Looking for Shein swimsuit reviews?  This review of Shein swimsuits will help you shop all the best Shein bikinis for 2024!  They have super cute swimsuits for summer at under $15 for both pieces!

shein swimsuit review

Shein has really stepped up its game in the swimsuits department, offering figure flattering and trendy styles for all shapes and sizes at affordable prices!

I personally have a small bust most bikinis from mass retailers are too big in the chest for me!  Especially underwire styles, hello gaping cups!

But not Shein!  Their cups actually fit me.  They also have amazing one pieces and plus sizes for those with larger chests and more curves.

And let’s not even talk about their amazing selection of mom friendly swimwear!  

So here’s the low down on bikinis and swimsuits from Shein first hand, especially for those A cup ladies.  

Shein Swimsuit Pricing

Shein has swimsuits for around $15 or under for an entire set.  That’s both the top and bottom for $15!!  This is incredibly affordable if you are on a budget and want some cute swimsuits for your next trip.  Their one-piece swimsuits are around the same price.  Most retailers charge more for underwire bikinis, but not Shein, those are around $15 for the set as well.

Shein also sells swimsuits in separates in case you need different sizes for top and bottom.  Buying tops and bottoms separately will not cost more!

Best Shein Swimsuits for 2024

These are my top picks for Shein swimsuits for 2024!  Keep reading for reviews on each one!  These Shein swimsuits all have great reviews on the Shein site.

High Cut Shein Swimsuit Review

I’ve been loving high cut bikinis lately. It’s totally all the rage since the 80s and 90s are making a huge comeback.  

This high-waisted two-piece is so flattering for only $14!!  I bought it because I needed a more conservative suit for family gatherings.  And this Shein swimsuit has top reviews from customers

shein swimsuits review

Though this Shein bikini bottom still has more moderate coverage in the back, it makes your butt look amazing. 

The top is like a sports bra almost and really holds you in.  I thought it would make my small boobs flatter, but it doesn’t. 

The thick ribbed material adds more volume to your top, enhancing a smaller chest!

But because it’s so sturdy this would be a great swimsuit from Shein for those bustier ladies as well!  And it comes in soooo many colors! 

I also love this high-waisted Shein swimsuit with a deep v neck.

This Shein swimsuit definitely gets an A+ for being flattering, family/mom-friendly, and great for activities! (Or get it on Amazon here)

Skimpy High Leg Shein Bikini

If you want to be a bit more daring this ribbed suit is for you! 

The neon color looks amazing with a tan, the bottoms are super cheeky in the back (but not a thong bikini), and you can wear it high on the leg or on your hips.

The top of this Shein swimsuit is both functional and supportive. 

Something about the scoop on this one looks great on A cup ladies!  It scoops just a bit lower than other bikinis I’ve seen in this style, giving your girls a really flattering shape! 

Shein Triangle Tie Dye Bikini Review

Shein has so many tie-dye bikini options and this one and this one were both highly rated! 

But after studying the pictures and the cut I really didn’t think they would look good on someone with a smaller chest.

Instead, I went with a tie-dye Shein bikini that has a triangle top and high cut leg, get it here.

shein bikini haul 2021

I really love the skinny straps on the bottoms and the back is super cheeky giving you a great butt.  

best shein bikinis

The top has triangle cups that scrunch so you can adjust the coverage which is why I love it for smaller chests. 

Also, it’s that perfect shape for smaller busts.  Triangle bikinis that are too wide, too narrow, or too short make smaller boobs look misshapen.  

This triangle bikini from Shein has the perfect width to height ratio to flatter a smaller bust.

Unlike most triangle cups that tie at the neck, these have shoulder straps that attach to the band at the back, which I love. 

Shein Underwire Swimsuit Review

Being an A cup I’ve always stayed away from underwire swimsuits because they never fit.  The cups are ALWAYS too big for my small boobs and gape horribly.

Shein though, being a Chinese company, seems to have to take smaller busted ladies into account when designing their underwire swimwear and for once I can wear it!

