I’ve found the perfect Selkie Puff Dress dupe!!  

selkie puff dress dupe

If you’ve not seen Selkie dresses you’ve been living under a rock!   

The Selkie Puff Dress is a blogger fave and totally all over Instagram.  Selkie dresses are cottage core meets princess core meets Bridgerton! 

These dresses are SUPER PUFFY with puff sleeves, a puffy full skirt, and a fitted bodice with an empire waist.  The Selkie Puff Dress is also super short!

The most popular color is the Rainbow Puff Dress.  It comes in blue clouds, yellow, pink and more.  There’s even a longer version called the French Puff Dress.

But at over $200 it’s not the most affordable item for something so trendy.  Shop the original here.

So of course I had to find a Selkie Puff Dress Dupe!  I literally looked everywhere for a Selkie dress dupe but could not find one that even came close.  

That is until I was searching for something on Aliexpress and came across the perfect Selkie dupe!!  CLICK HERE for the exact Selkie dupe dress I’m wearing for $23!

Or get the blue cloud version HERE!

Shopping Aliexpress 

If you are not familiar with Aliexpress it’s like Chinese eBay.  Many drop shippers and Amazon sellers buy items from Aliexpress and sell them to you at a markup.  They sell MANY dupe items!

Shipping on Aliexpress varies by vendor and can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months!  

Quality is also hit or miss depending on the seller.  There are lots of sellers using fake images that do not belong to them.  

So always check reviews and pictures in reviews.

Selkie Puff Dress Dupe from Aliexpress

The Selkie dress dupe I got from Aliexpress was perfect for $23!  It came in 2 weeks and was exactly as pictured!  GET IT HERE.

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selkie dress dupe

I had gone with a Medium because the reviews said it ran small, but the dress is a bit big on me.  The measurements given by the seller are actually correct!  I would order your usual size.

Quality of the Selkie Dupe

The quality of the Selkie dupe dress is amazing.  It’s not quite as puffy as the original, but it’s pretty puffy and just as I expected.  I bought the Rainbow Puff Dress dupe and the colors are so pretty, like cotton candy.  

selkie dress dupe

The dress has 2 layers of organza and a lining layer as well so it’s not see-through.

Just as the original Selkie Puff Dress, this one is all made of polyester.

For $23 this is an amazing Selkie-inspired dress that’s almost exactly like the original.  I just recently ordered the blue one and I’ll update when I get it! 

Amazon Selkie Puff Dress

Amazon also has a Selkie Puff Dress dupe that looks just like the original. Honestly, the Amazon seller is probably just a drop shipper from Aliexpress but it’s the same price as the Aliexpress one and they have a ton of colors!

Looking at the reviews the dress looks just like the Aliexpress dupe, get it HERE.

Amazon Selkie French Puff Dupe

I recently just found a dupe of the Selkie French Puff dresses for under just $25 on Amazon! This is basically the longer version of the original Puff Dress from Selkie. The French Puff dress retails for $269, but the dupe I found is only $24, GET IT HERE. They even have all the colors!

I ordered this dress and it’s a pretty good dress! HIts about midi length!

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Selkie Parliament Dupe from Shein

If you are looking for the Selkie Parliament dress dupe, I’ve found a great match! This Selkie Parliament-inspired dress has bustier-style cups and comes in such a pretty rainbow color and flower print.

Get the rainbow one HERE and the flower print HERE.

It has a fitted waist instead of the babydoll shape of the Puff Dress.

Shein Puff Dress Dupes

Shein actually has a TON of Selke puff dress dupes! I’ve linked all the best ones in this youtube video

Selkie What a Night Puff Dress Dupe

Selkie’s What a Night Puff dress definitely has dark cottagecore written all over it!

I’ve found several similar style dresses to the Selkie What a Night Puff dress that is half the price.

Get it here, here and here.

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