Pink Canyon is one of the prettiest trails in Valley of Fire State Park.  Sometimes also called Pastel Canyon, this is one easy hike that you have to do if you are visiting Valley of Fire State Park!

pink canyon valley of fire

Where is Pink Canyon?

Pink Canyon is inside the Valley of Fire State Park.  Valley of Fire is mostly famous for the Fire Wave Trail, which was the main reason I visited. 

Valley of Fire State Park is 40,000 acres of bright red Aztec sandstone outcrops nestled in gray and tan limestone.  Bright red is the main colorway of the park, except for Pink Canyon which is cotton candy pink!!

Admission to Valley of Fire State Park is a $15 entrance fee per vehicle ($10 for NV vehicles), per day and gives you access to all the hikes!

Directions to Pink Canyon in Valley of Fire State Park

There is no public transportation to get to Pink Canyon, you will need a car to get here.  If you are visiting from Las Vegas, you will drive North on 15, then take a right on Valley of Fire Highway until you get to Mouse’s Tank Road, where you will take a left.  Driving on Mouse’s Tank you’ll pass the Visitor Center on the right.

From the Visitor Center, drive about 4 miles to reach the Pink Canyon Trail Head, which will be on your right.  The trailhead is easy to miss because there’s no marker, but you’ll see that the road is a slightly different color here because it is a pedestrian crosswalk.

Parking for Pink Canyon in Valley of Fire

You used to be able to park right at the trailhead for Pink Canyon, but now ropes are blocking it off, and signs say no parking.  If you stop right before the Pink Canyon Trailhead, there is a shoulder that doesn’t have signs you may be able to park at.  

Another option is to park at the Firewave Trail parking lot which is designated parking.  This might be a safer bet especially if you want to spend a bit of time exploring.

The Pink Canyon Trail

If you manage to snag parking next to the trailhead, hiking Pink Canyon is super easy.  

Facing the unmarked trailhead go left and you’ll clearly see a path to the beautiful pink slot canyons!  It will only take about 5 minutes of walking to reach the slotted canyon!

pink canyon

The other option if you cannot park at the trailhead is coming from the Firewave Trail parking lot.  If you are coming from the Firewave Trail parking lot, you can walk along the shoulder of Mouse’s Tank Road to the Pink Canyon Trailhead, which is about 0.7 miles (16-minute walk).  

A third option is to get to Pink Canyon from Firewave Trail!  Firewave is probably the main attraction of Valley of Fire so you won’t want to leave without seeing it.  A good option is to take the Firewave Trail, have a stop at the Firewave, and then continue to Pink Canyon.  Instead of heading back on the Firewave Trail continue south until you hit a valley that looks like a trail.  Turn right and you will get to Pink Canyon.  

Since it’s not an official trail, this option doesn’t show up on maps except here.  

Tips for Hiking Pink Canyon

  • Bring lots of water especially if you are hiking during summertime.  I cannot stress enough how dangerous it is to run out of water in the desert, especially if you are hiking from the Fire Wave parking lot.  

  • Hike early in the morning or near sunset for the best pink colors.  I went during the middle of the day and it was not as pink!

  • Download Google Maps of the area onto your phone so you don’t get lost, there’s zero reception inside the park.  I almost got lost when I was hiking Fire Wave because I was going in the wrong direction.  If I had not downloaded Google Maps and checked my location via GPS I would have been all off track, which is very dangerous.

  • Wear sun-protective clothing to prevent sunburn.  The sun is so strong in Nevada, definitely wear sunglasses, a hat, and long sleeves.  

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