I’ve gotten so many underwire bikinis from Shein and they all fit amazingly well!

This style comes in quite a few prints and colors and I love it!   Again this Shein swimsuit has top reviews from customers!

shein bikini review


shein swimwear review

The underwire doesn’t really offer support but the cups make smaller boobs look amazing! (Get it on Amazon here)

You can wear the bottoms high on the leg or straight across, and it’s cheeky in the back, my favorite style!

I absolutely love this bikini and wore it to the pool and the beach in Delaware.

This next underwire bikini from Shein is everywhere! I first saw this style a few years ago when Amanda on Summer House wore it! 

shein v wire bikini

What can I say I fell in love with the style, but she looks like at least a C cup so I really wasn’t sure how it would look on me.  (Get it on Amazon here)

But for $9 from Shein, I thought I’d give this swimsuit a try! 

shein swimsuits review haul 2021

The bottoms are the best part.  The V-cut is so flattering it’s insane how skinny they make you look!  The back is VERY cheeky so it’s definitely not a conservative bikini.  

Surprisingly the top fits and looks amazing!!  The wire on this one is super hard and doesn’t bend at all, but it still somehow looks amazing on.  If you are in A cup this Shein swimsuit will look amazing on you!  It comes in so many different colors too.

My latest underwire Shein swimsuit purchase is this one in white.

This Shein ribbed bikini is perfect for summer in Europe!  The top fits so well and really gives my small bust a nice boost.

The material is ribbed which super on-trend right now.

The bottoms are a cheeky cut!   

If you like the ribbed material this one is kind of a long line underwire bikini set.  I love the deep v in the middle and it also fits really well.  Get it on Amazon here.

Shein Triangle Bikinis Review 2024

I’ve noticed not many people review Shein triangle bikinis, so I decided to test out a few and review these Shein triangle swimsuits!

Well, the verdict is Shein triangle bikinis are amazing, especially if you have a smaller bust and want a super-sexy style!

Let’s start with this teeny triangle bikini from Shein that has gold ring accents.  Get it here.

shein triangle bikini review

This swimsuit is the LBD of bikinis!  It definitely runs small on top so if you are a 34B or above I would size up.  The back is basically a thong with minimal coverage.

The self-tie straps are great for tying higher up on your hips and make your legs look a mile long!

It comes in 11 COLORS.  If you are looking for a sexy bikini for the summer this one is it!  This Shein triangle bikini is still one of the highest-rated bikinis with so many reviews from customers.


Shein has a bunch of colorful triangle bikinis for summer and the beach! Get it here.

palm print bikini

This Shein bathing suit has such fun vibrant colors for a beach vacation.

The cups on the top are larger than the black triangle bikini, but the bottoms have minimal coverage in the back and are almost a thong.

I love the thin straps on the bottoms and you can definitely hike the straps up your hips for cute pics!

Next up is Shein’s smocked triangle bikini!  Get it here. Or get it on Amazon here.

shein leopard triangle bikini

I love smocked bikinis, they really add volume to a small chest!

Out of all the Shein triangle swimsuits in this review, this bikini top has probably the biggest cups.  But it is still super flattering on the chest because of the shirred detail.

This bathing suit comes with cheeky coverage bottoms and self-tie straps that you can hike up your hips for that high-cut leg look.

If you want a teeny weeny tiny bikini for your summer trip then Shein is the place to get it!

shein bikinis for small busts

I wasn’t sure about the color scheme at first, but this itty bitty suit is perfection!

The back again is basically a thong, and the triangle cups are tiny, perfect for a small bust.

There are no self-tying straps on this bikini top, and the top straps are connected to the band in the back instead of tying around your neck.  I absolutely love this style of triangle bikini top!

Again the bottoms have a high cut leg.

This is the only bathing suit from Shein that I bought that came in an XS, so that’s the size I got.


Shein Halter Bathing Suit Review

Another super popular style of swimsuit I’ve seen in 2022  is the cross halter style that you can tie multiple ways.

