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Top 10 Things to Do In Bangkok that are Totally Instagrammable

There are so many things to do in Bangkok Thailand from the beautiful temples, cute little cafes, to a thriving nightlife.  But did you know these amazing activities in Bangkok are super photogenic and totally Instagrammable? Here are my top 10 things to do in Bangkok perfectly Instagrammable.  Traveling solo or as a couple to Bangkok? Don’t worry these things to do in Bangkok are great for solo travelers and couples on their honeymoon. You’ll not only create great memories but have amazing photos too.

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Best Time to Go to Thailand

What is the best time of year to go to Thailand?  What is the best time to go to Bangkok?  What’s the best time of year to go to Bangkok weather wise?  Bangkok and Thailand, in general, has 2 seasons, rainy season and dry season.  Rain season is from around May to November.  Dry season in Thailand is from December to April.  Right around April the weather in Thailand gets very very hot!  

Rain Season in Thailand 

So what’s the weather like in Thailand during rain season? During rain season it will not rain all the time in Bangkok or Thailand, but when it does rain it will rain very heavily for possibly several hours.  One strange phenomenon I noticed on our August in Thailand trip was that whenever it was sunny during the day it definitely rained in the afternoon or evening.  

Rain season in Bangkok is extremely humid.  Every time you go outside you will feel like you are hitting a wall of water.  Your sweat won’t evaporate, it will really stick to your skin.  You will notice that it’s not quite as hot either during rain season in Thailand.  When you are at the pool during rain season it may even get a bit cold.  Also, it will mostly be cloudy during rain season.  If you are not used to high humidity, then rain season may not be the best time to go to Thailand.

Dry Season in Thailand

How is the weather during the dry season in Thailand?  During the dry season in Thailand, it very rarely will rain.  You will have hot sunny weather, and you should wear sunscreen every day even in the city or you may burn.  It will still be humid but the heat from the sun will burn off some of that humidity so it won’t feel quite as humid during the dry season in Thailand.  April is the hottest month so be prepared!

If you want hot sunny days the best time to go to Thailand is during dry season.  Though most attractions are also more crowded during the dry season in Thailand.  Having been to Thailand in both dry and rainy season, I didn’t notice a significant decrease in the number of tourists during rain season.  I personally prefer the dry season, because I hate the humidity!

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Where to Stay in Bangkok Thailand

Despite popular belief, Kao San Road is not the end-all of places to stay in Bangkok.  I actually have never been to Kao San Road, not because I don’t want to try it out but it’s kind of hard to get to!  There’s also no BTS or MRT stop near there so you will have to rely on cabs and tuk tuks that will likely scam you.  Taxi scams are the most popular in Bankok!

Instead, we usually stay in the Sukhumvit area in Bangkok.  There’s plenty of budget and more luxury option hotels.  It’s near many major malls so you can escape to some AC if you need to.  And there’s a BTS line so you won’t have to rely on cabs!  We usually stay near Nana station in Sukhumvit.

Centara Grand at Central World – CHECK PRICES

For both luxury and convenience you can’t beat Centara Grand at Central World – CHECK PRICES.  It’s attached to the Central World Mall which means any shopping you need is just steps away!  And I mean anything.  The malls in Bangkok have full on grocery store, convenient stores, and an abundance of food stalls to chose from!  If you want to eat and shop in the comfort of AC, then the Centara Grand would be an excellent choice for your stay.  Did  I also mention the roof top views and pool are amazing here?

Citrus Sukhumvit 13 – CHECK PRICES

A lovely modern boutique hotel, Citrus offers travelers budget accommodations at a convenient location.  Citrus Sukhumvit 13 is near the Nana BTS stop so you are just minutes away from shopping and attractions.  There’s also plenty of food options on both Soi 11 and 10 as well as great places to get a massage after a long day of sight seeing.  There’s no side walk on this street, but we’ve never had any problems walking it.  I



Wat Arun

Similar red dress to the one I’m wearing for only $23 here.  Totally breathable and made of rayon just like mine with flutter sleeves.  Cute red tee version also made of rayon that’s only $14 here.  Super romantic red midi with ruffles here.

Wat Arun has to be my all time favorite temple in Bangkok, and my favorite Instagram spot.  This temple is not huge, but it is super photogenic. You will want to climb the steps and take pictures at all the different angles.  The first time I went to Wat Arun, you could climb to the top, but they have closed it off now.

