When you search for sunflower fields in Maryland, McKee Beshers is the first one to pop up in Maryland and the DC area!  But it’s definitely not the only sunflower field in Maryland! 

sunflowers maryland

Here are 19 more sunflower fields in Maryland and Virginia that bloom from June to early October!

sunflower fields in maryland

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Sunflowers in Maryland New for 2024

Sunflowers in Maryland and Virginia are now blooming all the way through October!  Keep reading to see the new sunflower fields I’ve added for 2024!

Magnolia Meadow Farms

Magnolia Meadow Farms is an incredible family-friendly 327-acre farm in the beautiful Catoctin Mountain region just outside of Thurmont in Frederick County Maryland, located at 13001 Creagerstown Rd, Thurmont, MD 21788.

sunflower fields in maryland

At only about a 1-hour drive from Washington DC and about 40 minutes from Montgomery County, Maryland, Magnolia Meadow Farms is an excellent day trip for the whole family!

If you’ve ever wanted to see sunflowers surrounded by gorgeous mountains like in France Magnolia Meadow Farms is it!  They usually plant 3 acres of sunflowers with plenty of photo props.

sunflower fields in maryland

The best part?  This Maryland sunflower field blooms in September which is my favorite time for sunflowers!  It won’t be hot and muggy, the majority of the mosquitos will be gone so you’ll actually get to enjoy yourself and get some beautiful pictures of your family!

Plus they have so many fun photo props set up in the field, no other sunflower fields I’ve seen have this many amazing props for your Instagram photos!  I absolutely loved the bathtub and swing set, it’s made all my #cottagecore dreams come true!

magnolia meadow farms sunflowers

U-Pick Field Hours:

Saturday, September 23 – Sunday, October 29

Saturdays: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Sundays: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Admission is $15, use code SEAOFBLUSH for $1 off your ticket – GET TICKETS HERE.

The sunflowers are part of Magnolia Meadow Farms’ fall festival, so in addition to the sunflower field, you get access to all the fun family activities throughout the farm and a beautiful field of wild flowers!

Some of the fun activities on the farm:

-Maryland’s Largest Corn Maze with 5+ miles of trails!

-Farm Animal Interactions

-Apple Cannons

-Jumping Pillow 

-Mini Ziplines

-Pedal Carts

-Mountain Slides

-Moo Choo Train

(Pictures are from a few years ago, their sunflowers are a bit shorter this year so it’s perfect for pictures with kids!  Also their wild flower field is absolutely the best I’ve seen in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area!)

Butler’s Orchard Sunflower Field in Maryland

Butler’s Orchard has a lovely little field of sunflowers in Maryland that usually blooms in September for their Sunflower Spectacular!

flower picking butlers orchard

The best part is this farm is just as close to DC as Mckee Beshers. butlers orchard flower picking

They’ve added some fun props perfect for photos!  Butler’s Orchard is a great place for kids and they have a large variety of pick-your-own fruits and veggies.  

flower picking dc

butlers pick your own flowers

Though we were too early for the sunflower field, we had a great time picking flowers at Butler’s Orchard.  The sunflowers at Butler’s Orchard usually bloom in August.  For 2023, their Sunflower Spectacular event ran from Friday, August 11-Sunday, August 20, 2023.  2024 dates have not been announced yet as of June 3, 2204.  For more on what blooms when in DC and where to pick flowers see here.

Sunflower Fields in Maryland | Clear Meadow Farm Sunflower Field

sunflower fields in maryland

Clear Meadow Farm has to be one of my favorite sunflower fields in Maryland, it’s also known as Jarrettsville Sunflowers!  It is the first sunflower field I ever went to even before the sunflower fields in Maryland at Mckee Beshers.  I love this sunflower field in Maryland because it typically blooms in September!

clear meadow farm sunflowers in jarettsville

If you’ve lived in Maryland and Virginia you know that July and August are typically the hottest months of the year in this area. This means that sunflowers that bloom in July and August in Maryland and Virginia tend to look kind of wilty and the bloom doesn’t last very long!

best sunflower fields in maryland

Every time I’ve been to Clear Meadow Farm’s sunflower field in Maryland the weather has been perfect!  Because it’s September! It’s not as hot, there are barely any mosquitos, and no thunderstorms! 

jerrettsville sunflowers

Clear Meadow Farm typically blooms mid September with 21 acres of sunflowers!  They are asking for a donation of $5 per person.  This is not a cut-your-own flower farm so please don’t cut the sunflowers.  You can buy sunflowers during staffed hours.  When it’s not staffed please put your donation in the donation box!

