily basis and pack when I go on trips.  Sometimes you just want a bigger purse on your trip to take around with you, but don’t want to carry it onto the plane.  These packable purses are super duper light and have a full zipper so it less likely for someone to pickpocket you.  Plus you can put a ton in them, let’s just say I’ve managed to stuff a DSLR and a laptop into one.  This would be a great last minute gift for the her in your life like a friend, mom, sister, or even grandmother.