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In Poolesville Maryland, near Washington DC (actually on the road to McKee Beshers) there’s a secret little swimming hole that is perfect for a splash in the summertime or when pools close.

This swimming hole near Washington DC is Seneca Creek, and a route for river tubers, we watched them float by as we splashed around!  

Parking & Directions to this Swimming Hole from Washington DC

This swimming spot is super close to DC, it’s en route to the famous sunflowers at McKee Beshers.  The exact address is 16315 Old River Road, Poolesville, MD.  You can also navigate to Farm and Home Service, which will take you to the same spot. 

Parking is really easy, there’s a road opposite the trail that goes to the creek, you can park there and there’s no fee.

swimming hole washington dc entrance
swimming hole dc parking

Entrance Fees

This little swimming hole in Poolesville, MD is completely FREE!  No fees, but also no lifeguards.

Accessing the Swimming Hole 

To access Seneca Creek you cross the “circle” from where you park and enter the trail.  We went left on the trail away from the bridge. 

You will notice several smaller paths from the main trail that lead to the water.  We walked for about 5 minutes before spotting a flat area to set down our stuff and hop in the water. 

There is a slightly steep decline to get into the water, so if you are coming with young kids they will need assistance getting in.

swimming hole poolesville maryland

My swimsuit is a DIY but almost the exact one here, here and here, for under $20!  Little girl’s version here.

Our Swimming Experience

We visited on a Tuesday afternoon because we were already in the area.  Seneca Creek was actually much deeper than I expected it to be!  The water came up about waist deep for an adult at the deepest point. 

swimming hole dc

I thought it would only be about ankle deep.  The bottom has sand, small and large rocks, and shells from river clams.  

poolesville swimming hole

Because this portion of Seneca Creek is part of a river tubing route, someone built a channel here to funnel the water into the middle so it’s deeper.  If you bring your own tube you can actually tube yourself!  We saw another family do this and it looked so fun.  You just have to walk back up instead of continuing down the creek.

swimming hole dc

On either side of the channel of rocks, the water is super shallow, only about ankle-deep, perfect for little kids to play in!  I brought my daughter and some of her friends, ages ranging from 1.5 to 7, and they all loved it! 

poolesville swimming hole

The current is not very strong here so you don’t have to really worry about it carrying you away.

What to Bring and Wear

  • Water Shoes – Check Prices
  • Blanket
  • Towel
  • Swimsuit
  • Bug Spray
  • Water 
  • Snacks
  • Floatie – Get this cute unicorn one here.

I would wear water shoes and a swimsuit at Seneca Creek because the bottom of the creek consists of small rocks, large slippery rocks, and river clamshells.  If you don’t have water shoes, sneakers or sandals with straps would work too.  

The banks of the creek are kind of muddy, especially if it rained recently, so bring a blanket to put your stuff on to keep it clean.

We did not apply bug spray when we entered the trail at around 4:30pm and didn’t get bit.  When we left at 6pm however, the mosquitos attacked us like crazy! 

Dusk is when most of the mosquitos appear so I would come here at the hottest time of day to avoid mosquitoes or use bug spray.

Crowds at this Swimming Hole in Poolesville Maryland

We went on a Tuesday afternoon so there were only a few people here at the time.  But I think on a weekend it could get crowded with locals!  Best to come here during the week if you can or go earlier in the day!

Want more fun places to swim near Washington DC?  Check out Greenbrier State Park for lake swimming, Assateague Island for a beach with horses, or Delaware Seashore State Park for a nearly empty beach!

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