I basically chase lavender fields all summer long.  I’ve made it a point to find all the beautiful flower fields and lavender farms in Washington DC and Maryland, which lead me to Springfield Manor’s stunning lavender farm.

Springfield Manor

We have visited Purple Rain Lavender Farm in Maryland and it was beautiful.  

And my favorite lavender farm in New York, Lavender by the Bay is still the best one on the East Coast.

But New York is kind of far, so instead, I decided to check out Springfield Manor’s lavender in Maryland last year.  I had actually stalked this lavender farm and winery in the past but never made it here because we were always traveling when their lavender was blooming.

For those that live in Virginia, Seven Oaks Lavender Farm in Virginia might be a closer choice for lavender fields.

Springfield Manor Winery in Maryland

Springfield Manor is pretty close to Washington DC just 1-1.5 hours away at 11836 Auburn Rd, Thurmont, MD 21788.  We didn’t hit any traffic while going to this lavender farm.

springfield manor lavender

Springfield Manor is actually way more than a lavender farm, they are a winery, distillery, and brewery. 

They use the lavender they plant to make their own gin!  And to boot, you can stay here overnight as well at their bed and breakfast.  You can even book your wedding here. 

We had a quick walk around their property and it is beautiful.  The first time I looked into Springfield was a few years ago and I had planned to stay overnight as a staycation.

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When Does the Lavender Bloom at Springfield Manor

The lavender at Springfield Manor blooms around mid June and early July.  The English lavender blooms first in June followed by the French lavender.  We went last year in July, and I think we caught it at peak bloom because it was absolutely gorgeous!

Lavender Farm Details and Tips at Springfield Manor Winery

Their website definitely doesn’t do their lavender farm any justice. 

lavender farm maryland

I was prepared for disappointment with just a small lavender patch.  But I was pleasantly surprised by Springfield Manor!  Their lavender farm is absolutely stunning and I’m so glad we went!

  • Springfield Manor is open Saturday to Sunday from 12pm to 6pm, this is also when their lavender field is open
  • No mask is required for guests outside but if you need to interact with staff, go inside or use the bathroom you need a mask
  • No kids are allowed, all guests must be at least 21 years old
  • No reservations or tickets for their lavender field is necessary, you pay upon entry
  • It’s $10 per person to enter the lavender field and $5 per person to pick a dime-sized bouquet.
  • There’s tons of bees in the lavender field so if you are allergic or afraid I would avoid the lavender.

I found Springfield Manor’s website super confusing when it came to their lavender farm and photography policy.  Basically, there was no information at all except for their lavender festival.  

maryland winery

Unlike Purple Rain Lavender Farm, you do not need tickets and there’s no timed entry for the lavender field at Springfield Manor. 

You can just go when they are open to the public and pay the $10 entry fee. 

Also, the lavender is right next to parking so you won’t need to ride a tractor to get like at Purple Rain Lavender Farm.  There’s a purple tent that designates the entrance to the field and that’s where you purchase entry.

You can also pick the lavender at Springfield Manor for an additional $5 to your entry.  

I didn’t see any restrictions on photography either!  Basically, once you enter the lavender field, you can take as many pictures as you want. 

springfield manor lavender

And there’s no time limit either!  Just don’t step on the lavender or cross the rows through the lavender.  However, if you want to take pictures of anyone under 21, or book a professional session you’ll need to reserve time outside their open hours. 

springfield manor weddings

So if you have kids Purple Rain Lavender Farm would be a better choice than Springfield Manor.

I don’t know if it was a fluke but there were absolutely no other people in the lavender field at Springfield Manor when we went Sunday afternoon.  This was totally surprising to me because I’ve never had this happen!

springfield manor winery

We had the field completely to ourselves basically until we left.  Just 2 other people came as we were leaving.  I guess everyone was busy enjoying the wine and live music!

If you happen to miss the main bloom in late June, early July, they do have a smaller bloom in September you can check out!

Springfield Manor Lavender Festival

Springfield Manor hosts an annual Lavender Festival in Maryland around June, to celebrate their lavender bloom.  There’s live music, food trucks, and children are welcome.  

For 2023 the Maryland Lavender Festival will take place  June 24 & 25. 

They have 2600 plants of both French & English varieties producing a gardener’s masterpiece. Peak bloom is Mid-June & a second bloom occurs in September. Blossoms are harvested at peak bloom to produce the award-winning Lavender Gin & Vodka.

springfield manor lavender festival



The Wine at Springfield Manor

After dancing in the lavender field to my heart’s content at Springfield Manor we went to sample some of their wine.  Because of the pandemic, they don’t currently offer tastings so you have to buy bottles of wine. 

I purchased Springfield Manor’s sauvignon blanc which we drank there.  It’s a decent bottle but a bit sweeter than what I’m used to.  BUT it’s miles better than the sauvignon blanc we had at the wineries in North Fork!  More details on their wine here.

What Sets This Lavender Farm Apart

This is now my THIRD lavender farm on the east coast and I’ll have to say Springfield Manor’s lavender farm is different from Lavender by the Bay and Purple Rain Lavender Farm. 

What sets Springfield Manor apart? 

Well, their lavender field is on a hill so you have lots of beautiful sky as your backdrop instead of trees.  Their lavender field is definitely not as full as Lavender by the Bay but the openness of the vista is pretty unique in this area.  

I’ll definitely be visiting again next year, and possibly finally booking a staycation!

Want more flower fields near Washington DC?

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens has thousands of lotuses blooming in July.

McKee Beshers sunflowers bloom just a bit after the lavender.  If you miss those flower fields 5 more sunflower fields in Maryland and Virginia bloom in August and September, including my favorite in Clear Meadow Farm.

And if you want to pick your own flowers definitely check out these flower fields that offer pick your own near Washington DC or spend a day at Butler’s Orchard and pick your own fruits too.

For even more flowers these gardens in DC offer spectacular blooms all year round!

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