Milos, Greece is one of the many islands that travelers know as the Cycladic Islands in Greece.  This little island though is still off the beaten path and such a hidden gem compared to Mykonos and Santorini.

things to do in milos greece

If you want a large variety of beaches, little crowds, and picture-perfect towns that look just like Mykonos town, then Milos is for you!

We’ve been to Milos twice now and I still think about returning daily!  

This Milos travel guide will help you decide where to stay, how to get to Milos, and all the best things to do in Milos, including all the best photo spots!

Things to Do in Milos, Greece

If you like adventure then Milos is your island!  There are so many things to do in Milos between the picture-perfect beaches and cute towns you really won’t be bored!

fishing village in milos greece

Having been to Milos twice at this point I’ve done most of these twice, so here’s my list of the best things to do in Milos.

Visit Pollonia for a Chill Day

Pollonia is a cute little coastal village that has become quite the hot spot for luxury hotels in Milos, Greece. 

pollonia milos

On our first trip to Milos we stayed in Pollonia and back then it was just a quiet little fishing village with a few hotels.  Now though it is quite bustling!

pollonia milos greece

Pollonia is quite picturesque and I would stop here for an early dinner!  Pollonia also has sandy beaches and also beautiful rocky beaches as well you can visit! 

pollonia milos greece

There’s a little row of restaurants along the water in Pollonia that serve the best food!  Our favorite restaurant was the one at the end of the row which served amazing roast lamb in the best sauce!

Plaka, Milos

Plaka, the enchanting capital of Milos, Greece, is a place that instantly captures your heart.

plaka milos greece

The traditional Cycladic architecture, with its whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches, created a picturesque backdrop that seemed straight out of a postcard. Every corner revealed a new discovery, from charming local shops selling handmade crafts to quaint cafes beckoning me to sit and savor a cup of traditional Greek coffee.

things to do in milos plaka

The panoramic views from the hilltop, overlooking the azure Aegean Sea and the island’s breathtaking coastline, were simply breathtaking. Plaka truly embodies the essence of Greek island life, and its timeless beauty and warm atmosphere made it a place I longed to return to again and again.

things to do in milos

Plaka is also a great place to stay in Milos, Greece!

Tsigrado Beach

Tsigrado Beach on the southern coast of Milos Island is definitely for those that love adventure!  You climb down a ladder and some ropes to get to this secluded little cove with crystal-clear waters!  

You can also reach this beach by boat or kayak.  We saw 1 kayak tour stop here when we were here.

Because of its location, Tsigrado Beach has no facilities such as umbrellas, bathrooms, food or water. 

You can also snorkel here and swim to an adjoining beach around the cove.

Visit the Catacombs for the View

You can visit the historic catacombs in Milos for just a few euros per person. Our friends went in and found it interesting.  

We did not go in but the view alone at the catacombs is worth a stop.  Even the parking lot views were gorgeous! From the catacombs entryway, you have a stunning view of Klima below!  

So definitely stop here for an Instagram photo!

Visit Sarakiniko Beach

You’ll often hear Sarakiniko Beach referred to as “moon beach” because it looks like the surface of the moon!!  

sarakiniko beach milos

Sarakiniko Beach in Milos, Greece is a must-visit, it is the most unusual beach I have ever been to.  The rocky surface really does look like the moon, except you can swim! 

Cliff diving is probably one of the best activities at Sarakiniko, but there is also a nice little bay that’s shallow and perfect for kids.  If you come here during the middle of the day the rocks do get really hot and can burn your feet and there’s no shade, so remember to pack sunscreen and wear shoes.

sarakiniko beach milos

Sunset at Sarakiniko beach is also an amazing experience.  Because of the extreme winds we could not cliff dive or swim at this time around so instead we went for sunset which was magical! 

If you can only make it to Sarakiniko once during your trip then come in the afternoon, have a swim, then stay for sunset for the perfect beach experience.

This beach is easy to get to and has plenty of parking and even a food truck at the entrance, but there are no bathrooms.

The Best Beaches in Milos, Greece

Milos Greece has some of the most unique beaches of all the Greek islands.

beaches in milos greece


You’ll find sandy beaches, rocky beaches, and even moonscape beaches in Milos!  It’s pretty easy to beach hop in Milos if you rent a car, but the roads leading to the more remote beaches aren’t always the best.