Location:  3767 Norrisville Rd. Jarrettsville, MD 21084



sunflower field maryland

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sunflower fields in maryland

Sunflower Fields in Maryland | Rocky Point Creamery Sunflower Field

Rocky Point Creamery has the best ice cream.  What could be better than some sunflowers and ice cream together.  The best part? You can actually pick the sunflowers at Rocky Point Creamery. 

sunflowerfields in maryland

The sunflowers are $1 each and Rocky Point donates the proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

sunflower fields maryland

The payment for flowers is more of an honor system. They have a jar and some scissors out on the entrance to the field where you can put money in.  No one is manning the field.  

sunflowers maryland

There’s no entrance fee here, but definitely donate even if you don’t pick the sunflowers.  Be sure to get some ice cream too! The sunflower field at Rocky Point Creamery blooms around mid-August.

sunflower fields in maryland

Compared to McKee Besher, the sunflower field at Rocky Point Creamery in Maryland is much smaller.  It’s very pretty, but it’s more of a “patch” when compared to the former field.    

Don’t make the mistake I did in trying to go on a Monday Rocky Point closes on Mondays!

  • Open Tuesday to Sunday 11:30pm to 8:30pm
  • They are open later than Butler’s so you’ll be able to get some great sunset pictures here
  • Definitely eat some ice cream
  • Rocky Point Creamery Location:  4323 Tuscarora Rd, Tuscarora, MD 21790
  • Sunflowers bloom around mid-August
sunflower mini session maryland

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Burnside Farms Sunflower Field in Virginia

If you’ve read my post on tulips, you know I’ve not had the greatest experience at Burnside Farms in Virginia.  But I’ve heard these sunflower fields in Virginia are amazing.

This sunflower field in Virginia has a ton of varieties that bloom at different times (over 30 types of sunflowers) and 70 acres of sunflowers!  Burnside Farms’ sunflower field will be blooming from July through Labor Day. 

Dates and Hours for 2024 to be announced, but they are predicting opening in mid-July.

Starts July 15, 2023


  • Admission to Burnside Farms sunflower field is $14 per person over 11, $10 for kids 2-12, and free for kids under 2- Tickets Here.
  • Adult tickets include 3 sunflowers that you can pick, kids tickets do not include sunflowers  
  • Additional sunflowers at Burnside Farms for $1.50 each
  • Sunflower field address for Burnside Farms:  11008 Kettle Run Rd., Nokesville, VA.
  • You can take professional photos here for the price of admission during their regular hours
  • Entry price varies based on entry time of ticket, with sunset being more expensive.


Auburn Farm Sunflower Patch in Virginia

I didn’t know about this 4-acre sunflower farm in Virginia until one of my amazing readers on Instagram sent it to me!  She went and said it was amazing!

Auburn Farm Sunflower Patch is about 1.5 hours from Washington DC, at 17736 Auburn Road, Brandy Station, Virginia
(Located just north of Culpeper, Virginia, two miles off of Route 29).

If you happen to live in VA this would be a great spot to visit!  And you can cut your own flowers here be sure to bring your own shears and pack a picnic to enjoy on the farm! The 2024 Sunflower Festival dates have not yet been announced, for 2023 the festival ran through September.

  • HOURS:
    September 2-3 — Friday-Sunday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
    September 9-10 — Friday-Sunday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
    $10/person (kids 5 and under free)
    Sunflowers, $2/stem
    (Admission is paid onsite, no advance purchase needed)

More details here.