Shein has a unique take on the halter bathing suit, adding a wire to the bottom of the bikini top! Get it here. Or get it here from Amazon if you need it soon!

shein cross halter bikini

This bikini is so sexy!!  And really makes a small chest pop because the wire forms an optical illusion of a bigger bust.

I’m telling you to get this bikini from Shein now!  You will not regret it.  It’s so unique and sexy!  The top also comes with removable straps if you need more support.

This bathing suit was a little loose on me but I just twisted the “straps” a few more times around for a tighter fit in the chest.

It also comes in multiple colors and there’s even a ribbed material version!

I am loving cross halter bikinis from Shein!  This one does not have the wire but is so flattering, especially the coppery color.  Get it here.

shein bikini 2022

The top has no clasp in the back and ties around your neck.  The bottoms offer moderate cheeky coverage.  Compared to some of the triangle bikini styles, this suit is definitely more family-friendly.

I’m also super stoked about this style, which comes with a sarong!

And the last one of these Shein halter bikinis is this royal blue number!  Get it here. (Or get it on AMAZON here)
shein royal blue halter swimsuit

This fits pretty similar to the copper one above, but the bottoms have much less coverage on the back.

Not a family-friendly suit, but perfect for a vacation in Cancun!

Comes in 8 colors!

Shein Scrunch Bandeau Bikini

I actually saw a bunch of these bandeau bikinis all over the place last year.

So this year I decided to take the plunge to see how they would look on my smaller chest! Get it here. (Or on Amazon here, with free shipping and returns)

tie dye swimsuits

I picked up the tye die version so I could match it with my daughter’s mermaid swimsuit.

The top has two strings that tie in the back, or you could tie the top string around your neck.  I however did not really like how that looked.

The bottoms offer adjustable coverage because you can move the fabric around on the string.

You can totally hike the side tie string bottoms up your hips for an on-trend look!

To be totally honest, I have mixed feelings about this Shein bikini.  I’ve never been a fan of this type of bottom because I think it looks like a diaper.  But it’s so popular I had to give it a shot!

I also doubted the top would fit my small chest but it does!

The removable pads do stick out a bit so I might take them out.  It does come in a ton of colors and patterns so if you are a fan of this style you’ll have a lot to choose from!

Shein One Piece Swimsuit Review

This Shein one-piece swimsuit is amazing!

I absolutely love it and the color is great on warm skin tones. Get it here.  Or get it on Amazon here.

shein one piece review

This one-piece swimsuit from Shein has a deep v and high cut legs, very on-trend right now.

I’ve been wanting to review Shein one-piece swimsuits for a while now and I’ve had my eye on this one.

Definitely don’t regret the purchase!

This style one-piece has super long straps you basically pull to the back then wrap around your waist.  Gives you the tiniest waist!

Because of the deep v part though, it’s not super secure on top, especially if you have a large chest.

But if you are part of the itty bitty committee then you shouldn’t have a problem!

The back has cheeky coverage!

This style also comes in solid colors if you are not into animal print and is one of the most popular one-piece swimsuits on Shein with tons of positive reviews. Get it here.  

Triangl Vinca Dupe – Shein Smocked Bikini

Shein makes the perfect Triangle Vinca dupe!  The smocked bikini from Triangl is so cute but it’s quite pricey at over $100 for the entire swimsuit.  Luckily Shein’s smocked triangle bikini is a perfect dupe at under $15 or both pieces!

triangl vinca dupe

This floral-smocked bikini from Shein is a perfect dupe – CHECK PRICES and this one comes in so many colors.  Amazon also has a few smocked Vinca dupes that have free returns.  Check them out here and here.  And let’s not forget Zaful which has some excellent Triangl dupes as well.  Find them here and here.

The ombre Triangl dupe from Zaful is one of the best I’ve seen!  Get it here.

