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Sunflower Fields in Maryland | Butler’s Orchard Sunflowers

Butler’s Orchard has a lovely little field of sunflowers in Maryland currently in full bloom (as of August 15, 2019).  The best part is this farm is just as close to DC as Mckee Beshers. There is a $3 per person entrance fee to their farm, but it’s well worth it for the giant slides they have.  Butler’s Orchard is a great place for kids and they have a large variety of pick your own fruits and veggies.  

The field doesn’t look huge, definitely not as big as Mckee Beshers but you will still get some great pictures, for some drone footage of the sunflower field at Butler’s Orchard click here.


  • Entrance fee of $3 per person, free for kids under 2
  • Closed on  Monday
  • Open Tuesday – Friday 8:30 am – 6:30 pm (Last entry onto Farm 5:30 pm)
  • Open Saturday & Sunday 8:30 – 5:30 (Last entry onto Farm 4:30 pm)
  • They have pick your own fruit, veggies and flowers
  • There’s a Farmer’s Market at the entrance where you can buy fruits, veggies, pies, jam, and honey.
  • Butler’s Orchard Location:  22222 Davis Mill Rd, Germantown, MD 20876
  • Sunflowers bloom around mid August at Butler’s Orchard, they are currently in full bloom

Though we were too early for the sunflower field, we had a great time picking flowers at Butler’s Orchard.  For more on what blooms when in DC and where to pick flowers see here.

pick sunflowers maryland
pick flowers maryland
sunflower picking maryland
pick wild flowers maryland
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Sunflower Fields in Maryland | Clear Meadow Farm Sunflower Field

Clear Meadow Farm has to be one of my favorite sunflower fields in Maryland!  It is the first sunflower field I ever went to even before the sunflower fields in Maryland at Mckee Beshers.  I love this sunflower field in Maryland because it typically blooms in September! If you’ve lived in Maryland and Virginia you know that July and August are typically the hottest months of the year in this area. This means that sunflowers that bloom in July and August in Maryland and Virginia tend to look kind of wilty and the bloom doesn’t last very long!

Every time I’ve been to Clear Meadow Farm’s sunflower field in Maryland the weather has been perfect!  Because it’s September! It’s not as hot, there’s barely any mosquitos, and no thunderstorms!  For my in depth review of Clear Meadow Farm Sunflowers go here.

sunflower field maryland

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best sunflower fields in maryland
sunflower field in maryland for photos
clear meadow farm sunflowers
sunflower fields in maryland
best sunflower field in maryland

Sunflower Fields in Maryland | Rocky Point Creamery Sunflower Field

Rocky Point Creamery has the best ice cream.  What could be better than some sunflowers and ice cream together.  The best part? You can actually pick the sunflowers at Rocky Point Creamery.  The sunflowers are $1 each and Rocky Point donates the proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  The payment for flowers is more of an honor system. They have a jar and some scissors out on the entrance to the field where you can put money in.  No one is manning the field.  

There’s no entrance fee here, but definitely donate even if you don’t pick the sunflowers.  Be sure to get some ice cream too! The sunflower field at Rocky Point Creamery blooms around mid August, and should be blooming right now as of August 15, 2019.

Compared to McKee Besher and Clear Meadow Farm, the sunflower field at Rocky Point Creamery in Maryland is much much smaller.  It’s very pretty, but it’s more of a “patch” when compared to the former two fields.    


  • Don’t make the mistake I did in trying to go on a Monday Rocky Point closes on Mondays!
  • Open Tuesday to Sunday 11:30pm to 8:30pm
  • They are open later than Butler’s so you’ll be able to get some great sunset pictures here
  • Definitely eat some ice cream
  • Rocky Point Creamery Location:  4323 Tuscarora Rd, Tuscarora, MD 21790
  • Sunflowers bloom around mid August at Rocky Point and are currently in full bloom
maryland sunflower fields full bloom
sunflowers maryland rocky point
sunflower mini session maryland

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when do sunflowers bloom in maryland
rocky point creamery
sunflowers md

Burnside Farms Sunflower Field in Virginia

If you’ve read my post on tulips, you know I’ve not had the greatest experience at Burnside Farms in Virginia.  But I’ve heard these sunflower fields in Virginia are amazing. This sunflower field in Virginia has a ton of varieties that bloom at different times (over 30 types of sunflowers)!  Burnside Farms’ sunflower field will be blooming from now through Labor Day. They are open daily from 10am to 6pm but are open until 8pm on Thursdays and Saturdays for Sunflower sunsets!  You know sunset is the best time for photos!

  • Admission to Burnside Farms sunflower field is $8 per person, free for kids  under 2  
  • You can also pick the sunflowers at Burnside Farms for $1.50 each  
  • Burnside even has a sunflower maze set to bloom in September  
  • Sunflower field address for Burnside Farms:  11008 Kettle Run Rd., Nokesville, VA.
  • More detailed information about Burnside Farms’ Sunflowers here:

Sunflower Fields in Maryland | Maryland Agricultural Resource Council 

I’ll admit I’ve never been to the Maryland Agricultural Resource Council’s sunflower fields in Maryland, but this year it’s blooming in September too so I had to add it to the list!  September is my favorite time of year to see sunflowers in Maryland because the weather is usually perfect for any outdoor activity.  

The Maryland Agricultural Council encourages picking their sunflowers and having a picnic on site.  September is a great time in Maryland to have a picnic.  


  • Sunflowers are $1 each or $10 for a dozen
  • Payment is by honor box, like at Rocky Point Creamery, put money in the jar
  • Open sunrise to sunset, you’ll be able to get lovely sunset pictures here
  • You can bring your dog, but must be on a leash
  • Address:  1114 Shawan Road, Cockeysville, Maryland 21030
  • More info on this sunflower field in Maryland here:

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