Clarksville Sunflower Festival in Maryland

The wonderful farmers at Mary Land’s Farm plan the Clarksville Sunflower Festival!  The Clarksville Sunflower Festival is about 1 hour from Washington DC in Maryland at, 4979 Sheppard Lane, Ellicott City, MD 21042.

I’ve never been to this one but it is bigger than Rocky Point Creamery at 6 acres of sunflowers.  The festival has cut a path through the sunflowers so it’s easier to navigate.

  • Eat, drink and be merry from food trucks
  • Listen to live music from local artists in the pavilion
  • Shop from unique vendors
  • See a fully operating sustainable farm and meet our pasture-raised cows, sheep and ducks, organic chickens, woodland raised pigs, and greenhouses full of healthy vegetables
  • Pick your own sunflower bloom to take home with you!

And this year they have time-slotted tickets and limited entry for social distancing. They have quite a few varieties of sunflowers and even a field of Black-Eyed Susans, which is the Maryland State flower!

There is a cost to entry and also for cutting your own flowers.  The festival runs through the month of August.  Their ticket prices run quite a bit higher than other sunflower fields especially at $40 per ticket for sunset hours!  Get tickets here.


Sunflower Fields in Maryland | Maryland Agricultural Resource Council 

CLOSED – it looks like this is closed!

I’ll admit I’ve never been to the Maryland Agricultural Resource Council’s sunflower fields in Maryland, but this year it’s blooming in September too so I had to add it to the list! 

September is my favorite time of year to see sunflowers in Maryland because the weather is usually perfect for any outdoor activity.  

The Maryland Agricultural Council encourages picking their sunflowers and having a picnic on site.  September is a great time in Maryland to have a picnic.  

  • Sunflowers are $1 each or $10 for a dozen
  • Payment is by honor box, like at Rocky Point Creamery, put money in the jar
  • Open sunrise to sunset, you’ll be able to get lovely sunset pictures here
  • You can bring your dog, but must be on a leash
  • Address:  1114 Shawan Road, Cockeysville, Maryland 21030
  • More info on this sunflower field in Maryland here:  https://marylandagriculture.org/pick-your-own/


Sunflowers of Lisbon – Sunflower Fields in Maryland

I just heard about Sunflowers of Lisbon from one of my friends who just went!  It looks amazing at 10 acres of sunflowers, bigger than Butler’s Orchard and Rocky Point Creamery.

Sunflowers of Lisbon has 2 locations, Woodbine and Maple Lawn.  The Woodbine location sunflower festival will start June 20, 2024 with 14-acres of sunflowers!   Food trucks and hayrides will be available on the weekends. The Festival will be open as long as the sunflowers are in bloom ( usually 2 weeks or 3 weekends) and there will be slides and corn pits for the children to enjoy!

Location: 15875 Fredrick Rd Woodbine MD
Monday through Sunday: 9:00 am – till Dark
🌻General admission is $15 per person and you can cut 3 flowers with each ticket purchase (children under 2 are free), includes access to all the kids activity area
🌻Sunflower Lover is $20 per person and you can cut 10 stems to take home
🌻Extra flowers are $3 each
🐶Always dog friendly as long as your dog is friendly
🍦Food trucks and ice cream trucks will be available on the weekends and there will be plenty of photo opportunities and activities for kids!

You do not need to purchase tickets in advance as with some of the other fields and there is no timed entry.  The great thing about Sunflowers of Lisbon is the long open hours, you can get some nice sunset photos here!

More info here:  https://www.facebook.com/thesunflowersoflisbon/?view_public_for=1520424471437295



    The Sunflower Garden in Maryland

    The Sunflower Garden has probably one of the cutest sunflower drive ways!!  Yes a field of sunflowers all along the driveway.  I’ve never been to this field but it looks amazing. 

    Peak bloom should be at the end of August, beginning of September. 

    Their driveway should be in full bloom early September!  This is a pick your own flower garden with more than just sunflowers. 

