I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of or seen videos of the Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok.  It’s probably the most Instagrammable cafe in Thailand.  

But not everything’s all unicorns and rainbows, actually my husband described this place as “sugar and despair.”

Hold on to your rainbow hats I’m about to give you the real low down on the Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok and if it’s worth a trip.

Unicorn Cafe Bangkok Location

The exact address of the Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok is 44/1 Soi Sathon 8, Khwaeng Silom, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500, Thailand.  The Unicorn Cafe is actually two separate cafes with two entrances right next to each other.

You can take the BTS/SkyTrain to the Unicorn Cafe.  Get off at the Chong Nonsi stop on the Silom line. Alternatively, you can take a GrabCar here as well if you are not near the BTS.  We took a Grab because we were on the Sukhumvit line and didn’t want to switch trains with a toddler in tow.

Best Time to Go

Because it is such an Instagram hot spot, definitely get here early.  We got here about half an hour after it opened during the middle of the week and didn’t have to wait.  But about 30 minutes later there were people lined up outside.

Even if you do have to wait the wait is not too long because people don’t tend to spend too much time here.

Unicorn Cafe Menu

Most videos and Instagram photos I’ve seen only show the drinks and desserts at the cafe.  But the Unicorn Cafe actually does serve real food. There’s spaghetti and even burgers on the menu in case you want something with substance before you dig into your desserts.

Unicorn Cafe Bangkok Review: Food

The food at the Unicorn Cafe is probably the worst I’ve ever had in all of Thailand.  Yes, ALL THE FOOD HERE IS AWFUL. The food at the Unicorn Cafe is completely and utterly inedible.  We ordered a burger and fries because my husband was hungry. I had advised him not to order it but he did anyway.  The burger was soggy and tasted like cardboard. The fries were the only thing semi-edible on the plate.

Unfortunately, the pretty desserts were just as bad as the entree items.  This is where the “sugar and despair” comes in.  That term is how my husband categorized all the desserts here.  Everything just tasted like sugar. We’ve eaten at a great many dessert places in Bangkok and they were all amazing.  I’m talking eons beyond what we have in the USA. But the Unicorn Cafe has to be the worst dessert place we have ever been to!  

No matter the color of the dessert, milkshake or drink, it all just tasted like sugar.  Hence the term “sugar and despair” from the hubby.  

We ordered the famous star shake, a cupcake, and a waffle ice cream dessert.  These all tasted exactly the same. And to boot, the waffle was completely soggy.  It wasn’t from the ice cream melting on it, it just came that way.  

I’ll give you one thing though, the food is definitely pretty, just not tasty!

Unicorn Cafe Review:  Decorations

In terms of decor, the Unicorn Cafe lives up to all the viral videos and photos.  The inside is indeed amazing. Get your camera ready for rainbows and unicorns galore!  The furniture is super cute and colorful and there’s stuffed animal unicorns all over the place.  Color paint and glitter adorn the walls, there’s even girly chandeliers!

Is the Unicorn Cafe worth the Trip

Is the Unicorn Cafe worth going to in Bangkok?  If you are after that perfect Instagram photo then, yes by all means go.  This is one cafe that lives up to its Instagram reputation in terms of decor and presentation.  Everything is cute and there’s plenty of space to take pictures. And the staff couldn’t care less if you just order a drink and spent two hours taking pictures here.  No one will rush you!

But if you expect the desserts and drinks to taste as good as they look, then don’t bother because you will be sorely disappointed.

If you have toddlers, in particular girls that are into unicorns, then you should definitely come here!  As much as my husband hated this place my 3 year old daughter loved it! She couldn’t get enough. She ate the desserts and even requested a cup cake.  Almost a year later she still talks about the Unicorn Cafe in Thailand. Whenever I ask if she wants to go back the answer is always a resounding yes!

In conclusion, go to the Unicorn Cafe if you want to take cute pics or if you have a child, but definitely don’t come for the food!