This is your guide to the best restaurants in Milos, Greece!  The food in Milos, Greece, and in Greece, in general, was delicious.  We did not once have a bad meal! 

mandrakia milos greece

Every restaurant we went to was delicious, especially the seafood.  And the half carafes of wine for 8 euros were so affordable too that we had wine with basically every single meal except breakfast! 

In general restaurants, meals were less expensive compared to the USA, especially for seafood.  We usually spent about $100 euros per meal for 4 adults with 2 to 3 appetizers and 3 main dishes to share, plus wine and beer.  Where we live this would easily run about $250 – $300 USD at least.   

Just to compare I had dinner at Clydes in Washington DC, a pretty basic family restaurant, and our bill for 2 adults and 1 child was $250!!  So in comparison, the food in Milos, Greece was cheap, especially for all the seafood we had!

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The Best Restaurants in Milos, Greece

I’ve put together a list of the best restaurant in Milos, Greece organized by location.

Best Restaurants in Plaka, Milos

Palaios Cafe – Plaka

Palaios Cafe was our go to breakfast spot in Plaka, Milos because it was down the street from our hotel.  The croissants, coffee, and yogurt with fruit were amazing here.  We basically ate breakfast here every morning.  Palaios is definitely the best restaurant in Milos if you are staying in Plaka.

This cafe not only has great food, but it is so cute!  It feels like you are in the middle of Italy somewhere.

EN PLO Cafe – Plaka

En Plo Cafe is rooftop cafe that was attached to our hotel, talk about convenience!  The views are stunning and the coffee is good.  They specialize in waffles which were delicious and HUGE.  If you want a giant waffle for breakfast definitely come here.

We also stopped here after dinner for nighttime drinks!

Phatses – Plaka

If you want traditional Greek food and vibes Phatses is it!  This recommendation from our hotel host, Dimitri has only outdoor seating situated in an open plaza with colorful tables and chairs.  Every table here came with its own cat to look at you with hungry eyes!

The mousaka and kebob here are so delicious!  And you definitely cannot go wrong with the Greek salad for some veggies.  Also definitely get the fries here as they are more like thick potato chips.

Avli – Plaka

Avli was our favorite dinner spot in Plaka.  It is definitely one of the best restaurants in Milos, Greece.  The food here was incredible, every single dish had us practically licking our plates.  We shared artichokes for appetizers with a whole grilled fish and grandmother’s bolognese as the main courses!  Each dish was superb. Avli gets quite busy for dinner so get here early or you will have to wait for a table.

O Hamos – Plaka

For a truly immersive dining experience, head to O Hamos, located in Plaka, the island’s capital. This traditional taverna exudes an old-world charm and offers a menu that celebrates the rich heritage of Greek gastronomy. The knowledgeable staff will guide you through their extensive selection of mezes (small plates) featuring local cheeses, cured meats, and mouthwatering dips. Don’t forget to try their famous tomato balls, a unique local specialty that bursts with flavor.

Best Restaurants in Pollonia, Milos

Alkis – Pollonia

Alkis is at the very end of the strip of seaside restaurants in Pollonia.  I’m so glad we had lunch here.  They had the BEST lamb shank of our entire trip.  The lamb shank came stewed in a tangy and savory lemon gravy with a side of fries.  The fries and greek salad were the best on our entire trip as well!

Yialos – Pollonia

If you are looking for a fancier dining experience Yialos is it!  The pasta dishes here are spectacular.  We had the shrimp spaghetti and the sea urchin spaghetti both dishes were fresh and yummy.

If you like lamb shank however do not order it here, the sous vide shank was disappointing in both flavor and texture.  Get the traditional stewed one at Alkis instead.  

Apollonia Grill House – Pollonia

For a meal on a budget get a mouth watering gyro from Apollonia Grill House is it!  You can see the meat roasting on a spit here and was it drool worthy.  Both the pork gyro and the kebob were excellent.  Take it to go and have a nice picnic by the beach in Pollonia!

Ergina Restaurant – Pollonia

Tucked away in the charming village of Pollonia, Ergina Restaurant is a must-visit for lovers of Greek cuisine. This intimate eatery prides itself on sourcing the freshest ingredients from local farms and fishermen, ensuring an authentic and flavorsome meal. Indulge in their signature dish, the lamb souvlaki, which is perfectly seasoned and grilled to perfection. For dessert, don’t miss their homemade baklava, a heavenly combination of flaky pastry, nuts, and honey.

Armenaki Restaurant Pollonia

Situated in the heart of Pollonia, Armenaki Restaurant is renowned for its stunning sunset views and exceptional seafood. With its elegant yet laid-back atmosphere, this establishment offers an extensive menu that caters to all tastes. From fresh catch of the day to grilled prawns and lobster linguine, the dishes are prepared with care and attention to detail. Pair your meal with a refreshing ouzo or a local craft beer, and savor the flavors as you watch the sun dip below the horizon.

Best Restaurants in Paleochori Milos

Pelagos – Paleochori

Pelagos in Paleochori is another traditional greek restaurant.  I highly recommend the kabobs here, it was juicy and flavorful.  Most of the seafood dishes we ordered here were good too, but the shrimp was just a bit overcooked.  The views from the restaurant however were stunning.

Sirocco – Paleochori

Sirocco is a high-end beachside restaurant in Paleochori, and while the views and atmosphere were perfection, the food was just so so.  The best dish we had here was the clam spaghetti.   

Restuarants in Mandrakia and Klima

Medusa – Mandrakia

You cannot visit Mandrakia without having some grilled sundried octopus!  The first time we had this dish was on our Kleftiko tour where the boat captain had dried his own and it was amazing.  Medusa’s octopus is just as good, perfectly char grilled and so tender.  I’m not really sure how sun-dried octopus gets so tender!  Definitely get an order of grilled shrimp as well.  And of course, the views from this cliffside restaurant are stunning.  

Astakas Cafe – Klima, Milos

We originally were only going to order drinks at Astakas Cafe in Klima because I needed to use the bathroom and the restaurant had the only bathroom!

But Astakas Cafe ended up being one of the best Milos, Greece restaurants we went to on the trip.  It is the only restaurant in Klima, and they have the FRESHEST seafood I’ve ever tasted, the grilled shrimp was delicious here.  I also highly recommend the sea urchin salad and the anchovies!  


Medusa Restaurant
Nestled along the picturesque waterfront of Adamantas, Medusa Restaurant is a true gem. This family-run establishment serves up a delectable array of traditional Greek dishes infused with a modern twist. From the moment you step in, you’re greeted with warm hospitality and an inviting ambiance. I highly recommend trying their seafood delicacies, such as the succulent grilled octopus and the mouthwatering lobster pasta. Pair your meal with a local wine, and you’re in for an unforgettable dining experience.

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