If you’re on TikTok you would have seen the Zara pink dress that completely sold out, but I found an exact dupe of the Zara pink dress for less than half price!

Zara hauls on TikTok are common, people want to see what Zara items look like before they shop!

zara pink dress dupe

But one particular item, a satin pink slip dress went super-viral for its resemblance to the Skims Bubblegum Dress.

This video of the Zara pink dress on TikTok garnered millions of views, landed the creator on TV and sold out every dress in stores and online!

I happened to grab one BEFORE the viral video because I love silky slip dresses, they are a classic piece in your wardrobe.

What made this dress go viral on TikTok?

I think it’s both the underbust detailing, the classic shape, and the comparison to the Skims Bubblegum Dress.

The underbust detailing makes the Zara dress just a bit more special than the standard slip dress.  It also has a body-skimming shape that’s similar to the Skims Bubblegum dress, but it’s not skin tight keeping things classy.

I can say the Zara dress fits exceedingly well, especially on a small bust.  But if you have a larger bust you will have a hard time fitting into this dress.  I’ve seen several TikTokers with bigger busts return it because they were spilling out of it.

TikTok Zara Pink Dress Dupes

While looking for something else I happened to find an EXACT dupe of the TikTok Zara pink dress for only $19!  

Get it here.

This dress has the underbust bra detailing that many of the other dupes I’ve seen lack.  This is pretty much the exact same dress as my Zara pink dress but at a fraction of the cost.  The Zara dress is over $50, this one is less than half price!

I’ve read a few other articles on the Zara pink dress dupes, I’ve not seen one quite as exact as this dupe!

If you are not set on an exact dupe of the Zara pink dress there are plenty of beautiful silky satin pink slip dresses that are under $50 that are perfect for a date or as a wedding guest!  I’ve put together a curation of my favorites below so shop away!

I even found an exact dupe of the Zara pink dress in a firey RED color in a shorter length.  Someone on TikTok actually hemmed her pink dress to a shorter length and it looked amazing!  Get the short version HERE.

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