    • You will need to buy tickets for weekend entry at $14 per person, tickets here.
    • The Sunflower Garden is at 2390 Manchester Rd, Westminster, MD 21157. 
    • More info here.


    Summers Farm in Frederick Maryland

    Summers Farm sunflower field in Maryland is 8 acres with 35 different varieties!  The best news is that they bloom from late August to September!

    This is one of the bigger sunflower fields in Maryland and about 1-hour drive from Washington DC.

    2024 season:

    🌻 August 17, 18, 24, 25, & 31st
    🌻 September 1, 2, 7 & 8th

    What’s Included:

    • Admission includes a wagon ride to the sunflower field, one FREE sunflower bloom of your choice, and 45+ activities including corn hole, Jenga, corn maze, tether ball, farmer golf, farm animals and so much more!
    • Your admission schedules your time to visit our sunflower fields
    • You are welcome to stay and enjoy the activities, music, and food after your time in the sunflower field
    • Each admission comes with one (1) sunflower bloom. Additional sunflower blooms may be purchased, if available.
    • Enjoy music, local cider, and delicious farm food and food truck offerings.



    General Admission (ages 3-99)

    • $19.50 per person online
    • $23.50 per person at gate
    • Children 2 and under are free!
    • One (1) extra bloom: $3.00
    • Three (3) extra blooms: $9.00
    • Six (6) extra blooms: $12.00
    • Six (6) + Mason Jar: $15.00
    • Twelve (12) extra blooms: $18.00
    • Six (6) + decorative bucket:$25.00

    Farm Heritage Conservancy Sunflowers in Southern Maryland – Serenity Farm

    The sunflowers at Farm Heritage Conservancy kicks off on Labor Day weekend annually!  This event takes place at Serenity Farm for 2024.

    This farm has 8 acres of pick-your-own sunflowers and an Art Barn. For Kick-Off Weekend, LIMITED food, beer and wine will be available for purchase.

    Sunflower picking is included in the ticket price, get tickets here. Bring your own shears!

    This sunflower field is in southern Maryland so if you happen to live in Southeast DC, this would be a closer option for you than some of the other sunflower fields.

    Dates:  August 31st & September 1st 2024


    $10.00 per person (Eventbrite will charge a fee per ticket.)
    Children 7 & under are FREE.

    At the Festival, entry will cost $15.00 per person at the gate (no fees).

    Location:  6960 Serenity Farm Rd, Hughesville, MD 20637

    Clark’s Elioak Farm Sunflower Patch

    Clark’s Elioak Farm has a new sunflower patch!  We’ve come here before for a birthday party and it was amazing!

    Their sunflower patch opens from August 19 to September 4th, 2023, until 7 pm. and you can take photos (2024 dates have not been announced yet). Get a photo with a Gingerbreadman or in a Teacup or a Tractor in a setting of gorgeous sunflowers! You can take photos all day during our regular business hours.

    And this farm does allow outside food and drink so pack a picnic and enjoy their sunflowers! Bring a blanket or use their picnic tables.

    Admission is $8 per person and you must purchase a ticket before going, buy a ticket here.

    Location:  10500 Clarksville Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21042

    Valley View Acres 

    Valley View Acres is a lovely little farm just 20  minutes outside of Frederick, Maryland.  They have more than sunflowers though!!  In April the farm comes alive in red with a field of clover, followed by beautiful white daisies.  

    They plant 8 acres of sunflowers each year that bloom in early October, but last year in 2023 they bloomed early in September.  Check their Facebook page for updates for 2024:  https://www.facebook.com/valleyviewacresmd/

    Location:  4005 Valley View Road, Middletown, MD, United States, Maryland

    Old Line Flower Co.

    Old Line Flower Co in Westminster Maryland plants a ton of different flowers each year:  tulips, peonies, lavender, dahlias and of course sunflowers!

    Their 2024 sunflower harvest is expected mid August for approx 2-3 weeks!

