The most on-trend YSL purse dupes for 2021!

ysl purse dupes

YSL handbags have been on trend for a while now, but the price tag is not so wallet-friendly. I found quite a few dupes of the most popular YSL purses included the Saint Laurent Lou Lou, College, and the YSL Monogram Wallet on a Chain!

These YSL inspired purses are the perfect addition to your wardrobe and start at just $20.

YSL Monogram Wallet on a Chain

This classic Saint Laurent Wallet on a Chain (also sometimes referred to as the chevron quilted wallet on a chain) is super popular! Just about every blogger raves about this tiny little purse that will run you over $1,000!

But not to worry this style has become so popular there are quite a few inspired chevron envelope wallets.

This one is super similar, at just a slightly bigger size, and this one is smaller but is a zip closure without the envelope flap, and this purse is almost an exact dupe without the logo.

All of these choices are great as a YSL purse dupe.

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YSL Chevron Shoulder Bag Dupes

This bag is a dupe of the Chanel that’s a dupe of the Saint Laurent handbag! Saint Laurent started the whole chevron-quilted purse trend.

And Chanel had to jump on board with their own design. So this purse is a dupe of both the Chanel and YSL. It comes in a bunch of great colors and would be the perfect everyday shoulder bag.

Bonus: Here’s a few dupes of the Chanel Classic Double Flap Medium shoulder bags.

YSL Lou Lou Chevron Purse

I’ve been a huge fan of the YSL Lou Lou for a while now, and I found the perfect dupe. I bought this bag and the quality is amazing!

This handbag looks just like the Saint Laurent Lou Lou and is just about the exact same size too! It’s also similar to the YSL College.

Again comes in a bunch of great colors!

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YSL GUCCI Purse Dupe

Now this purse looks kind of like a Gucci Marmont, but could also be a YSL shoulder bag. Either way it’s a great purse dupe for YSL and GUCCI that definitely won’t break the bank!