These are our favorite beaches in Milos Greece:

  • Palochori Beach – Long Wide beach with sand and rocks and super clear water.  There’s a beach club here where you can rent chairs, umbrellas and order food and drinks.
  • Sarakiniko Beach – The most unique beach we have ever been too!  Looks like you are on the moon.
  • Papafragas Beach and Caves – Beautiful swimming channel for exploring, but the signs say do not enter here.
  • Fyriplaka Beach – One of the few sandy beaches on the island parking is limited here.
  • Tsigrado Beach – Our favorite beach!  You have to climb down to get here.
  • Kleftiko or Mini Kleftiko – Kleftiko is a beautiful area of rock formations!  If you can’t make it here you can go to Mini Kleftiko!

Have Lunch a Klima a Traditional Fishing Village in Milos

You cannot leave Milos, Greece without visiting a traditional fishing village, there are quite a few!

klima milos

On our first trip we only saw the fishing villages from our Kleftiko boat tour, but this time we were able to drive to Klima!

Klima is lined with traditional fishing houses along the shore and the shoreline is dotted with colorful boats.  You can actually rent a boat house to stay in (CHECK PRICES HERE) and there was a new hotel being built in the traditional boat house architecture. 

The road to Klima is rather windy and a bit narrow.  Parking is right before you reach the village and you walk about 5 minutes down.

If you dine at the restaurant in Klima though you are allowed to park there.  And you will want to eat at the restaurant!!  Klima had the best-grilled shrimp of our entire trip!  It was simply amazing, perfectly grilled and so fresh.  And you cannot miss the sea urchin salad!  I highly recommend grabbing lunch here, because you simply cannot beat the view and the food.

After you have lunch take a walk up and down the coast lined with houses and enjoy the pretty views!  Klima is simply one of the most stunning Instagram spots in Milos!!

Visit Firiplaka Beach for a Sandy Beach

In Milos most of the beaches are pebble beaches with no sand.  The one exception is Firiplaka Beach, this one has sand and all the beach amenities for you to spend the day!

Parking and driving down to the beach however is rather difficult.  The road is dirt and quite narrow and the parking available fills up quickly.  If you have an ATV or are willing to park further up the road and drive down, this would be a good beach for you!

We didn’t go down because we could not find parking and frankly we have plenty of sandy beaches in the Caribbean so we didn’t feel the need to see another one!

Visit Kleftiko – Hike or Boat

Kleftiko is an amazing beach that’s basically all rocks and cliffs!!  Usually, people visit Klefitko by boat tour, which is what we did on our first trip to Milos.

milos greece things to do

The boat tour is actually quite good!  We sailed around on a wooden boat that looked like a pirate ship, at amazing squid the captain had dried himself, swam through glowing blue caves, and visited hidden caves.  

Another way to visit Kleftiko is to rent your own boat, which also looks amazing because you get to be your own captain!  Unfortunately for us, on this trip the wind was so strong it was not safe for us to rent our own little boat.

You can also reach Kleftiko by hiking!  Yes, you can hike and many adventurous bloggers have done it.  Driving to the trailhead is not the easiest because the infrastructure on the west side of the island is not good.  

Also, the west side of the island is a sanctuary to the most venomous snake in Europe according to our hotel host.  I ask 2 different locals if we could hike to Kleftiko, and they both said it’s not a good idea because you could step on a snake and it will bite you.  And the anti-venom is not on Milos!  

As adventurous as I am I really didn’t want to accidentally step on a snake and get bitten!

If you choose to go, according to my research the hike is about 1 hour and the sign for the trailhead is no longer there.  The best way to find it is to download the google map onto your phone and save the location (which is marked on google).  There’s little to no cell phone reception on the West coast of Milos.

There’s no shade on the hike or at the beach and no facilities so bring plenty of water!

Visit Mandrakia

Another picturesque fishing village is Mandrakia.  This little village is set and built in a cove to protect the little boats from strong northern winds.  

mandrakia milos greece

Because it looks quite different from Klima, Mandrakia is worth a visit as well.  Definitely stop by the restaurant for a meal here as well.  The sundried grilled octopus is amazing because it’s caught and dried locally in the village.  We saw fishermen drying their catch of the day in the sun!

mandrakia milos greece

There’s also a beach right next to Mandrakia that you can walk down to, but it was too windy the day we went.  Parking is also plentiful here.

Visit Plaka Castle at Sunset

One of the must-do’s in Milos is visiting the Plaka Castle in Plaka at sunset.  This viewpoint has incredible views of the island and is the perfect spot to watch sunset.  Get there early though to secure a spot for sunset because it does get quite crowded.

plaka castle milos

The climb to the top is not hard and there are steps the entire way.  The steps are slippery though so wear shoes with good tracking.

