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Clear Meadow Farm Sunflower Field 2019 UPDATE:

  • Clear Meadow Sunflower field open for public viewing on Friday, September 20th  at 11:00 AM
  • Address of the Sunflower field at Clear Meadow Farm is 3767 Norrisville Rd. Jarrettsville MD 21084 between Smith Hardware and Keene Dodge and across from the Jarrettsville Pharmacy.
  • Parking for the sunflower field at Clear Meadow Farm is a grassy field right next to the sunflowers
  • Entrance fee is $5 per car or $1 per person – CASH ONLY
  • DO NOT PICK THE SUNFLOWERS!  They can be purchased for $1 each or $5 for 6
  • Sunflower Field Open Days and Hours:
    • Sept. 20th, Friday – 11 AM to Dusk
    • Sept. 21st & 22nd, Saturday and Sunday – 9 AM to Dusk
    • Sept. 25th, Wednesday, Senior Citizens Day – 11 AM – 3PM
    • Sept. 27th, Friday – 11 AM – Dusk
    • Sept. 28th – 30th , Saturday thru Monday  – 9 AM to Dusk
    • Oct. 4th – 6th ,   Friday thru Sunday  – Depending on bloom conditions
  • Best time for photos at the sunflower field?  About 1 hour before sunset which is around 6:30 p.m.
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Sometimes you really don’ t have to go far to enjoy everything nature has to offer.   I’ve dreamed of visiting the lavender fields in France, but just have not had the time to get there.  For now fields of sunflowers will have to do.  We are blessed to live within driving distance of quite a few sunflower fields.  The best sunflower field in Maryland and my favorite is Clear Meadow Farms sunflower field, which boasts endless fields of sunflowers.  There’s different parts of the field where the sunflowers are tall and other areas are shorter sunflowers.

maryland sunflower field

When Does this Sunflower Field in Maryland Bloom

The best part about Clear Meadow Farm is that peak bloom is actually early September and not July and August.  Because, honestly no one in the DC Metro area wants to be outside in the swamp that is DC, Virginia, and Maryland in July and August.  We’re all hiding in our houses in our prized air conditioning.   And there’s always plenty of parking at the farm.

UPDATE:  The field is in FULL BLOOM!  Check Clear Meadow Farm’s website for updates here.

clear meadow farm sunflower
clear meadow farm sunflower field maryland

Where is Clear Meadow Farm’s Sunflower Field in Maryland

Clear Meadow Farm is located just outside Baltimore and about 1.5 hours from Washington DC.  It’s a nice easy drive on a weekend with little to no traffic.  Their address is 3114 Troyer Road, White Hall, Maryland 21161.  Though the fields may not always be at this exact address, we’ve never had trouble navigating once we are in the general area.  Just look for all the sunflowers!

UPDATE:  To navigate to the field use this address: 3767 Norrisville Rd. Jarrettsville MD 21084 between Smith Hardware and Keene Dodge and across from the Jarrettsville Pharmacy.  There is a field for parking located right next to the field.

jerrettsville sunflowers
clear meadow farm

Entrance Fee to this Sunflower Field in Maryland

The first year we went to Clear Meadow Farm sunflowers it was free to enter and they just charged $1 for each stem of sunflowers purchased.  But due to its popularity when we came in 2017 they have started charging a $5 fee per car or $1 per person for entrance, which I found to be reasonable considering the easy access.

Why Clear Meadow Farm is the Best Sunflower Field in Maryland

Clear Meadow Farm certainly isn’t the only sunflower field in Maryland, but it is absolutely my favorite.  One reason it’s my favorite sunflower field in Maryland is because it blooms in September (though this year in October), when the weather in Maryland, DC, and Virginia is dryer and cooler.  Every other sunflower field I’ve seen blooms in July and August which is the hottest swampiest month of the year in this area.  The most popular sunflower field in the DC area is probably McKee Beshers sunflower fields, which blooms in July.  McKee Beshers usually has several sunflower fields planted and it is a lot of sunflowers, but you’ll will be dealing with the heat and many times it’s so hot that the sunflowers are really wilted looking!  

Clear Meadow also has planted sunflowers of varying heights so even if you have kids that you want to photograph they have shorter flowers that are perfect!  And did I mention this sunflower field is HUGE so it’s never really crowded.  I’ve gone twice, both on Saturday and we  never had to dodge people for photos.  

Also due to the later bloom, there are none to very little mosquitoes here!  I’ve never been bitten in this field, but I was attacked with over 20 bites within 5 minutes at the field in Mckee Besher Wild Life area.

Every farm, orchard, and creamery has been advertising some sort of sunflower field lately, I think due to the popularity on Instagram.  But Clear Meadow Farm is by far my favorite because this sunflower field in Maryland is also truly a field.  There will be sunflowers as far as the eye can see.  Whereas mostly the other fields offer merely a patch of sunflowers in comparison.

jerrettsville sunflowers
clear meadow farm sunflowers
clear meadow farm

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