Dress Code at Wat Arun

What should you wear to Wat Arun?  You should have your knees and shoulders covered at Wat Arun.  But this dress code is not enforced. I’ve seen so many pictures of girls in backless dresses here so I assume no one is really monitoring what everyone is wearing.

Best Time to Visit Wat Arun

When is it least crowded at Wat Arun?  What is the best time to go to Wat Arun?  Go either in the morning when it opens or right before sunset.  We arrived around 9:30 am and it was pretty empty in about 30 minutes more people showed up, but I wouldn’t call it crowded.  If you don’t want to wait for people to get out of your shots, then I’d get here by 9am.

The other option is to come here in the afternoon around 4pm.  Wat Arun was also pretty uncrowded in the afternoon as I think all the tours have ended by then.  Coming to Wat Arun late gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sunset views across the river, keep reading to see how to do this.

How to get to Wat Arun

Wat Arun is across the river from the Grand Palace and Wat Pho.  The easiest way is to take a ferry across the river at Tha Tien pier.

The Grand Palace

My dress is from Privacy Please and sold out, almost identical versions here and here.  Some pretty versions here and here made of rayon like mine so it’s more breathable in the heat in Thailand!

You really can’t go to Bangkok without seeing the Grand Palace!  Literally, everything is gold here and every corner is an Instagram spot.  

The Grand Palace Dress Code

What can you wear to the Grand Palace?  As with all temples in Bangkok you need to have your knees and shoulders covered, no see through or skin tight clothing (so no leggings).  Unlike some of the other temples, the Grand Palace is super strict on the dress code. They have guards at the entrance to check what you are wearing.  The guards will not let you into the Grand Palace if you are not dressed appropriately.

How to Get to the Grand Palace

The easiest way to see the Grand Palace is to take a tour – Check Tour Prices.  Getting in and out of this area is not easy and there are so many taxi scams so if you this is your first time visiting Bangkok you might want to play it safe and take a tour.  The tour includes several temples (which are also on this list) so you can see more than one attraction a day. It’s impossible to get a GrabCar in the Grand Palace area and there are so many taxi scams!  A tour includes all the transportation so you don’t need to worry about taxis in Bangkok scamming you.

How to get to the Grand Palace on your own

The Grand Palace is right next to Wat Pho.  You can use the BTS to get to The Grand Palace, but that will require you to change trains and also take a ferry.  If you are staying in the Sukhumvit area take the BTS and go to Siam station. Change trains and take the one going to Saphan Taksin station. Get off at Saphan Taksin station and take the express boat going north. You’ll see signs for the Chao Phraya Express Boat company. The river stations have numbers (and they have names). Get off at Pier #9 will leave you closer to the Grand Palace, but still within walking distance of Wat Pho.


When to Visit the Grand Palace

What’s the best time to see the Grand Palace?  When is the Grand Palace least crowded? How do you avoid the crowds at the Grand Palace?  

The best time of day to go to the Grand Palace is in the morning when it opens!  This tour takes you there when it opens – Check Prices. The Grand Palace is a super popular attraction in Bangkok and it is always crowded unless you go when it opens.  Be the first tour there and it will be less crowded. So if you are taking a tour be sure to take a morning tour with the Grand Palace as the first stop like this one – Check Prices.

Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)

My striped midi dress is sold out, but this one is super cute and made of cotton so it’s breathable.  This one is also made of cotton and only $21!  This one is almost identical to mine but in a maxi length and made of rayon so it’s totally light and breathable!

Wat Pho houses the famous reclining Buddha, but that’s not why this is such a great site for Instagram and photography.  The architecture of Wat Po more than anything else is what captured my heart!


Dress code for Wat Pho

What should you wear to Wat Pho?  Like all temples in Thailand you need to cover your knees and shoulders.  See through clothing and leggings are not allowed. The temple only seems to enforce this dress code at the entrance to the reclining buddha.  They did not enforce the dress code on the grounds of the temple as I saw plenty of people walking around in shorts and tanks.


Best time to Visit Wat Pho

Wat Pho is not as busy as the Grand Palace and when we arrived around 11 am there were no crowds at all.  It only got a bit busier around noon as we were leaving.


Best Way to Get to Wat Pho

The easiest way to visit Wat Pho is through a tour – Check Prices.  Tours also include more than one temple. With a tour you would be able to see more in a shorter time because the tour includes all transportation.  Actually, the tours include many of the temples on this list of Instagram and photography spots for Bangkok. Here are some tours you might want to take a look at:

Private Tour of Wat Pho, Marble Temple, and Temple of the Golden Buddha – Check Prices

This tour takes you to 3 different temples that are hard to get to on your own in one day unless you book a private car for the day.  Especially the Temple of the Golden Buddha, because it’s located in Chinatown. Chinatown is super crowded with horrible traffic. We had a hard time getting a GrabCar or a taxi here.  This tour also includes Marble Temple which is also on this list as a must see!