    Location:  2050 Carousel Dr, Westminster, Maryland 21157

    Check their page for when U-Pick sunflowers will begin:  https://www.oldlineflowerco.com/special-events

    Goldpetal Farms

    Goldpetal Farms starts its flower season in April with a field of Bachelor’s Buttons that bloom late April to Mid-June!  In summer from late June to early August they have a field of sunflowers and zinnias for picking!

    DAYS OPEN Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (thru mid-June)
    EVENING-ONLY HOURS: 4:30 pm-8:30 pm
    LOCATION: 37254 Manor Rd, Chaptico, MD 20621

    Entry & Flower Fees
    ONE-TIME ENTRY FEE: $10 (age 7 and up), 6 & under free

    We supply a bud vase with a capacity of up to 25 stems! You can purchase as many bud vases as you like for $5 each.

    This includes access to ALL flower fields and mazes for the entirety of Spring and Summer (potentially Fall) with unlimited visits during opening hours. PLUS, all members get either a free native plant or a pot of zinnias once they are available in the summer.

    Professional Photography
    DAY PASS $50: shoot as many sessions as you’d like over a day, clients need to pay general admission.

    2024 PASS $150: Unlimited visits to shoot as many sessions as you like throughout our 12 to 14-week season, clients need to pay general admission.

    Boxwood Farms Sunfest

    Boxwood Farms hosts a sunfest each year to celebrate their field of sunflowers in Bel Air Maryland in September!  They’ve not yet announced the details for 2024, but check their Facebook page for updates:  https://www.facebook.com/BoxwoodFarms

    Location:  704 Schucks Rd , Bel Air, MD, United States, Maryland

    Gaver Farms

    Gaver Farms has a beautiful fall festival that includes a field of sunflowers!  In 2023 however, they were hit by a rough drought and the sunflower field did not bloom!  Hopefully, they will be back this year in 2024 in September.  Their Maryland sunflower field has some really cute photo props, including an old piano!

    For updates on their sunflower field bloom dates check their Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/GaverFarm

    Location:  5501 Detrick Rd, Mount Airy, MD, United States, Maryland

    Lesher’s Sunflowers

    Lesher’s Poultry Farm has the BIGGEST sunflower field  I have ever seen!  Lesher’s plants over 200 acres of sunflowers every year.  I’ve not seen a sunflower field in Maryland, Washington DC, or Virginia anywhere this size!

    sunflower fields maryland

    If you’ve dreamed of the sunflower fields in France in beautiful rows as far as the eye can see then Lesher’s sunflower field is it!

    sunflowers virginia

    Full bloom hits Lesher’s usually around the first weekend of September and runs through the middle of September.  Because the field is so big, even if only half the field is blooming that’s still 100 acres!  More than enough to get some beautiful sunflower photos.

    leshers sunflowers

    Technically Lesher’s Farm is not in Maryland it’s just over the border in Pennsylvania.  This sunflower field is about 1.5 hours drive from Washington DC.  I’d say it’s well worth it!

    leshers sunflowers

    Lesher’s is also FREE to enter and there are no hours restrictions so definitely go for sunset for some beautiful photos!  They also have cut your own flowers at $1 per stem.

    There is one road that you can drive through the field and plenty of designated parking spots along the road.  We went during sunset on Saturday and had no trouble finding parking!

    Because the field is so large there were also no crowds.  For 2024 they have not announced planting or blooming yet, but this sunflower field usually starts blooming labor day weekend.

    Location:  The address changes every year.

    The field is still completely free to enter but they ask that you leave $5 if you are a paid photographer taking clients.

    Lesher’s Sunflowers is by far the best value for photographers if you are in Maryland!

    While there are several sunflower fields just across the border from Maryland into Pennsylvania such as Fields Of Adventure, Country Barn Sunflower Festival, Maple Lawn Farms And The Pennsylvania Sunflower Festival, and Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, none of these farms offer a field of the size of Lesher’s in PA!  

    If you are going to cross over from Maryland into Pennsylvania for sunflower fields, then I’d go to Lesher’s!

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