scary diy halloween costumes

Halloween has got to be one of my favorite holidays!  It’s pretty easy to DIY a scary costume with ready-made items.  And if you are a super procrastinator like me you’ll appreciate the fact that every costume on here is available on Amazon Prime, so you can have everything delivered before Halloween.  These scary DIY Halloween costumes are guaranteed to scare EVERYONE!

Scary DIY Halloween Costume:  Silent Hill Nurse Costume

What You Will Need for the Silent Hill Nurse Costume

  • Gauze
  • Store Bought Nurse Costume or White Shirt
  • White Stockings

The Silent Hill Nurse Halloween costume takes a little prep ahead of time but is actually super easy.  A few days before buy some gauze and soak it in some tea or coffee and let it dry (or if you are in a time crunch just put it in the dryer).  Either buy a nurse costume – Check Prices (or something a bit more sexy like this or this) just use a white shirt – Find One Here, like I did ( I drew on the cross with a red sharpie).  Now all you have to do is wrap that gauze you dyed the day before and wrap it around your head!  That’s it, how easy is that!

Scary DIY Halloween Costume:  Scary Geisha Lolita Costume

Normally Geisha or lolita style costumes are sexy or cute, but this geisha costume is super scary.  I bought this Halloween costume on a trip to Thailand but I’ve found almost the same options here, here and here. The rest is just a long white wig (or here, here and here), white face paint and black face paint.  Add some white stockings and you are good to go!  And come on what’s scarier than a Japanese geisha ghost after you!

Scary DIY Halloween Costume:  Scary French Clown

For this scary DIY Halloween costume a group is definitely preferred.  And basically, it’s a combo of the techniques we used for the zombie costume and the scary doll costume.  We covered our faces again in white paint and used more face paint for the designs.  Now the cross cut you see on my face is done exactly the same as on the zombie costume.  Toilet paper and liquid latex, that’s it.  For the lace bra this one is super sexy, this pair of ruffly underwear is what I am wearing, and this mini top hat is so cute!  The neck and wrist ruffles are simply made out of tulle knotted in strips.

Halloween Costume:  Zombies

Now this one is pretty easy and with the popularity of the Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, it will be a huge hit.  Especially if you do it as a group.  Everything’s better when there’s multiples or a theme.

Really all the makeup is real make up I had in my makeup drawer.  That dramatic cut down my chest was achieved with toilet paper and liquid latex.  Simply rip up pieces of toilet paper hold to desired position and cover it with liquid latex over your skin.  Use eyeliner to draw down the center of the gash and add some fake blood and you are done!  Get some old clothes and throw some blood on there and voila costume complete.

zombie costume

Halloween Costume:  Voldemort

The beautographer has been He Who Shall Not Be Named for at least 5 years running now.  He’s got this costume down pat.  First you need a bald cap which is adhered to your head and smoothed out with liquid latex (see a theme here with the liquid latex?).  Then you adhere your prosthetic with more liquid latex.  Now here comes the make up part.  The secret to a good Voldemort costume is Covergirl!!  Yes Covergirl Aquasmooth foundation is key here.  Buy it in the lightest beige color and cover your whole head in it.  Then powder, then touch up then powder.  That’s it.  Now one note here, because of the prosthetic you won’t be able to drink anything unless it’s a straw!

voldemort costume diy

Halloween Costume:  Pinhead

When the Beautographer is not Voldemort he likes to wear his Voldemort robe as Pinhead.  So if you thought Voldemort was hard to do, Pinhead is even worse.  Do not attempt if you don’t have at least a good 6 hours to dedicate to this and some time the day before to prep.  There’s no prosthetics here but each of those “Pins” is glued on individually with you guessed it LIQUID LATEX!

First a few days before you need to take a bunch of qtips, chop off the ends and spray paint them silver so they have time to dry.  The day of paint your face with white face paint, lots and lots of white face paint.  Then take a make up crayon and draw a grid on your whole head.  

Now here comes the hard part you liquid latex each of those pins you made onto the intersections of the grid on your face.  You will need a lot of liquid latex.  Basically you hold it in place then cover it with liquid latex on your skin.  Here’s a trick to faster drying use a blow dryer while holding it in place.  Hopefully after the 6+ hours it took you to do this, you won’t be too tired to go anywhere.  

Pin Head Pin Head Make up