Shein Swimsuit Cover-Ups

In addition to swimsuits, Shein also has a huge variety of swim cover-ups, beach skirts and beach dresses that are insanely affordable and pretty good quality.

shein swimsuit coverup

Crochet, macrame, and cut-out swimsuit cover-ups and dresses are going to be huge in 2022!  Shein even has an exact dupe of the Cult Gaia dress that’s perfect for the beach!  Get the dupe here.

cult gaia dress dupe

I especially love this skirt with sweet ruffle details that I wore in Holbox Isla.

3 island tour holbox


Shein Swimsuits Quality Review

Does Shein have good quality bathing suits?

Shein has really overcome some of the quality issues I’ve seen in the past!  All the swimsuits I bought from Shein have been of decent quality for the price.  

I would say the quality of Shein swimsuits is similar to Forever 21, H&M, and Target.  Meaning the materials and sewing is similar.

But I find the cut and fit of Shein swimwear BETTER than Forever 21 or Target!  The cuts of Shein bikinis are more modern and on-trend and definitely fit better on those with a smaller chest.  H&M however usually fits me pretty well on top, but their bottoms tend to be made for those girls without curves.

I find that both Forever 21 and Target make their cups way too big for someone with an A cup and are just flat out unflattering on those that have a small chest.  You really need to be a 34B or above to shop from some of the mass retailers in the USA.

Shein Swimsuits Sizing

Should you size up in Shein swimsuits?  Do Shein bathing suits run small or big?

For each swimsuit, Shein has sizing information under the size and fit tab which gives you the size for that particular swimsuit.  Since they have thousands of swimsuits this method makes it easier to find sizing information for the exact Shein swimsuit you want to purchase.

If you hover over the size with your mouse, Shein pops up a display that shows actual swimsuit measurements as you can see below what I’ve highlighted in yellow.

shein swimsuit sizing

If you are still uncertain of your size look at Shein swimsuit reviews for each swimsuit before purchasing for sizing information.  You can sort Shein swimsuit reviews by size and color and filter for reviews that include pictures.  This is mainly how I determine what will look good on me!

Shein also sells swimsuits as separates, meaning you can buy the top and bottom pieces separately in different sizes.   

This is especially convenient if you are two different sizes for your top and bottom.  Instead of looking in “Bikini Sets,” look in “Bikini Tops” and “Bikini Bottoms” on Shein’s website to create your own swimsuit set.

Many customers complained about not being able to buy swimsuits in separate pieces because of sizing issues in the reviews I saw on Shein’s website for swimsuits, and now it looks like Shein has addressed the issue.

Shein Swimsuits Shipping & Returns

How long does it take to get bathing suits from Shein?

Shein offers free shipping usually on orders over $29, occasionally they will have free shipping on any item.  Shipping takes about 2 weeks, so if you want to buy it for a trip, order early!  

Can you return Shein swimsuits?

Shein has updated their returns policy on swimsuits and now offers free returns on swimwear!  This is great news if you are unsure of the size or how a bikini style will look on you!  Each item will list in the description if it has free returns, so I would double-check just to make sure on each item.

Here’s a hack though, most of the bikinis from Shein are also available on Amazon (I’ve linked the Amazon versions above).  And Amazon usually has free 2-day shipping if you have Prime and FREE RETURNS, even on swimsuits!  

BUT you will pay about double the price on Amazon for exactly the same bikini because of the convenience factor.

Shein Swimsuit Care Instructions

How do you wash Shein swimsuits?

Most Shein swimsuits are machine washable.  Each swimsuit comes with washing instructions on the tag.  I have washed mine in the washing machine in the hand wash cycle in lingerie bags (get the bags here).

Do Shein bathing suits last?

Shein bathing suits do last!  I’ve not had any of mine break, fade or rip on me.  For $15 Shen swimsuits are pretty good quality if you take care of them.  

My Size Info

And lastly here’s my sizing info!  I bought all the Shein swimsuits I reviewed in the smallest size available (small).  I’m a 32A, 25” waist, and 5’4” tall.  

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