How to get to Wat Pho on Your Own

You can also use the BTS to get to Wat Pho, but that will require you to change trains and also take a ferry.  If you are staying in the Sukhumvit area take the BTS and go to Siam station. Change trains and take the one going to Saphan Taksin station. Get off at Saphan Taksin station and take the express boat going north. You’ll see signs for the Chao Phraya Express Boat company. The river stations have numbers (and they have names). You want to get off at pier 8, which is Tha Thien, or 9 which is Tha Chang. Pier #9 will leave you closer to the Grand Palace, but still within walking distance of Wat Pho.

Using GrabCar to get to Wat Pho

You can also take a GrabCar here which is probably the easiest option without a tour.  BUT you will not be able to get a GrabCar out of this area. We tried to get a GrabCar and couldn’t get one in the app for 30 minutes.  There just were no GrabCars around. And this is the only location we ran into this problem with GrabCar. Which leads me to believe GrabCar is not allowed to pick up passengers here.  

So getting back to your hotel you are subject to either taking a taxi (not recommended I’ve heard taxi scams here are rampant). Or taking the BTS and Boat.  Taking a tour though would be the easiest way to get in and out of Wat Pho.

Erawan Museum in Bangkok

My exact dress here!  It’s such a pretty dress in a soft breathable material.  Similar here and here.

Erawan Museum in Bangkok is a stunning site known for it’s 3 headed elephant display topping the museum building.  How do you get to Erawan Museum? You can get to Erawan Museum by taking the BTS Sukhumvit line and getting off at Pu Chao or Chang Erawan station.  From either station, you will need to walk or take a taxi or GrabCar. 

Inside the museum, there are 3 levels each representing the Hindu universe of the underworld (1st floor), earth (2nd floor), and heaven (top floor).

The museum interior and stairs are exquisite with one side in pink and one side in white.  If you were impressed with the 3 headed elephant, the interior will blow you away. Both the interior and 1st and 2nd floor are amazing Instagram spots.  The staircase leading up to the 2nd floor is breathtaking. And the pottery on display on the first floor is gorgeous as well.

The 3rd floor is all in blue and also beautiful, but they do not allow photos here.  

Dress Code for Erawan Museum

The museum does have a sign that visitors should have shoulders and knees covered, but this was not enforced.  You will need to remove your shoes though before entering.  The dress I’m wearing is available here.

Ancient City Mueang Boran in Bangkok

Ancient City in Bangkok is one of the world’s largest outdoor museums.  It encompasses 320 acres of land with 109 replicas of Thailand’s most well known historical and architectural attractions.

Ancient City is Instagram heaven!  All the replicas are so well done it’s hard not to take a picture of everything.  In addition to important historical replicas, there’s also replicas of historical homes and buildings which I found fascinating.

The entry fee into Ancient City comes with an audio guide, which unfortunately I didn’t get to use because I sat on the headphones and broke them about 10 minutes into our trip.  Ancient City is one of the BEST things to do in Bangkok Thailand.

Getting Around Ancient City

How to get around Ancient City?  Ancient City is HUGE!! You can get around by renting a golf cart or bicycles.  If you visit during rain season rent the golf carts because it will provide you cover when it pours unexpectedly.  The bikes look like a ton of fun though.


How long do you need at Ancient City?

We spent a good 5 hours at Ancient City and only saw about half of it.  And that doesn’t include us stopping at each site, some places we just drove by.  If you want to see everything at Ancient City, I would say you need all day here.


Is Ancient City Bangkok Crowded?

Because Ancient City is slightly outside of Bangkok and a little harder to get to, there were no crowds when we went during a weekday.  I cannot say the same for the weekend because locals do come here. We came here because one of Sean’s local Bangkok friend’s posted about it on Facebook, and from her picture, it looked pretty crowded.  

Best Time to Go to Ancient City

To avoid the crowds the best time to visit Ancient City in Bangkok is during the week and in the morning.  


How to get to Ancient City

Ancient City is just outside of Bangkok and there’s no BTS or MRT stop here.  I would suggest taking a GrabTaxi or taxi here.


