This ski trip packing list will get you ready for your winter getaway!

ski trip packing list

Packing for a ski and snowboarding trip can be quite a challenge if you have never done it before! 

I’ve done several ski/snowboard trips throughout the years to destinations like Aspen, Lake Tahoe, SLC, and Park City.

And I’ve been able to do it with a carry-on only!  So there are 2 options if you are doing carry-on only.  Number one is if you have your own ski/snowboard equipment, you will have to pay for checking oversized sporting equipment.  You can stuff all your skiing clothes in here just be sure to check the weight limit.

However, if you are RENTING your equipment at your destination and still want to do a carry-on luggage here’s the best hack for packing all your skiing clothes in a carry-on, use space saver bags – CHECK PRICES.

These space saver bags are amazing!!  They are so much better than packing cubes.  In fact, I’ve always hated packing cubes.  On my trip to Park City, Utah, where I rented all my equipment, I managed to fit 2 bulky coats in my carry-on by using these bags!

Ski Trip Packing List – On the Mountain

These are all the items you’ll need to pack for actually skiing and snowboarding your ski trip.  I’ve included budget alternatives for each item as well.

Ski/Snowboard Pants

I cannot tell you how important ski/snowboarding pants are, especially if you are snowboarding.  They need to be waterproof because you will be sitting in the snow!

what to pack for skiing

I have this pair and they are amazing, and I’ve worn them for years.  If you are on a budget, these pants have great reviews and are under $50.

Ski/Snowboard Jacket

Just like ski pants, your snowboarding/ski jacket should be waterproof as well.  You can choose either a shell or an insulated jacket.  I prefer insulated because I get cold easily and it’s almost always cold on the ski lift.

snowboard trip packing list

I have this one, which is an inside jacket that can be removed and worn separately.  It is completely waterproof and so warm!  I’ve never had an issue with it getting wet!

For a budget version, this jacket is under $60 and also insulated with a ton of great reviews and free returns.

Retro Ski Suit

Another option besides getting a jacket and pants you can opt for a stylish ski suit!  These retro ski suits have become quite popular and are great for skiing and snowboarding.  

The Perfect Moment ski suit has become the “IT” ski outfit for the winter season.  But at over $1,000 it’s hard to justify the cost if you are not skiing every day!  But I have found the perfect dupe of the Perfect Moment ski suit from Amazon, it has the same flared legs, fitted silhouette, and color detailing!

It runs a tad bit small so I would go a size up – GET IT HERE.  I also found a super affordable ski suit for $169 – CHECK PRICE, and a jumpsuit that’s adorable – CHECK PRICE.

Another option instead of a ski suit would be to get a matching set!  This jacket and pants are super stylish on the slopes!

Base Layer

The base layer is one of the most important layers.  I usually pack enough base layers for the days I plan to snowboard.  These layers are light and things so don’t take up much space in your luggage.  

My favorite base layer is Heattech, get it there.  I have the legging and the turtleneck.  They are affordable super thin and keep you toasty warm.  

I also have some base layers from Aerie’s Offline Collection because they have such a cute print!

GOR TEX Mittens

One of the best things I’ve ever gotten is GOR TEX mittens – GET THEM HERE ON SALE.  I learned to snowboard in PA at night so everything was always wet when I was done.  So when I could finally afford it I got myself a pair of GOR TEX Mittens that are completely waterproof!  

These are definitely worth the splurge!  Cold numb fingers are the worst when you are on the slopes.

If GOR TEX is out of your budget, these mittens are waterproof and under $30 with great reviews!

Liner Gloves

I always wear a pair of touch screen liner gloves under my mittens in case I need to use my phone or adjust something on my bindings.  You don’t need to specifically buy liners for skiing, but just get a pair of “running” gloves.  There are usually thin enough to wear under your mittens – CHECK PRICES.


Definitely get a pair of goggles!  Your eyes will thank you!  Going down a mountain at a speed with the wind stinging your eyes is not fun.  I used to have the expensive Oakley goggles, but I scratched them up so badly I needed a new pair, so I got these for $50 and they work great, just as good as my Oakley’s. 

Ski Socks

Proper ski socks are another must when going on a ski trip.  Do not wear cotton socks, these will just get wet and make your feet cold!

I usually buy merino wool socks because they wick moister and keep your feet super warm!  Ski socks are great for everyday wear too in the winter so they are definitely worth the investment!


A balaclava is completely optional, sometimes I wear one sometimes I don’t.  Balaclavas keep your face from getting wind-torn, so if you know it’s going to be windy and/or extra cold definitely wear one.

Hand Warmers

I always have hand warmers with me because my fingers always get cold.  I keep them in the pocket of my jacket and break them open if my fingers start to go numb.


If you are not planning on wearing a helmet, you will need a hat to keep your ears and head nice and warm!  I love giant pom hats!  

Ski Trip Packing List – Off the Mountain

Now that you have everything for skiing and snowboarding for your ski trip here’s a list of things to pack for off-the-mountain fun! 


You’ll want to be extra comfy when you get off the mountain on your ski trip, so packing a pair of leggings is a definite yes! 

snowboard outfit

These leggings are extra warm because they are lined in fleece.  Sometimes if it’s extra cold I’ll layer a base layer underneath.

Cozy Sweater

A ski sweater is a must for both on and off the mountain!  It can be an extra layer on super cold days or a lovely option for dinner and lounging.

ski sweater outfit


You will need some sort of footwear when you are just walking around and a good pair of snow boots will keep your feet warm and dry.

snowboard outfit

I’m loving these moon boots these dupes are on sale for $56 – get them here.

Cute Warm Jacket

Adding another jacket to your ski trip packing list is completely optional!  

silver puffer jacket

But I love packing an additional jacket that’s either a puffer or fur for walking around town and going out to dinner.  I actually managed to wear one jacket on the plane and pack 2 jackets in my carry-on luggage on my last trip to Utah.

I wanted some cute pictures and when you are outside the only items that show will be your jacket!  I found a silver puffer that’s water and windproof perfect for skiing that’s great for streetwear as well – CHECK PRICE.  I also packed on of my vintage fur jacket, GET A FAUX FUR ON HERE.

Having another jacket is also good in case you get some snow on your ski jacket making it wet.  I’ve had wipeouts before where I’m just covered in snow, and believe me it gets in all the crevices.  When that snow melts your jacket will get wet if any of it landed on the inside!

Cute Winter Accessories

I absolutely love winter accessories!  If you want to look absolutely Instagrammable when you get off the mountain for some serious apres skis, pack a pair of giant ear muffs, a cute hat, or a colorful scarf!  These really make a huge difference for your off-mountain aesthetic!

What to Pack for your Ski Trip – Skincare 

In addition to your normal skincare items I highly suggest these as well:

  • Sunscreen
  • Aquaphor

You would be surprised, but the sun is surprisingly strong in the wintertime because it’s reflecting off the snow.  Sunscreen is a must.

Most snowy climates are not only cold but also super DRY!  Aquaphor is great for wind-burned cheeks and chapped lips as an overnight treatment. Whenever I go on a ski trip I always pack Aquaphor so I can slug a night (and if you don’t know what slugging is, it’s basically coating your face in a thin layer of Aquaphor to seal in moisture).