Over the years as the Reformation has become more and more popular I’ve seen quite a few Reformation dress dupes pop up!

reformation dupes

There are quite a few brands now carrying Reformation-inspired dresses at a quarter of the price of Reformation!

About Reformation

Reformation is a sustainable brand creating women’s fashion with a vintage vibe.  They originally started the business way back when using only leftover fabrics from manufacturers and their sizing was extremely limited.  I know this first hand because I know a few of their first dresses when they first became popularized by bloggers.

reformation dress dupes

As they have grown over the years they now have actual sizes besides S/M and L/XL.  They ethically produce their clothing and are more committed than ever to sustainability, with a focus on climate action and environmental justice. 

The majority of their clothing is produced from natural fibers such as linen, cotton, and silk.  A large portion of their dresses is made of viscose (rayon) which is wood pulp that is chemically processed.  Each piece of clothing on their site also discloses the environmental impact of the production of that item.

Best Reformation Dress Dupe for 2024

Here’s a quick list of all the best Reformation dress dupes for 2024!  Keep reading if you want more details and a review of Reformation quality.  I actually own quite a few Reformation dresses and Reformation dupes!

Best Reformation Juliette Dress Dupes:

Best Reformation Davila Dress Dupes:

Best Reformation Frankie Dress Dupe

Popular Reformation Inspired Dresses for 2024

Reformation Inspired Dresses Best Sellers:

Is Reformation Worth the Price?

Reformation is a pricey brand because of its sustainable practices and the natural fibers they use to produce its clothing.  I would say if you can afford their clothing then it is worth it ON SALE!

Yes, Reformation goes on sale about 3 times a year, usually at the end of summer around late August.  Then again for Black Friday and again AFTER Christmas.  You can expect sale prices of up to 70% Off.

reformation dress dupe

This is usually when I’ve bought Reformation items when they went on sale!  Though be sure to check your sizing because sale items are not returnable!

I would hesitate at buying their dresses at full price because they have cut a few corners on construction such as adding smocked back panels to accommodate more sizes per dress size on many of their dresses.  And recently I’ve seen quite a few TikTok reviews on how their quality has gone down.

Also, they do NOT line up their print patterns at the seam which is what I would expect at a $300 price point.  And unfortunately, their silk slip dresses are NOT cut on the bias which creates a more flattering shape.

I have only bought dresses from them because I find their other items rather bland and easily found at other retailers for the same quality at better price points.

Reformation Dress Dupe

Reformation dresses have a vintagey vibe, and recently many retailers have duped their dresses!  They look almost EXACTLY the same.  Here is a list of the BEST Reformation Dress dupes I’ve found on the internet.

Reformation Juliette Dress Dupe

The Reformation Juliette Dress is one that I own and has been my favorite for a long time!

It also has a little sister called the Kourtney Dress.

Both dresses have a pretty corset bodice, a midi length, thin spaghetti straps, and a sexy slit!  It is one of my favorite dresses.  But at over $200 each they are not within the budget for most. 

The Reformation Juliette dress is so popular that I found one for $21 that has amazing reviews – FIND IT HERE.   And I recently found the coveted blue leopard print duped, get it HERE.  I’ve never been able to find a good dupe of this print before.

For a higher-end version, but still affordable version of the Juliette and Kourtney, this dress, is the way to go!

Reformation Frankie Silk Dress Dupe

The Frankie Silk Dress by Reformation has been on my radar for a while now!!  It is so pretty with its body-skimming shape and 90s neckline!  It is 100% silk and nearly $300!

The dupe of the Frankie Dress is made of polyester but has a similar shape and print.  It’s under $40!

Reformation Marguerite Inspired Silk Dress

The Reformation Marguerite Silk Dress is absolutely stunning made with lux silk fabric, but it retails for nearly $300!

I’ve found the most amazing dupe that’s also made out of a silk blend fabric that’s only $70 – GET IT HERE.

Reformation Provence Inspired Silk Dress Dupe

Lingerie-inspired dresses are a huge hit for fall, this is no surprise as silky slip dresses have been popular for the past few years.  The Reformation Provence definitely has that vintage nightgown vibe, and is made of 100% silk, but costs nearly $300!

But I’ve found literally an exactly dupe for less than half the price – SHOP IT HERE.

Reformation Rou Knit Dress Dupe

The Rou Knit dress is a pretty midi dress in a beautiful TENCEL jersey fabric, with a square neckline and a full midi skirt!

I have a version of this dress from a previous collection with a ruffle strap detail!  It retails at around $100, but I found a dress that looks just like the Reformation one for $40 and is made of TENCEL too – CHECK IT OUT HERE.

If I didn’t already own a version of the Rou dress I would definitely buy the dupe!!  It’s so exact down to the fabric, neckline, skirt and even the fabric!

Reformation Sigmund Dress

The Reformation Sigmund Dress is perfect for fall with long bishop sleeves.

But it’s nearly $250!  This dress is pretty much an exact dupe for less than half the price, they’ve even recreated a super popular Ref print that’s constantly sold out.  It has the same pretty long sleeves in a midi length and thigh high split!

Rupert Dress

If you are looking for a beautiful dress with the BIGGEST puff sleeves like the Rupert Dress from Reformation and the Atlanta Dress from Sleeper then this dupe is it!

Reformation can’t take all the credit though for these puff sleeve smocked bodice dresses the original brand that made these was Sleeper, it’s called the Atlanta Dress and retails for over $300,

The dupe is so good though it looks exactly like the original Sleeper Atlanta Dress and might even be better than the Reformation version and is only $70.  Plus it’s made of linen blend fabric!

Brands Similar to Reformation

More and more brands are creating Reformation-inspired pieces at affordable prices.  Some brands have even copied Reformations fabrics!  Here’s a list of brands that are similar to Reformation.

Abercrombie & Fitch

I’ve noticed in recent years, that ever since Abercrombie & Fitch came under new FEMALE leadership, the brand has heavily drawn inspiration from Reformation.  They’ve not only duped the Provence but several other dresses as well such as well with the price point at about 50% less than Reformation.

Here are some Reformation-inspired dresses from Abercrombie.

Few Moda Reformation-Inspired Dresses

Few Moda works with manufacturers of high-end brands to bring you products directly without the hefty price tag.  They have partnered with the world’s leading manufacturers behind brands you know and love to give you direct access to the best quality goods at the best possible prices.  To shop their site, you must be a member and pay a monthly membership price.  You can however cancel at any time.  Their prices are pretty good starting around $60 for a dress, which is actually lower than Abercrombie.  

Rihoas Reformation Inspired Dresses

Rihoas has a large selection of Reformation-inspired pieces at totally affordable prices.  They have really nailed the floral prints that Reformation offers!

Chicwish Reformation Dress Dupes

Chicwish, a Chinese drop shipping retailer similar to Shein surprisingly has so many great Reformation dress dupes!  They are priced higher than Shein but about a quarter of the price of Reformation!  I own a few of their sweaters and their quality is much better than Shein.

One of their dresses is an exact dupe of a Reformation dress from an older collection and went totally viral on TikTok.  Seeing it on TikTok I cannot tell the difference at all!


Quince is a newer brand I’ve noticed recently with a direct-to-consumer model.  They offer products in natural fibers such as silk, linen, Tencel, and wool just like Reformation.  While they definitely don’t have as many dress dupes of Reformation their knitwear definitely is Reformation-inspired.  And the price of their silk slip dresses and skirts is unmatched!

Looking for more dupes, check out my post on Selkie Dress Dupes and House of CB Dupes.

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