Though Plaka Castle is the main attraction for sunset, the best Instagram photo spot is not from the castle!  I know you’ve all seen the beautiful church pictures from Plaka in Milos.  This photo is actually taken before you reach the top.  

There is a little church just before you reach the top of the castle.  To get your photo, have our photographer continue up the path from the church just a little bit more so that he or she is looking back down at the church.  You would take the steps and walk to the edge of the church ledge for the photo!

It does get quite crowded at this spot for sunset so you may have to wait in line for a bit for a photo.  

If you are staying in Plaka I would suggest coming here at sunrise or early morning for your photo!  You’ll still have beautiful light but none of the crowds.  That’s actually what I did because I wanted a video too and there were just too many people at the church!  

The location of our hotel was so close to the church that it was easy to run up in the morning before breakfast!

Papafragas Caves and Beach

Papafragas is definitely worth a stop, but you may not want to swim here.

papafragas caves

Papafragas is actually a series of caves with several parking lots.  There is one section that you can climb down that I know you’ve seen on Instagram to have a swim.  Unfortunately, when we went the North wind was so bad it had turned the water at this beach completely gray and unappealing.  There are several signs and a fence however telling you not to go down.

The viewpoints however are amazing.  The coastline is so rugged and beautiful here and there are several archways you can walk on for some beautiful Instagram photos!

How to Get to Milos, Greece

Milos has its own airport, but it’s mainly serviced by domestic flights from Athens. Alternatively, you can take a ferry from Athens or other nearby islands, such as Santorini, Mykonos, or Crete.

Ferry and air prices are actually pretty similar so you won’t save much money by taking the ferry.

Taking the Ferry

To take the Ferry from Athens, you need to get to Pireas port which you can reach by metro or cab.  A cab will run you about 60 Euro.

One-way ferry prices are around 75 Euro from Pireas to Milos and take about 5 to 6 hours for the journey with stops along the way.

The good thing about the ferry is that it is rarely canceled due to weather and it usually doesn’t sell out.  We actually had to take a ferry back from Milos to Athens because the airline canceled our flight due to strong winds.

Taking a Plane

Aegean Air and Olympic Air both offer direct flights from Athens airport to Milos.  The flight time is about 40 minutes and round trip airfare is about the same as the ferry. 

There are about 4 flights a day and they do sell out.  If you plan to fly I would book the tickets at least a month in advance, especially in the summer months.  We booked about 3 weeks in advance and there was only 1 flight left for the day we were leaving.  

Best Time to Go To Milos, Greece: Weather and Prices

The high season in Milos, Greece is the same for the rest of the Greek Islands, from July to August.  If you go during the high season expect to pay higher prices and encounter slightly more crowds. 

But even during high season prices in Milos are more reasonable than in Mykonos or Santorini.  I found it comparable to US prices in Washington DC, if not slightly cheaper!

The weather during the summer is hot and sunny but can be windy.   We actually experienced extreme wind when we were there this time around and that was why our flight was canceled.  The wind though is not a summer phenomenon it can be windy any time of year.

If you want slightly lower prices and even fewer crowds then I would suggest shoulder season which is May to June, and September to October.  During these months it’s still nice and warm but because the European summer vacation is over, prices drop!

Is Milos, Greece Touristy?

Milos is definitely less touristy when compared to Mykonos and Santorini.  We never once felt crowded or needed a reservation for dinner or lunch!  The beaches were uncrowded as well!  

Where to Stay in Milos, Greece

Milos, Greece has a variety of accommodation options, ranging from luxury hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses and apartments. Some popular areas to stay in include Adamas (the main port town), Pollonia (a charming fishing village), and Plaka (the historic capital).

The number one place to stay in Milos is Plaka!  The first time we went to Milos we stayed in Pollonia, which used to be a quiet fishing village, it’s now where all the high-end resorts reside!

But having stayed in 3 different areas in Milos, Plaka is my favorite!

Plaka, Milos Hotels

We loved staying in Plaka, Milos because it really had that Greek Island vibe. 

Stone walkways and boulgenvilla bloomed everywhere.  Hotels in Plaka book up super fast during high season so I would book early when planning your trip!  We really only had 3 choices that fit our needs, which were 2 rooms since we traveled with another couple.

Plaka Suites – CHECK PRICES

Plaka Suites was one of the few places that had 2 rooms available for our stay.  Even then we had to change hotels because they could not accommodate us for our entire stay.  

where to stay in milos greece

Plaka Suites ended up being a perfect choice!  The location was absolutely perfect, we ended up being on the main street in Plaka and basically a 1-minute walk to anything!  We were also right next to the prettiest stone ally!  I could not have asked for a better location.