Dress Code for Ancient City

There is not dress code for Ancient City because these are historical replicas and not temples.  Some building do have a sign to remove your shoes before entering.

Right after entering Ancient City there is a temple that you can visit.  To go inside the temple itself you need to have your shoulders and knees covered, but they provide scarves for you.

Wat Arun at Sunset 

One of my favorite views of Bangkok is from across the river looking at Wat Arun at sunset.  The sun setting behind Wat Arun makes a great photo and even better? After the sunsets Wat Arun lights up!  

Where is the best place to see Wat Arun at sunset?  The Deck hotel offers an amazing view of Wat Arun. Get a drink at the Deck and watch the sunset behind Wat Arun, and then watch it light up!  It’s the perfect way to end a day.

How to get to the Deck?  If you are at Wat Arun simply take the ferry from Wat Arun back to Tha Tien Pier.  Exact location of the Deck here.

Unicorn Cafe Bangkok

If there is one cafe in Bangkok that was made for Instagram it’s the Unicorn Cafe.  The Unicorn Cafe actually has 2 entrances and is 2 separate cafes right next to each other.  It’s like unicorns exploded in here! Everything is pink and rainbows including all the food.  Yes, even the food is perfect for Instagram. 

Even though the food is super cute and perfect for photos, it’s disgusting and pretty much inedible!  All the dessert type foods and drinks we got were awful, they all just tasted like sugar or as the husband put it “sugar and despair.”  The waffle looking desserts were all soggy and the ice cream tasted only like sugar with no other flavor.  We ordered a burger too and that was pretty inedible as well.  The only item that was halfway decent was the matcha latte.  

So if you come here expecting to actually eat the food, I’d say forget it, it’s only good for pictures.  The only person that actually liked the food here?  My 3-year-old toddler!  

How do you get to the Unicorn Cafe?

The Unicorn Cafe is in the Silom area of Bangkok and the closest BTS stop is Chong Nonsi.  If you are staying in the Silom area it should be relatively easy to get to using the BTS.  We stayed in the Sukhumvit area and we would have to transfer trains so we took a GrabCar instead.

The Marble Temple

My maxi dress is open back and doesn’t cover your shoulders so I just layered a white tee underneath to make it appropriate for temples.  Almost identical mustard yellow dress here. Similar dress here and here.  And amazing maxi skirt here and here

The Marble Temple, Wat Benchamabophit is a sight to see a must do in Bangkok!  The ordination hall is cast in stunning Italian Carrara marble (hence the name The Marble Temple).  

The best photo spot is looking directly at the ordination hall from under an archway where the Buddha statues are.  You will have be basically laying on the ground if you want to capture a shot of the archway and the top of the ordination hall.

Getting to The Marble Temple

How to get to the Marble Temple? The Marble Temple is not near a BTS or an MRT stop.  We took a GrabCar here another option is to take a tour so you can see the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and/or the Marble Temple all in one day – CHECK PRICES.  A tour provides all the transportation so you can see a lot more in one day. On a map, these temples may look like they could be close together, but trust me they are not.  

Dress Code at the Marble Temple

What should you wear to the Marble Temple in Bangkok?  As with other temples in Bangkok, the dress code at the Marble Temple requires you to cover your knees and shoulders.  I didn’t see anyone not adhere to this rule. But I’ve seen pictures of scantily clad girls here so I assume it is not strictly enforced.

Baiyoke Tower

Baiyoke Tower has a sky deck that offers wonder views of Bangkok. The outdoor observation deck has a revolving platform that goes around giving you 360-degree views of the city.  It does get quite windy at the outdoor deck though. There is also a windowed observation deck. You will get great pictures from both the outdoor and indoor observation decks.

Baiyoke Tower was the highest point in Bangkok, but recently the Mahanakhon Skywalk opened and it is now the highest observation deck in Thailand.  

How to get to Baiyoke Tower

Baiyoke Tower is easy to get to by taking the BTS to the Ratchaprarop station.  Baiyoke Tower is just a short walk from the station.

Floating Market Bangkok Thailand

About 2 hours outside of Bangkok is Damnoen Saduak Floating Market – Check Tour Prices.  Explore the canals full of colorful fruits, veggies, and delicious delicacies blongtailil boat!  I’m going to tell you right now this is extremely touristy but so fun! Riding in the boats and getting snacks from vendor boats was such a fun experience.  Not to mention the photo ops! Everything is so colorful as you take a boat down the canals.

Getting to the floating market is not easy on your own, so I suggest taking a tour, especially if you are not in Bangkok for long.

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