TikTok Recipes

All the viral TikTok Recipes you’ll want to try!  I tried each of these TikTok Recipes to see if they are worth the hype!  Step by step instructions on how to make each of these TikTok recipes and my full review on how it tastes!

TikTok may look like it’s full of people just making dancing videos, but I assure you that’s not the case!  Popular recipes often take off on TikTok reaching millions of people internationally!  

Recipes on TikTok first took off around March of 2020, when the pandemic closed restaurants and put basically the whole world on lockdown.

We all had to start cooking on our own!  Even those of us that usually eat out more often than not.  

Smart TikTokers then started creating 3 ingredient recipes (like banana pancakes) and super easy recipes that could fit into a 15 second clip.  

Many of the recipes that went viral tasted terrible and were really only viable as content.  But nevertheless I tried them, and documented each one with my recommendation on whether or not you should make it!

More often than not recipes on TikTok go by too quickly with no real instructions, ingredients list, measurements, or temperatures!  Plus 15 seconds is really not enough time to break down a full recipe.

So I’ve taken the most popular TikTok recipes and written them down for you!  You can follow each TikTok recipe at your own leisure without having to watch that 15 second video a million times to catch the 20 ingredients that flash on the screen for half a second.

The recipes I’ve made from TikTok include the famous Dalgona Coffee, Cloud Bread, Milk Balls, Crispy Roasted Potatoes, these are all linked below!  The latest addition to my TikTok recipes collection is Tanghulu!

I’m also always adding new recipes so come back often to see the latest viral recipes and how they actually taste!