The first time I set foot on Thailand I knew I would return and return and return.  This country has stolen my heart with it’s natural beauty, bustling nightlife, enticing street food, and being the mermaid I am the best beaches on earth.  Plus Thailand is full of budget friendly options so you won’t break the bank!  I’ve been back 3 times now and I’m headed on my 4th trip this year!  Here’s 18 photos that will make you wanna pack your bags and book a ticket to Thailand right now – Check Hotel Prices.

Number ONE Thing to do in Thailand:  Visit a Beach

Because there are so many to chose from and the water is so clear and calm – Check Tour Prices.

18 photos that prove you need to book a ticket to thailand

//Koh Phi Phi// 

Of all the things to do in Thailand staying at a stunning cliff side resort is a must

Besides beach side hotels Thailand is full of stunning CLIFF side hotels on the islands.  Many of the islands have mountainous landscapes and perched atop are lovely pool villas with endless ocean views – Check Hotel Prices.

sri panwa luxury pool villa

//Luxury Pool Villa//

White Temple is a Must See in Thailand

The beautiful White Temple is a must see in Chiang Rai!  Picture courtesy of TravelingMitch.

Chiang Rai definitely has some of the most beautiul temples in Thailand!  If you are comfortable driving in on the other side of the road, I would recommend adding this region to your Thailand itinerary by car.




Enjoying an incredible night temple view is a must do in Thailand

Wat Arun, Temple of the Rising sun, is stunningly lit every night!  Enjoy the sunset then watch the lights come on from across the river – Check Tour Prices.

wat arun thailand

//Wat Arun at Night//


You can’t leave Thailand with out getting a Coconut

One of my favorite things to do in Bangkok is getting a coconut from the many street vendors!  So refreshing on a hot day – Check Latest Hotel Prices in Koh Samui.

thailand koh samui

//Koh Samui//

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Must do in Thailand, Stuff your face with Coconut Ice Cream at the Weekend Market

Coconut ice cream is pretty easy to find in Thailand, but my fave place to get it is definitely the weekend market!  It’s a refreshing break from the heat and shopping – Check Tour Prices.

18 photos thailand

//Weekend Market//

Eating Noodles For Less Than a Buck is one of the BEST things to do in Thailand

There’s a place called Victory Circle and it is literally the hub of boat noodle soup.  And they even named a whole alley after it, the place is literally called boat noodle alley.  They serve tiny bowls of flavor packed noodles for less than a buck.  We each had about 5 bowls each – Check Food Tour Prices.

boat noodle alley

//Boat Noodle Soup//

Visiting the Stunning and Easily Accessible Temples is a Must do in Thailand

There are so many beautiful temples in Bangkok, but Wat Arun has to be my favorite.  It’s uncrowded and the architecture is simply stunning.  It’s a must do in Bangkok – Check latest Tour Prices.

//Wat Arun//

Visit the Stunning Waterfalls

About a 3 hour drive from Bangkok you will find this stunning waterfall!  It has 7 tiers you can climb and each pool is more stunning than the next.  This is one of my all time favorite experiences in Thailand, especially after all the hustle and bustle in Bangkok

thailand waterfall

Playing with Elephants

Yes you should play with elephants at a sanctuary!  NOT ride them.  We did play with elephants a long time ago but at the time I did not know about how much they were abused and did not research the company we went with.  If we  had to do it all over again I’d visit an elephant sanctuary instead.

thailand bathing elephants

//Play with Elephants//

The Freshest Seafood



The Night Markets

thailand asiatique

//Bangkok by Night//

Secluded Coves

koh samui

//Koh Samui//

Incredible Temple Sunsets

thailand sun set temple

//Wat Arun at Sunset//

Affordable Luxury Villas with Private Pools

koh samui

Palaces Encased in Goldgrand palace

//Grand Palace//

Stunning Cliffs Rising Out of the Sea

phuket cliffs

//Phuket Kayaking//


Iconic James Bond Island

//James Bond Phi Phi Tour//

Perfect Beach Sunsets

sunset phuket

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