We also loved the little refrigerator and kitchenette.   The white cave-style decor was perfect for those Greek vibes.

The best part of staying at Plaka Suites was our host, Dimitri.  Plaka suites is more like a set of airbnbs spread throughout Plaka.  Instead of having a reception area, they give you Dimitri which is so much better.  

Dimitri made so many amazing recommendations for restaurants and beaches!  He even tried to help us book a small group tour to Kleftiko for a very reasonable price, way more reasonable than what we had originally looked at!  

And every restaurant he recommended was amazing!

Halara Studios – CHECK PRICES

Another great choice in Plaka is Halara Studios!  I really wanted to stay here because of the sunset views.  These rooms face the sunset with little balconies.  And they are so reasonably priced!  

Paleachori, Milos Hotels

Paleochori has a handful of luxury beach hotels. The best part of staying in Paleochori is having direct access to some incredible beaches.  We were walking distance to 2 different beaches.

Volcano Luxury Suites – CHECK PRICES

Volcano Suites is a luxury boutique hotel with only 7 rooms.  All the rooms have a patio and hot tub!  This is the perfect hotel for relaxation or a honeymoon.

I chose this hotel for the hot tub alone.  Even in the middle of summer, nighttime in Milos can be chilly and quite windy so a hot tub is nice to have.  Plus because Paleachoir is sparsely populated there’s no light pollution at night so you can enjoy a night under the stars in your hot tub!  

Our room was spacious and also had a swing in the sitting area!  

Artemis Deluxe Rooms – CHECK PRICES

Artemis Deluxe Rooms is a luxurious resort with a pool and beach club!  Some of their suites even have their own plunge pools.  I wanted to stay here but they only had 1 room available when I booked and we needed 2 rooms!

If you want the feel of a Mykonos day club then definitely stay here because they have sun chairs and daybeds on the beach for guests.  

You can also rent them if you are not a hotel guest!

Pollonia, Milos Hotels

What used to be a sleeping fishing village is now a mecca of luxury boutique hotels.  If you are here on a honeymoon Pollonia is some of the best hotels for romance! 

things to do in pollonia milos greece

These hotels book up super fast however so book early.

Salt Suites 

Salt Suites was one of the first luxury hotels in Milos.  Though I’ve tried to stay here several times I’ve never been able to get a room!  They are that busy.  This trendy 5-star hotel has all the Instagram Influencer vibes!

If you want the perfect Instagrammble stay then Salt Suites is it!

Domus Litus – CHECK PRICES

For more budget accommodations with the traditional Greek blue and white decor in Pollonia, Domus Litus is perfect.  We stayed here on our honeymoon the first time we were in Milos and it was perfect.  We had a little kitchenette and balcony.  We saw one of my favorite sunsets here because the hotel is west-facing.  And though it’s not directly on the ocean the rooms have ocean views.

Renting a Car and Driving in Milos, Greece

You need to rent a car, an ATV or some mode of transportation to get around in Milos, Greece.  Though there is a bus system it definitely does not go everywhere, having car is so much easier!

There are car rental agencies in Adamas, Pollonia, Plaka, and at the airport.

We rented a car because I like having a roof to protect me from the sun and wind, but ATV rentals are super popular as well.

If you do plan on renting a car and can only drive automatic, then you will need to reserve one well in advance (at least 2 months if you are going during high season).  There are not many automatic cars on the island.  

We booked everything last minute and could only get a stick shift car.  You can also book the car when you get on the island if you can drive a stick shift.  We have rented cars both from major rental agencies and also local car rental agencies, both were fine.

In Greece they drive on the right side of the road, the same as the United States.

Where to Eat in Milos, Greece

Milos is a foodie’s heaven!  The food is so fresh and delicious you and we never had a bad meal!  Here are some of our favorite restaurants in Milos, Greece:

  • Phatses – Plaka (Casual Greek Vibes)
  • EN PLO Cafe – Plaka (Great for Breakfast and Drinks)
  • Avli – Plaka (Greek dinner)
  • Alkis – Pollonia (Delicious traditional Greek Fair)
  • Yialos – Pollonia (Fancy Greek Food)
  • Apollonia Grill House – Pollonia (Casual Grab and Go Gyros)
  • Pelagos – Paleochori (Traditional Greek Food Next to the Sea)
  • Sirocco – Paleochori (Fancy Greek Restaurant)
  • Medusa – Mandrakia (Fresh Octopus)