This Shein swimsuits review will help you shop all the best Shein bikinis for 2021!  They have super cute swimsuits for summer at under $15 for both pieces!

shein swimsuits review 2021

Shein has really stepped up its game in the swimsuits department, offering figure flattering and trendy styles for all shapes and sizes at affordable prices!

I personally have a small bust most bikinis from mass retailers are too big in the chest for me!  Especially underwire styles, hello gaping cups!

But not Shein!  Their cups actually fit me.  They also have amazing one pieces and plus sizes for those with larger chests and more curves.

And let’s not even talk about their amazing selection of mom friendly swimwear!  

So here’s the low down on bikinis and swimsuits from Shein first hand, especially for those A cup ladies.  

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High Cut Shein Swimsuit Review

I’ve been loving high cut bikinis lately. It’s totally all the rage since the 80s and 90s are making a huge comeback.  

This high-waisted two-piece is so flattering for only $14!!  I bought it because I needed a more conservative suit for family gatherings.  

shein swimsuits review

Though this Shein bikini bottom still has more moderate coverage in the back, it makes your butt look amazing. 

The top is like a sports bra almost and really holds you in.  I thought it would make my small boobs look flatter but it really doesn’t. 

The thick ribbed material works to add more volume to your top so it actually enhances a smaller chest!

But because it’s so sturdy this would be a great swimsuit from Shein for those bustier ladies as well!  

This Shein swimsuit definitely gets an A+ for being flattering, family/mom-friendly, and great for activities! (Or get it on Amazon here)

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Skimpy High Leg Shein Bikini

If you want to be a bit more daring this leopard suit is for you (comes in tie-dye too here)! 

Of all the bikinis I bought from Shein, this one is definitely my favorite. 

The color looks amazing with a tan, the bottoms are super cheeky in the back (but not a thong bikini), and you can wear it high on the leg or on your hips.

The top of this Shein swimsuit is both functional and supportive. 

Something about the scoop on this one looks great on A cup ladies!  It scoops just a bit lower than other bikinis I’ve seen in this style, giving your girls a really flattering shape! (Get it on Amazon here.)  Solid colors are available too here.

Shein Triangle Tie Dye Bikini Review

Shein has so many tie-dye bikini options and this one and this one were both highly rated! 

But after studying the pictures and the cut I really didn’t think they would look good on someone with a smaller chest.

Instead, I went with a tie-dye Shein bikini that has a triangle top and high cut leg. 

shein bikini haul 2021

I really love the skinny straps on the bottoms and the back is super cheeky giving you a great butt.  

best shein bikinis

The top has triangle cups that scrunch so you can adjust the coverage which is why I love it for smaller chests. 

Also, it’s that perfect shape for smaller busts.  Triangle bikinis that are too wide, too narrow, or too short make smaller boobs look misshapen.  

This triangle bikini from Shein has the perfect width to height ratio to flatter a smaller bust.

Unlike most triangle cups that tie at the neck, these have shoulder straps that attach to the band at the back, which I love. (Get it on Amazon here, and here)

Shein Underwire Swimsuit Review

Being an A cup I’ve always stayed away from underwire swimsuits because they never fit.  The cups are ALWAYS too big for my small boobs and gape horribly.

Shein though, being a Chinese company, seems to have to take smaller busted ladies into account when designing their underwire swimwear and for once I can wear it!

This style comes in quite a few prints and colors and I love it! 

shein bikini review

If you are bigger than a B cup you will probably not be able to wear this without a nip slip! 

shein swimwear review

The underwire doesn’t really offer support but the cups make smaller boobs look amazing! (Get it on Amazon here)

You can wear the bottoms high on the leg or straight across, and it’s cheeky in the back, my favorite style!

I absolutely love this bikini and wore it to the pool and the beach in Delaware.

This next underwire bikini from Shein is everywhere! I first saw this style a few years ago when Amanda on Summer House wore it! 

shein v wire bikini

What can I say I fell in love with the style, but she looks like at least a C cup so I really wasn’t sure how it would look on me.  (Get it on Amazon here)

But for $9 from Shein, I thought I’d give this swimsuit a try! 

shein swimsuits review haul 2021

The bottoms are the best part.  The V-cut is so flattering it’s insane how skinny they make you look!  The back is VERY cheeky so it’s definitely not a conservative bikini.  

Surprisingly the top fits and looks amazing!!  The wire on this one is super hard and doesn’t bend at all, but it still somehow looks amazing on.  If you are in A cup this Shein swimsuit will look amazing on you!  It comes in so many different colors too.

Shein Swimsuits Quality Review

Shein has really overcome some of the quality issues I’ve seen in the past!  All the swimsuits I bought from Shein has been of decent quality for the price.  

I would say the quality of Shein swimsuits are similar to Forever 21, H&M, and Target.  Meaning the materials and sewing is similar.

But I find the cut and fit of Shein swimwear BETTER than Forever 21 or Target!  The cuts of Shein bikinis are more modern and on-trend and definitely fit better on those with a smaller chest.  H&M however usually fits me pretty well on top, but their bottoms tend to be made for those girls without curves.

I find that both Forever 21 and Target make their cups way too big for someone with an A cup and are just flat out unflattering on those that have a small chest.  You really need to be a 34B or above to shop from some of the mass retailers in the USA.

Shein Swimsuits Review:  Shopping Tips

Though Shein has free returns for most of their clothes, they do not allow returns for swimsuits.  But at $15 per set, it’s not a huge loss if you don’t like the swimsuit.

Shipping takes about 2 weeks, so if you want to buy it for a trip, order early!  

Here’s a hack though, most of the bikinis from Shein are also available on Amazon (I’ve linked the Amazon versions above).  And Amazon usually has free 2-day shipping if you have Prime and FREE RETURNS, even on swimsuits!  

BUT you will pay about double the price on Amazon for exactly the same bikini because of the convenience factor.

Look at Shein swimsuit reviews for each swimsuit before purchasing for sizing information.  You can sort their reviews by size and color!  You can also filter for reviews that include pictures.  This is mainly how I determine what will look good on me!

Size Info

And lastly here’s my sizing info!  I bought all the Shein swimsuits I reviewed in the smallest size available (small).  I’m a 32A, 25” waist, and 5’4” tall.  

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